Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 68


That’s a deathly blow!

Seeing that Sea King flying into the air, everyone on the battleship was dumbfounded, and they thought that the world was not working properly at this time.

The scene before them was utterly astonishing. For now, even the oddities in Reverse Mountain seemed normal.

No wonder Vice-Admiral Garp is called a Marine Hero. He had cornered the Roger Pirates several times, and the entire Marine Headquarters knew him.

Although many people thought that Vice-Admiral Garp’s fighting strength was equivalent to that of an Admiral, no one had ever known Garp’s real fighting strength.

In his final battle with Silvers Rayleigh, everyone thought that Vice-Admiral Garp’s fighting forces destroyed the port.

If everyone saw this incident, they would find that it was completely wrong.

Vice-Admiral Garp literally took a Sea King hundreds of meters long with one hit!

“How could a human have such insane power ?!” Everyone said in disbelief.

Unlike the others, Lin Tian felt calmer. Lin Tian was not surprised about Garp’s insane strength. Even Lin Tian was sure that this was not his full strength.

You should know that the current Vice-Admiral Aokiji can freeze hundreds of meters high waves in seconds.

This stinky old man is on the same level as Roger and Whitebeard.

When Lin Tian read the comic book chapter of the great war at Marineford in his previous life, Whitebeard was able to fight the three Admiral Marine. In the end, he also came to fight with Blackbeard and almost killed him with his body badly injured like that. This showed that the old stinker was much stronger than the Admiral.

Seeing Garp’s immense strength reminded Lin Tian of his weak power, and he flashed a sense of urgency in his heart.

Their strength might not be the highest in the world, and the Five Elders of the World Government were probably the most powerful people in the world.

This is a world where people who have strength are respected if the Five Elders don’t have that strong power, how can they lead the World Government for so many years.

Lin Tian always thought that he was already strong enough, but now Lin Tian found that he was too far from these five strong elders.


The sound of Garp landing onto the ship caught everyone’s attention.

As soon as Garp landed, he immediately ordered all his subordinates: “Hurry back to work, and give me the fastest speed to get out of the Calm Belt!”

“Aye, sir!”

Even though they were unable to fulfil Vice-Admiral Garp’s orders, everyone immediately obeyed his orders. By using large oars, the battleship was back speeding on the sea.

On the side, Lin Tian and Ander were thinking about something with a hint of horror on their faces. The two of them looked at each other and rushed to the stern.


As soon as Lin Tian and Ander got to the stern, there was a roar not far from them, and the two of them immediately looked at the source of the cry.

The Sea King wasn’t dead yet, it raised its head and roared, and then quickly approached the battleship.

Seeing this Sea King heading towards him, Lin Tian’s face was filled with worry, and what he was worried about happened immediately.

That scream from the Sea King indicated that he was furious, and it was also a signal to summon his flock.

After being knocked down by a human, the Sea King felt very angry and would not let go of the person who had hit him, but the Sea King was not stupid. Because I can’t face that bastard alone, so I’ll call my friends to kill him.

Sure enough, just as Lin Tian had expected, not long after that Sea King roared, there were several hundreds of meters long Sea Kings rushing out from the surface of the sea and heading the battleships.

Seeing this precarious situation, Ander immediately understood the seriousness of the current matter, and he asked Lin Tian: “Lin Tian, ​​what should we do? There will be more Sea Kings arriving.”

“I don’t know; I haven’t found a solution either.” Lin Tian shook his head, seeing that there were many great sea kings in front of him, his face was full of worry.

The Calm Belt is a Sea King’s lair, and of course, there are plenty of Sea Kings. Now a few Sea Kings are coming out, and there will be many more arriving.

For now, the number of Sea Kings that existed could still be handled by Vice-Admiral Garp and his subordinates. If more Sea Kings arrived, even if Vice Admiral Garp did his best, he wouldn’t be able to protect his ship.

And if that happened, most of the Marine Soldiers on this ship would be eaten by the Sea Kings.

Meanwhile, while Lin Tian was thinking, several Sea Kings had appeared, plus a group of Sea Kings who were chasing from behind the ship.

The Marine Soldiers on the front deck were also watching the situation behind, and their faces were full of fear.

“How … could something like this happen?”

“Why are there so many Sea Kings coming here?”


Seeing the many Sea Kings chasing behind, the Marine Soldiers immediately gathered all their strength and rowed violently, and the battleship’s speed instantly increased significantly.

But no matter how hard they tried, the speed of a ship that used only human power in the windless region couldn’t be faster than the Sea King.

Not long after, the Sea King caught up with him, the figure of that colossal monster covered the entire sky. There wasn’t anyone who dared to fight back when they looked at its enormous body.

When that battleship was trying to escape from the Sea King, a huge ship’s size also appeared.

They were surrounded, two Sea Kings surrounded the entire battleship, and several Sea Kings behind rushed over.

Just when everyone had given up, there were two screams heard.

Haoshoku Haki!

Spatial Sword!

At a critical moment, Lin Tian and Garp took firm steps.

A strong aura shot out from Garp’s body, under this intense pressure, the Sea King panicked and moved away from a little.

These Sea Kings couldn’t take this intense pressure any longer, and they finally let out a low sound before diving into the sea again.

At the prow of the ship, Lin Tian had already prepared his Spatial Blade and was ready for action.

There was a semi-circular transparent black room that surrounded Lin Tian’s body tens of meters long. That was the limit of Lin Tian’s reach to create a Spatial Blade. It could be said that this technique was the most powerful technique that Lin Tian currently had.

Even Lin Tian himself didn’t know how powerful this technique was, because Lin Tian had never used it with all his strength, and today was the first time.

Under Lin Tian’s fiery adrenaline, this Spatial Blade slashed towards the Sea King behind, and Lin Tian instantly cut the last Sea King.

But it wasn’t over yet; this Spatial Sword didn’t disappear after slashing through the Sea King.

Lin Tian continued to attack the another Sea King behind, and this Spatial Blade also cut the Sea King who was rushing towards the ship in an instant.

After that, Lin Tian’s Spatial Sword disappeared immediately after killing three Sea Kings in succession.

The three Sea Kings’ blood immediately gushed out and immediately turned the sea surface red colour.

The three Sea Kings immediately collapsed, and triggered a substantial red wave.

Hit by the terrifying red wave, the entire battleship swayed and sent him advancing at high speed.

On the deck, Marine Soldiers watched Commodore Lin Tian’s tenacity eradicate the three Sea Kings, they cheered for Lin Tian, and his cheers resounded in the sky.

Garp also showed a feeling of relief on his face.

“Commodore Lin Tian, good job!” Hearing the cheers from the Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian could only smile helplessly.

The technique drained all of Lin Tian’s strength, and now Lin Tian had no power at all. He walked over to Commodore Ander and leaned on him.

“Commodore Ander, I have no more strength, let me lean on you.”

“Yes, of course!”

Ander started to support Lin Tian’s body. Whereas the Sea King behind saw his three friends being killed instantly by the brat, and he roared into the sky.

Roar! Roar!

The roar was thunderous and could be heard all over the sea. The call was answered, ten Sea Kings immediately came out from to the surface of the sea.

“East Blue, the border of East Blue is right before us, and we will soon be leaving the Calm Belt.” Shouted a Marine Soldiers from the mast.

Hearing the scream, the Marine Soldiers got excited again, they immediately rowed quickly, and swiftly headed towards the East Blue area ahead.

Behind the ship, the Sea King saw his target ship preparing to flee, he immediately moved his massive body and chased after the ship.

The speed ​​that risks life and death begins!

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