Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 71


“Captain… what are your orders? The pirate ship is approaching!” A crew of the ship looked back to make sure the pirate ship was chasing him. His face was pale, and he didn’t know what to do. The only hope was the Captain.

Even though the Captain also felt scared, but he still had control over his mind. He tried to be calm and say.

“Don’t panic. The pirate ship is still quite far from us. Besides, soon we will enter Marine territory, and of course, the Marine will save us.”

After he spoke to his crew, the Captain calmed the panicked passengers below.

“Honored passengers, don’t panic. We will immediately enter Marine territory. These pirates will immediately run away when they see the Marine ship.”

Hearing the ship’s Captain’s words, the crew and passengers calmed down. If there is a Marine who helps, then they will be able to survive the pirates.

When the Captain saw that the crew and passengers had calmed down, he felt a little relieved and looked at the approaching pirate ship. His face was filled with seriousness, but he could not find a solution.

His words just now deliberately said to ease the panic of the people on the ship. The Captain of this ship already had high working hours, so he was used to controlling the masses.

The yacht was in a difficult situation, and it was almost impossible to escape from the pirates. The yacht’s speed is slower than the pirate ship’s speed, and I’m afraid it won’t be long until the pirate ships catch up.

Apart from the help from the Marine he previously mentioned, the Captain of the ship didn’t have much hope.

Even though the possibility of meeting a Marine ship near Marine Base waters is not too big, but at least it is more significant than at the high seas.

I’m afraid if this pirate ship catches up with us before we meet the Marine ship. This is just an ordinary yacht, and there isn’t much resistance a ship like this can do. After all, this ship was only equipped with three cannons.

The ship people also do not have the ability to fight; there are only waiters, crew members, and passengers. Now I can only hope that what I said earlier can come true.

The Captain of the ship was anxious and almost desperate. While on the other hand, Lin Tian had already reported what he had seen to Commodore Ander.

“Really? Then how far is the pirate ship from us?” Ander said as he thought of a plan.

Lin Tian thought for a moment to estimate the distance, “Hmm … that’s about ten nautical miles, yup, roughly that far.”

If the distance is ten nautical miles, and our destination is the opposite of the yacht, then we can see it in five minutes, and it will take about ten minutes to catch up.

Ander quickly calculated the time needed.

Lin Tian said, “Then let’s go and see how strong the pirates in the East Blue region are.”

“Wait a minute, shouldn’t we report this to Vice-Admiral Garp first?” Ander asked anxiously.

“Nope.” Lin Tian waved his hand, indifferently, “That smelly old man is sleeping right now. There’s nothing we can expect from him. If something happens, I’ll be the one to take responsibility.”

Lin Tian said whatever he wanted, and Ander couldn’t help but agree to his plan. After all, Lin Tian was Vice-Admiral Garp’s disciple.

“Let’s immediately advance full speed to the northeast, let the pirates know how we can administer justice!” Lin Tian shouted to all Marine Soldiers.

Sir, yes sir!

The Marine Soldiers were very enthusiastic. When they got to East Blue, they could immediately face the pirates. This must be a gift from God.

The pirates in East Blue were notorious for being the weakest. In the Marine Soldiers’ mind, they could defeat these pirates with just one shot. And opportunities like this don’t come often.

Bang! Bang!

Several cannon balls were fired and exploded near the yacht.

The shockwave from the cannonball sets off a series of waves, the speeding yacht being swayed.

The pirates’ accuracy in the firing was so bad. They couldn’t hit the yacht that was only ten meters from their ship.

But these cannonballs have a strong explosive impact.

Ahhhhhh !!

Hearing the sound of continuous explosions, the passengers screamed in terror. Everyone held their heads and crouched down.

The passengers who had felt calm and in control now they couldn’t contain their fear. At this moment, their true nature was revealed.

Throwing, crying for help, screaming… wherever it is, if their life is threatened, the true nature of the people will be revealed and go crazy.

In the face of the horror of death, passengers of this social level feel that they don’t deserve this treatment.

“Let me explain. This is just a grappling shot, don’t panic!” The Captain shouted.

Unfortunately, these nobles ignored the Captain’s words, and the Captain felt that his actions were useless.

Seeing these nobles’ behavior, the Captain showed a trace of humiliation, gritted his teeth, and showed a trace of determination on his face.

Fear has taken over the contents of these people’s heads, and there is no way to escape from the pirates. I better leave this ship; there’s nothing I can do but wait for the pirates to kill people one by one on this ship.

“Come on, let’s just go.” The Captain said to the two senior crew members nearby.

This Captain is very experienced in his field. If it weren’t for these nobles who had a lot of money hiring him, he wouldn’t have bothered to come. Yachts are easy targets for pirates.

Just as the Captain was about to leave, he saw a mast appearing, and slowly, a Marine flag appeared above it.

Finally, a Marine ship came to their rescue. The Captain watched the battleship closely.

Even though this battleship looked bigger and different from the usual Marine warships, he was sure that the flag flying above that ship was the Marine flag.

At this point, he finally met a Marine battleship. The Captain was so happy that his plan to escape disappeared from his mind.

After all, who wants to sail on a small ship in this vast sea, floating on the sea aimlessly.

“The Marine is here! The Marine is here! Now we can be calm. The Marine is here, and we will be saved soon!”

Hearing the Captain’s scream, everyone raised their heads and looked forward. As the Captain said, a large Marine ship was on its way.

Seeing Marine coming, these people hurriedly tidy up their clothes. After that, they immediately returned their attitude as nobles.

Is it nobles? This is nobles!


Not only the passengers on the yacht are aware of the Marine ship’s presence, but the pirates behind are also aware of the arrival of the Marine.

Seeing the approaching battleship, the pirates who had been excited became worried about their fate.

Unlike his crew, who are worried, the figure in front of the ship looks calm. He is the Captain of this pirate ship, Captain Rocks.

Captain Rocks saw the sudden appearance of the Marine ship. He narrowed his eyes and thought whether he should continue to chase the yacht in front of him.

If I continued to chase, I couldn’t help but face the Marine Soldiers, which would definitely be a long battle. But if I stopped chasing the yacht, it would be like throwing a sack of gold into the sea.

According to the information I got, this ship is only filled with a few nobles, which is just an ordinary yacht. There won’t be any resistance they can put up with.

Captain Rocks doesn’t want to see the treasure that is valuable in front of him just disappear.

It’s like if you meet a beautiful woman who is drunk on the side of the road, and you seduce her until you can bring her home, but at the last moment, the woman wakes up.

Faced with a situation like this, will you just give up?

Of course not. After struggling to catch up with the ship, Captain Rocks still doesn’t want to abandon his goal and decides to continue his pursuit.

“Don’t stop, keep chasing that yacht! We are the feared Rocks Pirates all over East Blue. How could we be frightened by only seeing one warship.”

Move forward! Fasten the screen!

At Captain Rocks’ words, the pirates became more enthusiastic and confident, as if victory was in sight.

Some of the pirates, who were still hesitant about the current situation, didn’t dare say anything.

However, they could do nothing but obey the Captain’s orders. Some of the pirates who were hungry for treasure were already getting ready to jump on the yacht.

If any gaps are seen, I will escape in a small boat. Unfortunately, their calculations were wrong, and they wouldn’t be able to run.

Seeing a larger than usual Marine battleship approaching, Rocks suddenly had a bad feeling in his mind, but he didn’t really care about it. He was just fixated on the abundance of treasure that lay before his eyes.

Captain Rocks shook his head, removed those worrying thoughts from his mind, and looked at the battleships and yachts ahead with a ferocious expression on his face.

“Follow me, shoot both ships with cannons, and try to stop the yachts ahead before they come into contact with the Marine ships.”

Rocks do not know that his orders will lead all his underlings to destruction.

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