Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 64


On the cliff’s edge, the remaining port workers were forced by Marine Soldiers to face the sea.

Feeling the chill of the muzzle on their back, these people panicked and couldn’t stop trembling.

“You bastard Marine Soldiers, totally lying to us. Didn’t you say you would let us go if we opened our mouths ?!”

“He’s right, you Marine Soldiers don’t keep your promises!”


Hearing the port workers scolding, Marine Soldiers had a hint of contempt on their faces. How do Marine Soldiers listen to complaints from people like you?

Commander Ander said: “The one who promised not to kill you was Commander Lin Tian, ​​and I didn’t promise.”

Then, Lin Tian said: “Yes, I promised to let you go, but unfortunately, Commdor Ander’s decision was better, so I agreed.”

When they heard this, the port workers were annoyed that the Marine Soldiers were playing tricks on them and understood the situation. They wouldn’t be able to survive, and they continued to scold the Marine Soldiers behind them endlessly.

Lin Tian only smiled disdainfully at these people’s insults, and it was only the words of people who died soon.

“Since you have decided to work at this port, it means the same as you have hoped for this day. The goods you transport bring calamity to others, many people suffer from it …”

“And now is the time for you to pay for people’s misery with your life !!”

Lin Tian raised his hand and shouted: “Get ready! Shots!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This is all for a better life. By killing them, many people’s lives will be saved.

Seeing the corpses of the port workers who were immediately swept away by the shark, Lin Tian didn’t show any expression on his face, he turned around and led all the Marine Soldiers towards the city.


On the pier, hundreds of Marine Soldiers lined up neatly. In front of them were two figures standing.

Lin Tian shouted, “Thank you for your hard work today. Earlier, we were going to set sail right away. But, since the food supplies have not finished loading, now is the time for you to rest until tomorrow morning.”

The Marine Soldiers’ faces were filled with joy. They had been in the sea for months and had never had any fun. They thought they would immediately go to sea again today, but they did not expect to get a day off.

They all know that the loading of supplies on the ship has indeed been completed. Commodore Lin Tian’s words were just an excuse to give the Marine Soldiers a day off.

Before their excitement ended, Lin Tian said something more, which made the Marine Soldiers even happier.

“The suitcase in front of me contains fifty million Belly. This I just got from selling gold. Now it will be shared with you by Lieutenant Commander Roberts, and each of you will get one hundred thousand Belly. This is all thanks to your hard work. Have fun, and don’t come back until your money runs out! “

“Ooh !!” all the Marine Soldiers shouted, they could not help feeling the joy: “Thank you, Commander Lin Tian !!”

By now, Commodore Ander was already walking aside when everyone was not paying attention. This stage only belonged to Lin Tian.

“This …” Lin Tian took two bags of money and handed them over to Ander and Roberts, “This is for you.”

Roberts immediately took it and patted Lin Tian’s shoulder, “This is unexpected. We got it too. Alright, are you going to join us? This time we will find a bar to drink.”

“Not.” Lin Tian shook his head, “You guys have fun. I have something to discuss with that smelly old man.”

Roberts intended to invite Lin Tian to go, but Lin Tian wanted to talk to Vice-Admiral Garp so that he couldn’t say anything.

“Then we’ll both go first.” Roberts and Ander followed the group of Marine Soldiers who had already left.

Lin Tian immediately waved his hand and reminded: “Don’t drink too much, we have to sail tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t worry!”

Seeing everyone leaving, Lin Tian turned around and walked towards the battleship behind him. It’s not that Lin Tian doesn’t want to go, but he can’t. Even though his wound had been smeared with healing ointment, he currently needed rest, not drinks.

And besides that, Lin Tian was also afraid that his figure would be recognized by the G-7 Marine Soldiers, even though he had covered his face and changed his clothes.

But in some people’s eyes, there must be someone aware of Lin Tian’s body characteristics. If a few people in the G-7 discovered Lin Tian’s body characteristics, it would be troublesome.

That way, he prefers not to go to the bar and stay on the ship to recuperate.

While walking to the ship, Lin Tian saw Garp’s figure standing at the ship’s stern. Lin Tian thought about it and walked towards Garp.

When Lin Tian walked behind Garp, Garp suddenly said.

“Hey, you are the masked man who participated in attacking the G-7 today, right?

Previously, Vice-Admiral Garp had met the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian of the G-7. Even though Rayleigh had compassion for the Dalmatian, he was still badly injured. The healing period will take time.

Garp told the Dalmatian about his encounter with Rayleigh and asked the Dalmatian what happened in his fight with Garp. Dalmatian said there was a masked person with Rayleigh’s group, which was Lin Tian.

“Yes! I was planning to help Rayleigh escape, but I didn’t expect that the G-7 would surround and attack us, so I had no choice but to fight against them.” Lin Tian leaned on the railing and looked at the sea in the distance.

“Hey!” Garp sighed deeply, “Regarding what happened today, you were too reckless, but luckily no one noticed that it was you. Otherwise, you would be in trouble.”

“Well, I know that, but I can’t just let it go.” Lin Tian looked at Garp.

Over the past two years, Garp has been very familiar with Lin Tian’s behavior. He knew very well that Lin Tian was not the type to sit still. Garp knows for sure that Lin Tian must have been involved in the incident this time.

“By the way, smelly old man, hit the harbor. You destroyed it today, and it will have a profound effect on you.” Lin Tian said with a little worry.

Although Dark Port is claimed to have been destroyed by Garp and Rayleigh’s battle, this incident has caused a great deal of damage to the underworld. It cannot be denied that some people will not accept Garp’s actions and take issue with his actions.

“This matter is not a big problem. They know that the port workers have died, and the Marine Soldiers are also hiding it. Apart from Fleet Admiral, Tsuru, and some old friends, these people have no proof. Even if there is evidence, the World Government does not. would dare to do anything to me. “

After hearing that Garp’s position would be safe, Lin Tian felt relieved, but afterward, he didn’t say anything, and Garp didn’t speak anymore either.

The two of them just stood silently on the outskirts of the ship, looking at the sea in the distance. Both of them knew that there were things they wanted to say in their hearts, but they thought there was no need to talk about it.

After a long silence, Lin Tian turned and walked to the cabin behind him, and he said: “I will rest first.”

As soon as Lin Tian spoke, he felt a voice from behind him, Lin Tian quickly grinded his hand and caught it, and then he opened his palm to see what it was.

Just when Lin Tian was about to ask, Garp said first.

“It is healing medicine. It will be of great help to heal injuries in the body.”

Hearing that, Lin Tian only smiled.

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