Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 69


“Full speed ahead …”

The Marine Soldier standing at the mast led his comrades so that the battleship could go full speed towards East Blue.

Seeing the visible boundary of the East Blue sea, all the Marine Soldiers immediately rejoiced. The body that felt tired had a lot of strength suddenly, and the Marine Soldiers who were rowing accelerated its movements.

The battleship’s speed had been slowing down for a while, but now it was picking up again, heading towards East Blue.

But now, behind the ship, Sea King was relying on all its strength to catch up with the ship that Lin Tian and the others were riding on.

Seeing the human battleship that caused his comrades to die, the Sea King fired a water cannon like a dragon. Initially, the water cannon was pointing towards the sea’s surface, but it quickly turned toward the battleships.

If hit by this water cannon, this battleship will be destroyed.

Spatial Barrier!

After recovering his strength, Lin Tian quickly moved, and he made a strong shield at the stern of the ship to protect the entire battleship.


A loud sound rang out, and Lin Tian’s Spatial Barrier successfully blocked the powerful water cannon.

Seeing his attack being blocked, the Sea King was more and more challenged, amplifying the explosion, the strength of the water cannon became even stronger than before.


Lin Tian tried to block the Sea Kings’ second attack with his Spatial Barrier, and he was pushed back due to the intense pressure from this attack.

 Lin Tian, who had just recovered, couldn’t hold it any longer. Due to the strong impact of the water cannon, Lin Tian’s Spatial Barrier started to crack.

Crack …

At first, it was just a small crack, and soon more cracks appeared.


Lin Tian gritted his teeth and strengthened his defenses. The cracks in his Spatial Barrier no longer got any worse.

At this time, the Sea King couldn’t sustain his attack any longer, the water that was sprayed weakened, and the powerful water cannon disappeared.

When the water column disappeared, Lin Tian felt relieved, and his body became weak, unconsciously falling to the floor. Commodore Ander, who saw him, rushed over to Lin Tian and supported him.

The battleships were making a tough journey in this region of the Calm Belt, and in less than a minute, they would leave the Calm Belt, so the Sea King chasing them would stop.

Puff, puff …

More than a dozen water bullets shot upwards. The sky was filled with this water bullet. Sea King still hadn’t given up, and it was unleashing the final strike on the battleship.

Marine Soldiers looked gloomy at the water bullets falling from the sky.

Seeing that death was about to pick them up, everyone’s potential exploded, and the battleship’s full speed suddenly became twice as fast.

Unprepared, Ander and Lin Tian almost fell onto the deck.

Lin Tian immediately said to Garp, who was at the side: “Hey, smelly old man, I was exhausted, now it’s your turn.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Garp walked towards the stern of the ship and barked.

“Hey! Young people today are really unreliable; even dealing with small things like this, you have to ask an old man like me for help.”

Lin Tian became annoyed, he took a few steps towards Garp and ignored his words. If Lin Tian’s strength were still enough, he would definitely make a move.

“You stinking old man, with your great strength, why are you just standing still, protect us who are desperate.”

Seeing the water bullet that immediately landed, Garp remained motionless, instead of smiling dismissively.

The water bullets looked trivial to Garp’s eyes, and countless water bullets immediately hit the surface of the sea.

The sea surface went into chaos, a wave of water immediately formed, making everyone even more terrified.


Garp roared, a powerful aura emitted from his body, causing countless water bullets to burst.


Garp stomped hard on the ship’s deck with one foot as support, causing the ship to sink slightly, but the battleship was not damaged. Not even a piece of wood was broken. This showed Garp could fully control his strength.

Faced with the water cannon aimed at him, Garp only showed a usual straight punch, nothing special.

No Sound.

As soon as the water bullet hit Garp’s fist, the water cannon’s surface swelled up.

The water cannon, which was hundreds of meters long, instantly exploded.

It wasn’t over yet. This immense force destroyed the entire water cannon and kept moving until it hit the Sea Kings behind.


The Sea King’s mouth exploded, huge teeth and red flesh flew around, the Sea King roared with sorrow.

In the next step, Garp immediately punched dozens of punches, shattered all the pillars of the water, and at the same time, the entire Sea King behind was gravely injured by the powerful blow.

“This stinking old man … how strong is he actually?” Lin Tian asked in his heart.

Whenever I saw that smelly old man make a move, I would always be surprised by him, but he would show even more strength every time he moved.

Lin Tian thought that the Spatial Blade he did just now was already powerful, and he could cut three hundred meter long Sea Kings like jelly rolls. But it’s still nothing compared to Garp’s strength.

Garp could injure more than a dozen Sea Kings just by relying on water. This guy’s strength is robust.

After seeing Garp’s actions, Lin Tian suddenly felt that his actions didn’t really matter, and he realized that the power gap between the two of them was too far.

At the same time, Lin Tian also felt that his future was dark. In his current state, he couldn’t even be one step closer to Garp. When can I surpass that stinky old man and get out of this sea of ​​suffering?

“Old smelly old man, if you can eradicate them yourself, why are you just standing there and keep silent?” Lin Tian complained.

“Smelly brat, as a teacher, I deserve to put your skills to the test, and coincidentally, at the same time, I just want to exercise.”

After hearing Garp’s words, Lin Tian couldn’t find any reason to refute Garp’s viewpoint as his teacher.

Lin Tian pretended to be surprised: “So, Master Garp, what do you think about my strength?”

“Ahem …” Garp cleared his throat and bluntly: “Overall, your strength is good enough; at least you didn’t waste my teaching years.”

Damn you!

Lin Tian raised his middle finger in his heart. After talking for a long time, Garp only praised himself.

“We’re finally here, East Blue!”

When Lin Tian and Karp chatted, the battleship finally made it out of the Calm Belt and into the East Blue region.

All of the Marine Soldiers on board were delighted. For the one who managed to escape safely from the Calm Belt, the only feeling in their hearts was just that.

Fear after fear was passed, there was no other feeling but fear when they were inside the Calm Belt.

And for the Sea Kings who were chasing them, either out of fear of being hit again by Garp, or for some other reason, it was clear that they were no longer chasing, turned around, and one by one dived into the sea, and disappeared from the surface.

Lin Tian just stared at the Calm Belt amidst everyone’s cheers.

East Blue is the weakest of the other four oceans, but it is also a legendary place. In this ocean, Gol D. Roger began to grow and, step by step, dominate the entire Blue Sea.

Then, he entered the Grand Line and conquered it in three years, and finally, he found One Piece and became the Pirate King.

And now, the future Pirate King is also growing here. Seven years from now, Luffy’s journey to search for One Piece will begin.

What kind of charm did this weakest ocean have, so that having two people who became Pirate King appear here.

East Blue!

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