Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 70


Set sail!

The Marine Soldiers immediately rushed out of the Calm Belt. Without waiting for a command from their leader, they immediately took action, raised the ship’s sails, controlled the ship’s rudder, and raised the previously used oars.

Everyone on the ship was very busy with their respective jobs, while Lin Tian, ​​Garp, and Ander just stood on the dock watching them with astonished faces. They witnessed something unusual.

* Crunch *

Garp took out the cookies and took a bite, confused.

“What’s up with them today? They look so excited. There must be something wrong with them.”

Ander scratched his head and replied: “Yes! This is too weird.”

Because under Garp’s leadership, it was clear that this was a battleship with strange members, and there was no difference in position here. No matter what age or status they were, they were all in the same place. All of them were comrades in arms.

This unusual atmosphere made Commodore Ander willing to stay on this ship.

Whenever Commodore Ander was about to tell the order, he had to press for a long time before the Marine Soldiers carried out his orders. So every time there is an order to tell, it is torture for him.

But, when faced with precarious circumstances, none of these Marine Soldiers were lazy and cooperative. Even though now they are not in a dangerous situation, they are very active and excited.

Lin Tian only smiled, paying attention to everyone. Lin Tian knew that the terrible experience they had just faced in the Calm Belt was a scene between life and death. Maybe this was what made everyone’s hearts move.

Even if the Sea King was no longer chasing them for some reason, everyone was still worried. They were worried that the Sea King would suddenly reappear and hunt them. After all, nobody said that Sea Kings couldn’t leave the Calm Belt.

This made everyone have the same understanding secretly, quickly worked things out, and eager to get as far away from this terrible territory as possible.

Just before Garp and the others gave their orders, the Marine Soldiers took the initiative to organize everything.

“Report, Vice-Admiral Garp, everything is ready. Now it remains only to await your orders to set sail.”

Garp ordered: “Yes, sail immediately to Marine Base in the Goa Kingdom.”

Aye, sir!

Hearing Garp’s command, all Marine Soldiers were ready in their positions and doing their part.

Regardless of whether the warship would have the wind to sail, they really wanted to move the ship from the present territory as quickly as possible, everyone acting together.

Seeing the Calm Belt getting further away, the Marine Soldiers now felt relieved. The Calm Belt is indeed terrifying. If Vice-Admiral Garp and Lin Tian weren’t in the battleships, they probably wouldn’t have survived.

In fact, many Marine Soldiers on board did not know that day they were going to be hunted by the Sea King, which they knew was their bad luck.

Usually, Sea Kings wouldn’t come to the surface of the sea. This time they were unlucky to meet him. With this method Vegapunk developed, they should be safe when they pass through the Calm Belt.

Now everyone can smile proudly, and they can make it through the Calm Belt alive.

Sailing through the Calm Belt aboard a Marine battleship is a feat no one in the Marine has accomplished, but they have made it today. Isn’t that great?

“Hey! Smelly old man, aren’t you wrong to give orders? Shouldn’t we be going to Loguetown? Why are we heading to the Goa Kingdom?” Lin Tian said confusedly.

“Huh? I don’t remember saying that we were going to Loguetown.” Garp thought for a moment and said confidently.

Seeing Garp’s expression, Lin Tian didn’t know whether Garp was on purpose or pretending.

Lin Tian was annoyed by his attitude, and finally, he thought, then he could only succumb to this stinky old man, even though he felt very wronged.

“I just feel I’ve wasted my cake! That’s all.”

Before entering the Calm Belt, Lin Tian thought he would be able to come to the city where Roger was executed. Lin Tian had talked about this with Garp for a long time, and finally, Lin Tian used his one million Belly money to buy Garp cookies for him to agree.

Lin Tian could only sigh helplessly.

“Damn, I used my money on unnecessary things.”

But Lin Tian had forgotten one thing, an agreement like this only applies if both parties have the same strength. If the strength between the two was far apart, a strong person could break the contract at any time.

Even though Lin Tian understood now, it was too late.

Seeing Lin Tian feeling regret for his decision, Garp showed a satisfied smile. “Hahaha, don’t try to bribe me.”

At that time, Garp was very tempted by what Lin Tian offered. Garp naturally couldn’t refuse it.

Even though Garp tried to resist it, he still couldn’t stand his temptation.

But lately, Garp thought that he could just break the agreement, and he decided to break it.

Garp had expected this for a long time. He only made Lin Tian fall into his trap.

Garp was satisfied with his victory, and he headed to the dock, leaving Lin Tian. Lin Tian could only be angry and look at him from behind. If he had the strength equal to that of Garp, he would definitely kick his ass.

“Hey …” Ander came and patted Lin Tian’s shoulder. He glanced at Garp’s back for a moment and looked into Lin Tian’s eyes, then shook his head, took a deep breath, and left.

Lin Tian understood the meaning of Ander’s gesture.

“Young man, you are still too naive. You can’t see a trap that clearly yet; just give up…”

Ander knows everything about the agreement between Lin Tian and Garp because he is the witness. From the start, Ander had realized that this was just a trap Vice-Admiral Garp had set. He only needed to wait for Lin Tian to fall into it.

Because he understood the two’s strengths so well, Ander already knew that Garp would benefit the most here.

As for Lin Tian, ​​Ander could only laugh bitterly. Even though Lin Tian had been in this world for more than three years, he still followed his previous life in some aspects.

This is a world where people who have power reign. If you are not strong enough, then you will not be able to do much.

Lin Tian is not a person who stays silent when being cheated. Seeing the joyful Garp walking down the stairs, an evil smile appeared on Lin Tian’s face.

Lin Tian secretly made a Spatial Blade, and he was about to cut two to three steps in front of Garp and waited for Garp to step on it.

Having imagined Garp stepping on a space and then falling, Lin Tian shut his mouth to hold back laughter.

Seeing Garp, who almost reached the stairs, Lin Tian’s joy grew even more.

Come on, quickly!

Seeing Garp’s feet about to step on the stairs, Lin Tian’s heart became tense.


Garp’s feet finally stepped on the first ladder, and Garp’s three were about to step on the next one. A smile appeared on Garp’s face.


Garp, who took a step, suddenly disappeared from the stairs and headed towards Lin Tian.

Seeing that Garp did not step on the stairs he had expected but instead disappeared, Lin Tian was surprised and said in his heart that this was not good. If this smelly old man finds out about my plan, he will surely beat me up and be merciless.

Busoshoku Haki! Spatial Barrier!

Lin Tian knew that he couldn’t match Garp’s speed, and he couldn’t dodge his attacks at all, so all he could do was defend with all his strength.

Just as Lin Tian finished his defense, Garp’s fist was quickly snatched up. The Spatial Barrier shattered in the blink of an eye under Garp’s fist.

Garp continued to hit him non-stop, and his punches hit Lin Tian’s chest. The layers of armor collided with each other.


Since Lin Tian’s Busoshoku Haki wasn’t strong enough to withstand Garp’s sight, Lin Tian was about to lose consciousness.

Lin Tian endured the pain in his chest, and his right leg kicked the air three times. Three light blue waves shot out from the kick and were thrown towards Garp’s direction to kill him.

Tempest Kick!

During his three years on the Grand Line, Lin Tian had successfully mastered the ‘Tempest Kick’ and ‘Finger Pistol’ of the Six Marine Styles, and there was nothing left to learn about ‘Paper Art’.

As for ‘Moonwalk’, he felt like he didn’t need to study it now. With his Devil Fruit ability, Lin Tian can fly at will without having to master it.

The Tempest Kick was broken easily by Garp.

Without wasting this moment, Lin Tian immediately used his Devil Fruit ability to hide, then used ‘Shave’ and quickly approached Garp.

Before Lin Tian approached Garp, he had already prepared the Spatial Blade in his right hand, and when he was near Garp, he immediately slashed Garp with all his strength.

‘Busoshoku Haki’

‘Observation Haki’

Garp activated both his Haki and prepared to repel Lin Tian’s attack.

He immediately clenched his fists and quickly covered them with Haki. Faced with Lin Tian’s sharp Spatial Blade, Garp didn’t dare to block it with his bare hands.

The difference in Lin Tian and Garp’s strength was vast. Even though the Spatial Blade was so sharp, Garp still could break it.

Just as Garp’s second punch was about to hit his body, Lin Tian suddenly stopped midair and moved away.

Seeing Lin Tian hovering in midair, Garp thought for a moment, but he didn’t find a way to catch up with him. Garp is out of breath.

Garp then shouted at Lin Tian, who was in the air: “Stinky brat, so, you can predict my movements. Have you been practicing for hundreds of years?”

Just as Lin Tian was about to deny Garp’s words, he looked into the distance. There was a yacht that was being chased by a pirate ship.

East Blue Pirate!

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