Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 65


“All of you, get ready in your positions and quickly screw up the screen!” Shouted Commodore Ander as he stood on the deck.

Under Commodore Ander’s command, all Marine Soldiers were like giant machines, working systematically, and everyone was prepared in their respective positions.

But there are two people who are always lazing on this ship. The first is Garp, who is sleeping, can still fall asleep in this situation, and the other lazy person is not that different from Garp.

Seeing the Marine soldiers running in the windy rain, Lin Tian gave a bored yawn. As the second laziest person on this ship, his face was filled with indifference, and only seeing the Marine Soldiers making preparations for sailing, he had no intention of helping.

“The weather is unpredictable. It was sunny, but it’s raining hard now.” Lin Tian looked up at the sky and complained about the capricious weather.

The Marine Soldiers’ efficiency in working together was fast. They only needed one minute to prepare everything.

Commodore Ander braved the windy rain to come to Lin Tian. He took off his raincoat and sat on a chair on the deck.

Seeing the raindrops that were blocked above his head, Commodore Ander praised: “Commodore Lin Tian, ​​your Devil Fruit ability is very useful in various situations. You can even use it to block rain and strong winds. Even though it was heavy rain outside, there was not a drop of water. get in here, and I can still see the outside clearly. “

Lin Tian took a cup of hot tea and took a slow sip, “Of course, my ability is really great!”

Lin Tian’s Spatial Room could even block cannonballs, let alone rain, but unfortunately, he still couldn’t cover the entire ship with his abilities.

But, Lin Tian believed that it wouldn’t be long before he would reach that level.

In the middle of a storm, the ocean always makes big waves. The crew must use the ship’s sails carefully to survive in this weather. This makes everyone on the boat adrenaline excited and challenged to get through.

“By the way, where are we going? Why did the weather get so extreme once we got here, it’s been a few hours since we left?”

Commodore Ander said in surprise, “You don’t know? Didn’t I announce it last night?”

“Really? Maybe at the time, I was thinking about something, so I didn’t hear it.” Lin Tian looked up at the roof and took a quiet sip of tea.

“Is it right?” Commodore Ander looked at Lin Tian with a face full of doubt, “I remember that I said it at dinner, but it seemed you weren’t on the ship at that time.”

You will not be able to lie to me, said Ander to himself. I had to find you on the ship last night, but I didn’t see your figure at all. In the morning, I saw him coming from nowhere.

“Hehe …” Lin Tian smiled embarrassedly, “I went to do business that night so that we can get some extra military fees for our warship.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a small amount if Lin Tian took care of it. A great incident like this should have been reported in the newspapers, but Ander could not find the news.

Suddenly, Ander recalled about a pirate who had just joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea, he thought about how that pirate could join the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and the scene at that time was not far from the path that his current battleship was taking.

A glint of surprise flashed across Ander’s eyes. After looking around, Commodore Ander approached Lin Tian and whispered. “Hey, Lin Tian, ​​you did something with that World Nobles’ valuables, right?”

Hearing Ander mention ‘World Nobles’ valuables’, Lin Tian’s eyes narrowed, and countless questions flashed through his mind. How did Commodore Ander know about this? Though I didn’t tell anyone about it, and I didn’t even leave a trace.

Seeing Lin Tian’s expression, Ander was immediately convinced that Lin Tian really did.

Seeing the surprise on Lin Tian’s face, Ander said: “Don’t worry, I’m just concluding.”

“Just a conclusion?” Lin Tian said doubtfully.

I have to face this with caution, and I’m sure Commodore Ander isn’t teasing me.

Ander nodded and said, “Well, I looked for you in every corner of the ship last night, but I didn’t find you. Based on your reaction earlier, plus with what happened at that time, it wasn’t too far from us, so I tried to guess, and I was right.”

“I have a lot of information, so I think you did it. Don’t worry, no one but me has tried to tie this up with you.”

Meanwhile, Lin Tian was still thinking about which part of his mistake had caused the leak of information. If Ander could find out, is there a chance that the other Marine Soldiers will find out too? But after listening to Ander’s explanation, Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief. Currently, he is anxious about his position.

Lin Tian couldn’t deny and only smiled wryly when he heard Ander’s explanation. I thought I had done it perfectly before, but I didn’t expect that it would be so easy to find for Commodore Ander.

But fortunately, only Commodore Ander knew that Lin Tian was not on the ship that night.

Then Ander whispered again: “Lin Tian, ​​you are brave enough to take the chestnuts on the burning fire. If one step fails, it could threaten your life.”

Lin Tian felt deep concern from Ander’s words.

“Don’t worry. You know, I did everything within my limits. Before I decided to do it, I had thought carefully about the plan, and all the traces I had left I erased.”

Lin Tian was very confident in his abilities. At that moment, he wrapped his body in Spatial power, and he didn’t leave the slightest trace.

“You! Don’t you know how much risk you will take for your actions? I am afraid there will be many people hunting you now.”

Of course, Lin Tian understood this very well. He knew that the valuables were worth billions of Belly, which contained gold, silver, and jewelry. There are also many other treasures there, including some Devil Fruits.

At that moment, Lin Tian stared at the Devil Fruit for a long time. In his mind, he is eager to eat more Devil Fruits, even though he can’t eat two Devil Fruits.

But unlike the people in this world, he was not someone who should have been born in this world. So he initially thought that he could eat two Devil Fruits.

However, Lin Tian stopped his intention and did not eat the Devil Fruit. That was because Lin Tian had strong ambitions, and after all, the ability of that Devil Fruit was unknown. If his abilities were trash, he would be at a loss, and Lin Tian already had a very useful Devil Fruit in him.

It looks like we went off-topic too far; things like this can be discussed later.

“By the way, Ander! Haven’t you gone too far off-topic? You haven’t answered my question. Where are we going?” Lin Tian didn’t want to continue talking about this anymore, so he quickly changed the topic.

Ander also understood Lin Tian’s meaning and didn’t say much, then he explained to Lin Tian.

“Now we are entering the Red Line area, which is the red land that surrounds the earth, and in this region, it rains all year heavily round, there are few sunny days.”

“Red Line?” Lin Tian asked confusedly: “We shouldn’t be on a good route. Why are we here?”

“Regarding that, it has to do with Vice-Admiral Garp’s vacation. Vice-Admiral Garp has time off every year. During this holiday, we will head to East Blue.”

“In a few periods, Vice-Admiral Garp will be going somewhere, and meanwhile, we will go to Marine Base for maintenance of the battleships. When Vice-Admiral Garp returns, we will be out of this ocean. Since last year, I still didn’t know where Vice-Admiral Garp was going. So it’s only natural that you didn’t know this either. “

Ander didn’t know where Garp went, but Lin Tian could find out. Garp went to East Blue on vacation, and he must have gone to Foosha Village in the Goa Kingdom to meet his grandson Luffy.

I have been in this world for three years, and I always wanted to see the One Piece series’s main character in the future, but I never had the chance. I didn’t expect this opportunity actually to come.

Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series!

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