Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 63


“Hey, you took care of it so fast. Did the three of them give up quickly?” Seeing Lin Tian walking over, Commodore Ander wondered.

It had only been ten minutes since Lin Tian started questioning them. The three people still didn’t want to provide information despite seeing a scene like that. Did Lin Tian use any more brutal methods?

“Not.” Lin Tian shook his head and replied: “I haven’t even used my hands. When I just said a few words, the three people bit their tongues and committed suicide.”

Lin Tian had already thought of many methods to get the three of them to speak, but unfortunately, the three already died first.

Besides, I’ve never been in their position either, so I don’t know the thoughts they have, and I just pay less attention to their gestures. When the blood came out of the three of them’ mouths, I realized that they had actually planned to kill themselves by biting their tongues.

Then Commodore Ander tried to cheer: “I was expecting it. These three people can survive behind the scenes. Whatever method of threat you do will not make them open their mouths. People like them will give their life and death for their master.”

“Hey, those three people are dead.” Lin Tian looked at the port workers who were being interrogated, “Then how are things here?”

The three big fish were already dead, so Lin Tian could only hope in these little fish.

Commodore Ander looked at all the port workers in front of him and said, “We’re almost done. I need a moment to finish my question.”

Lin Tian approached, then turned around and asked, “Do you want to try fishing the big fish in the calm waters? They could just lie to you.”

“Yes.” Ander nodded and replied: “There are some people like that, but with your methods, we’ll be able to find out.”

“I see. So how do you deal with them?” Lin Tian asked curiously.

Then Commodore Ander stretched out his finger and pointed towards Lin Tian’s right.

“Of course, I will kill the people who lie in front of them, and it will scare them so that they will provide valid information.”

Lin Tian looked at Commodore Ander’s finger-pointing, seeing the many corpses lying there, he became quite sure.

“Where’s Roberts? Didn’t I ask him to stay here?” Knowing that Roberts was not around Commodore Ander, Lin Tian immediately asked.

“Oh, there were enough people here, so I ordered him to open the boxes there.”


Before Lin Tian left this place, the port worker provided information about the underworld and some dark port information.

“Muttered….” Lin Tian read the information obtained; he read it earnestly, so his mouth made an indistinct sound.

Commodore Ander, who saw him, sighed: “I did not expect that there were so many people involved in this underworld, Four Emperors, senior World Government officials, and World Nobles …”

“Of course, if there are not many people involved, Marine Headquarters will not remain silent and let a dark port like this exist.”

Through the information from port workers, Lin Tian had a deep understanding of the underworld.

The underworld is adjacent to our lives all the time, but we only focus on the ordinary world that we see, and the movements of the underworld on the surface are not visible.

The world we are used to seeing and the underworld complement each other.

In the underworld, as long as you have money, you can buy anything, such as weapons, meds, drugs, and assassin services…

Even Devil Fruits, if you want to form a pirate group that all have Devil Fruit abilities, as long as you have money, that’s not impossible.

However, most of the Devil Fruits being sold are Zoan and Paramecia type Devil Fruits. Don’t expect you to find Logia-type Devil Fruits. Each Logia-type Devil Fruit allows the user to change their body composition into natural elements. Logia-type Devil Fruits are extremely rare, and only fools sell them.

This is a little too much!

To trade, of course, they need merchandise. So only certain people can trade and sell merchandise in the underworld. Most of them have a high status in the outside world, and only they can trade in prohibited goods on a large scale because most of these prohibited goods are produced in their own factories.

The place where transactions in the underworld can be freely carried out is the dark ports. Like the harbors that Rayleigh and Garp had destroyed, each dark port is like a bone that supports the bodies of a living being, and the island of Sexon joins the two main routes on the Grand Line.

For example, packages of goods worth more than one billion Belly will be differentiated by themselves, and for others, goods will be processed at this port for half a month.

There are several dark ports whose transaction methods are slightly different from this port on the Grand Line. In some of these ports, some transactions do not pass through illegal ports. The total trades around the underworld in one year can reach at least 300 billion Belly.

Today, the port on the island of Sexon has been destroyed. So, starting from today, the underworld’s total transactions will drop by at least 10%. If the underworld wanted to cover that loss by building another port, it would take a long time because the island of Sexon was very strategic and rarely found.

The battle between Rayleigh and Garp resulted in the underworld losing tens of billions of Belly.

If the news of the destruction of this port spreads tomorrow, you can imagine how shocked the people of the underworld would be by it.

And some people would grit their teeth at Rayleigh and Garp, but considering that these two were so strong, I was afraid these guys would just grind their teeth to shreds and swallow them.

After all, these individuals did not possess strong combat power. They knew the combat strength of their bodies was the same as ordinary people. And regarding the problems faced by the higher-ups of the underworld, port workers are not well aware of it.

But, at least through the mouths of these port workers, Lin Tian could understand the underworld in more detail, and he wouldn’t run away like before.

Lin Tian was quite satisfied with this information, and it would be of use to keep tabs on the underworld people.

“Commodore Ander, why do you look so gloomy? Do you think this information is too shocking?” Lin Tian said with a light smile.

“Yes,” Ander pursed his lips and said: “This information is so amazing. I didn’t think that this kind of darkness could exist and be coordinated so neatly.”

Lin Tian understood what Commander Ander felt and demanded justice in his heart. This information has had a major influence on Komdor Ander’s view of the world.

“Commodore Ander, I think you think too much of it. With our current position and strength, we can’t play a big role in things like that. Instead of wasting energy thinking about these useless things, we better think about the past. ahead from now on. “

“Good!” Commodore Ander felt helpless, and he smiled wryly. Even though I wanted so badly to have a role in eradicating this, I was still not qualified to participate.

“Hi, are you guys done? I thought I was the faster one.” Roberts came running to Lin Tian and Ander, chatting with a hint of surprise on their faces.

With a slight smile on his face, Lin Tian said, “Of course you are the slowest. We’ve been waiting for you here for a long time.”

Roberts then handed over the list of new items while complaining.

“You two don’t know how hard it is to open the boxes. We even use weapons and explosives to open these boxes …”

Roberts got thirsty after running around, so he stopped, had a drink, and continued.

“The boxes contain gold, silver, jewelry, and there are also some valuable antiques, documents, and paintings. Although they are small in number, the unit price is very high. By rough estimates, the total value is roughly hundreds of millions of Belly.”

After flipping through the list Roberts had given him, Lin Tian smiled broadly, even though the money had been distributed among the female slaves of more than fifteen million Belly. He did not think he would get the money back with a larger nominal.

This gold and silver jewelry was worth hundreds of millions of Belly, and those rare meds could be sold for over two hundred million Belly.

As for those drugs that were also of high value, he would destroy them somewhere. Lin Tian wouldn’t sell these kinds of detrimental items.

“Looks like I got a lot of advantages today, and the Marine Soldiers on our ship can also use more advanced weaponry, and they can relax for one to two days after sailing for so long.”



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