Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 67


Seeing that the ship was about to enter the Calm Belt’s territory, Lin Tian felt a little worried.

Although Vegapunk was the one who invented this method and is very trusted, sometimes his research also miscalculated and ended in failure.

I was almost a victim of failure. When I accidentally entered the test site, I accidentally nearly killed by a broken laser machine.

This is part of the problem because Lin Tian knows Vegapunk personally.

Vegapunk has a brain that can surpass technology in five hundred years, plus Lin Tian, ​​a person who has lived in different worlds and has many unique ideas, the two of them form a deep friendship even though they just met. (The full story of Vegapunk and Lin Tian’s friendship will be discussed in more detail in later chapters.)

So now, Lin Tian is anxious about himself and the crew’s safety, but Garp immediately gave the order, and Lin Tian could only entrust the fate of the ship to him. Who said his official position was the highest here, Lin Tian was still a Commodore.

“Commodore Ander, didn’t you feel calm before? Why are you afraid now?” Lin Tian looked at Commodore Ander and smiled.

“No, I don’t look like that.”

Of course, Ander didn’t want to admit that he was scared. He didn’t wish his dignity to lose, even though Lin Tian’s words were true.

Then Ander pretended to be calm and said: “I really trust the technology that Dr. Vegapunk has developed, and the methods must be correct, so there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Is it true?” Lin Tian showed a joking smile on his face, “Then why do your legs look shaking?”

Ander looked at his feet and found that they were shaking slightly. With shame on his face, he smiled wryly.

But he still tried to hide it: “Well, even though I really trust Dr. Vegapunk, sitting on an experimental ship like this makes me nervous.”

“Huh, never mind.” Lin Tian raised his hand helplessly and looked at Ander in disdain.

Being treated like this by Lin Tian, ​​Ander as an older person, felt bad. As he tried to speak, Garp yelled at the two of them.

“Hey, you two, this is no time for a chat. Make yourself more useful, go to the bow of the ship, observe the surroundings of the Sea King’s attack, and prepare to enter the territory of the Calm Belt!”

Aye, sir!

The two of them rushed to the bow of the ship. Looking at the Calm Belt boundary region before their eyes, Lin Tian wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

A moment later, the ship had wholly entered the Calm Belt’s territory. At this moment, the hearts of all the crew were beating fast.

As the name suggests, there is no wind at all in the Calm Belt. Even though Lin Tian was standing on the prow of the ship, he couldn’t feel the slightest breeze. The entire surface of the sea around him was completely silent, and there was only the sound of the water hitting the ship’s oars.

Everyone looked around the ship, very nervous. As the crew of the first ship to enter the Calm Belt by the method of Dr. Vegapunk, they are now in the Sea King’s lair, they all hope that this method doesn’t fail.

Garp also watched the surroundings warily. Although Vegapunk says this method must work, no one has tried it firsthand, and nothing can guarantee his crew’s safety. So Garp sharpened his instincts and became even more cautious.

After entering the Calm Belt territory for quite a while, they still haven’t seen the Sea King, and everyone feels relieved.

Ander said with a sigh of relief: “It looks like Dr. Vegapunk’s method worked. He is indeed the most genius person in the world. With this method, the Marine can control security in various areas of the sea better.”

This is great!

Lin Tian already knew that this method would work and would be of great benefit to the Marines. But because of One Piece’s existence, the number of pirates in the world mushroomed, and the Marine had to place all of its elite units on the Calm Belt.

Therefore, the four Blue Seas’ Marine strength is generally weak and can only handle a few weak pirates. So, to face pirates with high bounties has not been resolved. The people living in various regions of the Blue Sea felt very disadvantaged by many of these pirates.

But fortunately, pirates of the upper-middle level would prefer to go to the Grand Line, and also because of this, the bounty of the most potent pirates who settled in the Blue Sea did not reach hundreds of millions of Belly.

The pirates in East Blue were the weakest. The strongest pirate bounty in the region was only around 20 to 30 million Belly.

And with this method, the Marine can mobilize all of its fighting power from Marine Headquarters to the four Blue Seas at any time and paralyze pirates before they become more challenging to conquer.

“Increase the speed of the ship, and we must cross the Calm Belt as soon as possible.” Garp gives the command.

Aye, sir!

The Seastones coated on the ship only deactivated the Sea King’s feelings for foreign objects. If the Sea King came to the surface and found a battleship of that size, things would turn into chaos.

“Commodore Ander, immediately contact Headquarters with Transponder Snail and report the current situation.”

After they were sure that Vegapunk’s method was successful, they must immediately report it to Marine Headquarters so that the Marine directly applied this method to other ship units.

Everyone was working hard on the ship, except for Lin Tian, ​​this lazy fellow, just leaned on the ship’s bow without doing anything. After seeing the calm sea surface for a long time, Lin Tian felt sleepy and fell asleep unconsciously,

No one knew how long Lin Tian was asleep, and it was clear that when he woke up, he felt his whole body refreshed.

Lin Tian was still able to sleep, but he woke up because the chill touched his neck, so he was forced to wake up.

Lin Tian’s eyes were still closed and stretched his hands, then he slowly opened his eyes, and he found a dark shadow in front of him.

“Huh? Is it night already? It looks like I slept too long.” Thought Lin Tian, who was still in a daze.

Not long after, Lin Tian felt that something was wrong. When he fell asleep, he was sure that it was around nine in the morning. No matter how tired he was, Lin Tian never slept from morning until night. The conditions around him were too quiet. The sound of the oars hitting the water or even Marine soldiers’ voices could not be heard.

Lin Tian tilted his head and then looked to the side. The sky to both sides was still bright, but right in front of him was pitch black. Lin Tian immediately realized that fear immediately appeared on his face, and cold sweat slowly flowed from his forehead.

He wiped the chill on his neck, and it turned out to be sea water, so Lin Tian became even more sure of his guess.

Lin Tian slowly raised his head and looked up.

He saw the figure of a large sea king appear in front of him; at a glance, it looked like a snake from his previous life, but it had a huge mouth.

This Sea King is the height of three Marine warships if his entire body is exposed. At this moment, this Sea King was only observing the Marine battleship in front of him closely, and there was a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“This is a human ship, but why can’t I feel the presence of this foreign object? What’s wrong?”

Lin Tian was only stunned to see the Sea King in front of him. This Sea King seemed to be the leader of this Sea King group. Lin Tian had never seen a Sea King in person. Looking at its huge mouth, it could make a Marine ship shatter into pieces with just one bite.

Lin Tian felt resigned and waited for help. This Sea King leader was silent for a moment because he had not seen a human figure.

Lin Tian tried to look back and saw the Marine Soldiers hiding, these bastards just hiding without waking me up.

Just when Lin Tian was at his wit’s end, Vice-Admiral Garp stepped out and jumped towards the head of the Sea King.

‘Busoshoku Haki’

The Sea King was looking at a tiny creature in front of it, and his eyes were full of shock. How could this little creature jump so high?

“Hey little creature, what are you trying to do?” Thought Neptune dismissively.

The Sea King twisted its vast body and tried to redden this little creature.

With a body that big, even a small movement can make big waves on the surface of the sea.

Being hit by a huge wave, the entire battleship was tossed around. The Marine Soldiers inside could only lie down and grip tightly to the objects around them.

Lin Tian was the most unlucky person here, and he was on the bow of the ship, so the head of the Sea King was right above him, so Lin Tian felt he had to be a figure to rely on here.

The huge waves crashed from the sky and hit him. Lin Tian could only hold on to the wooden post with both hands so that he didn’t drift away.

Considering that Lin Tian was a Devil Fruit eater, he immediately felt weak when large seawater hit his body.

But Lin Tian did not remain silent, and he immediately covered the entire deck with the Spatial Barrier. This way, Lin Tian didn’t receive the sea water’s impact, and his strength slowly recovered.

At this moment, Garp, who was in the air, immediately launched his death fist, squeezed his right hand hard, and the veins on his arm protruded.

“Pow !!”

This Sea King was hit hard by Garp.

The colossal creature was not knocked back but was struck upwards with an uppercut. Can you imagine the sight of a giant creature hundreds of meters in size being blown away with a single blow?

Its massive body blocked out the sunlight, and the sky darkened in an instant.

“So this is the real power of that old stinking old man ?!”

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