Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 72


Bang! Bang!

Pirate ships still fire on yachts even though they have bad artillery. They had fired dozens of cannonballs at the yacht in succession, but none of them hit.

Hearing the explosion of cannons near them, all the passengers were still scared. The yacht was still trying to get as close as possible to the Marine warship.

In order to survive, the crew did their best to row. Otherwise, a yacht of that size could not sail that fast.

Meanwhile, Captain Rock’s face turned a little pale because he saw the cannon fire from his men could not hit the target, even though the yacht was sailing slower than their ship.

“Enough, don’t shoot again.” Captain Rock finally decided to give up this pointless effort.

If it weren’t for he still needed his subordinates to battle the Marine in front of him, Rock was eager to kill them all.

“You guys are useless. You can’t even hit a slow yacht, so just stop and prepare for close combat.”


Seeing their captain’s angry face, all of the pirates responded with fear, especially the artillerymen. They will become more vigilant for fear the captain will accidentally kill them.

This time, the yacht and Marine warship were getting closer. It was only a few minutes away.

Catch this…

Several ropes were thrown from the yacht to be tied to the Marine warship tightly.

“Hurry up. We don’t have much time!”

These aristocrats were terrified and would rather blame the crew for everything, and the crew could only hold back the anger in their hearts and carry out their duties according to the captain’s command.

Seeing the rope tighten and the ships getting closer together, the Marine Soldiers’ hearts were a little uneasy. They felt that this didn’t seem like a standard rescue operation.


The two ships collided and made everyone feel a great tremor beneath their feet. All of these Marine Soldiers were elite troops from Marine Headquarters. So, even though the collision was sudden, not a single one of them lost their balance.

Lin Tian stood quietly, and he used his ability to stop the tremors on the two ships.

Saw the two ships suddenly stop shaking, everyone’s faces on the yacht were filled with confusion.

These nobles were rushing towards the battleship side, and they wanted to seek protection to ensure their lives immediately.

But battleships were made to deal with combat. So, it had solid side walls and was taller than regular ships, making it difficult to climb.

As ordinary people, how could the nobles climb it?

After waiting quite a while, these nobles were still standing beside the yacht and screaming for help.

“Hey, Marine Soldiers, hurry up and take me up. I’m a count from a kingdom.” Said an old man in luxurious clothes.

A pair of hands pushed the old man and pushed him away from his place. Then a fat old man stood in his place.

“You are only a count. Save me first. I am a noble with a genuine bloodline.”

All the yacht crew looked at the disgusting behavior of these nobles with eyes full of contempt.

Before long, there were noises from warships, and everyone on the yacht quickly looked up.

They saw that there was a muzzle slowly aimed at them instead of the pirate ship.

Faced with this situation, everyone on the yacht was silent full of doubts. They didn’t know how to react.

“Could it be that Marine does not board this warship, but there are pirates who hijacked this warship?” The captain thought negatively.

In the sea, there are indeed naughty pirates who pretend to be Marine and deceive passing ships. When encountering a Marine warship, the ship captain will usually relax their alert level, and when the ship’s crew is off guard, they will be killed by the fake Marine.

* Step.

Simultaneous footsteps could be heard from the battleship. Then, a line of Marine Soldiers stood beside the battleships, staring at the people on the yachts.

Seeing that the people who appeared were Marine, the captain’s heartfelt relief, but he became doubtful again.

“If they are real Marines, then why are they pointing cannons at us?”

These are all Commodore Ander estimates. When he saw the yacht being chased by a pirate ship, he thought that the two ships might be boarded by pirates who were planning something to attack the Marine. However, Commodore Ander was wrong. Because there are many cases like this, and it is very detrimental to the Marine.

Therefore, Komdor Ander ordered Marine Soldiers to point the cannon at the yacht and double-check the people on board.

Seeing that the ship’s people were nobles, Ander now realized that his guess was wrong. These passengers wear luxurious clothes that can cost hundreds of thousands of Belly. It wouldn’t be possible for a gang of pirates in East Blue to have this kind of wealth.

Then Ander asked out loud, “Who are you?”

But what Ander got wasn’t an answer but harsh scorn.

“What are you doing, you stupid Marine ?!”

“Hey, hurry and save us, idiots! Are you having trouble with your eyes so you can’t see a pirate ship chasing us?”

“We are all nobles from various countries. If we are to suffer even the slightest loss, that is not something you can afford!”


Heard the words of the nobles, Ander’s face darkened in an instant. We came to save you, and we didn’t expect to receive ridicule like this. And they still consider themselves to be royalty?

The guilt for his incorrect guess was gone entirely and replaced with anger at these rotten nobles’ attitude.

Not only Ander but also the captain of the yacht was also fed up with these nobles’ behavior. If it weren’t for the captain’s patience, he would have rushed off the yacht and had these lords killed by pirates.

Now, for the sake of getting help from Marine. Why are you acting like people who have everything? In this situation, your noble status can’t do anything.

“You bastard nobles!” The captain could no longer contain the anger in his heart.

Ander took a deep breath and shouted: “All right, can you guys shut your mouth?”

The nobles were shocked under Ander’s shout, and they became silent for a while.

A man with curly golden hair and an aristocratic face came forward, raised his hand, and said proudly to Commodore Ander.

“What Marine Base branch are you stationed at East Blue? I am a noble. If you inconvenience us, we can report your actions to your boss for prosecution.”

Despite his ridiculous appearance, he was the prince of a powerful kingdom in East Blue. Among the nobles present, he was one of the highest ranks. So when this man spoke, no one dared to interrupt.

In Lin Tian’s eyes, these people looked like clowns who were performing on stage.

Ander’s eyes were filled with contempt, and even the lower-ranking nobles wanted to report this incident to his superiors.

Seeing Ander just silent, the man thought the Marine was scared, and he grew more arrogant.

“If you don’t want that to happen, then quickly let us board your ship and prepare hot water for us to shower. If you serve us well, we won’t sue you.”

“Yes, he’s right!” The other nobles also shouted in agreement.

The rioting that had occurred before made the bodies of these nobles ache. They want to find a place to wash up and rest as soon as possible.

Hahahahahaha …

The Marine Soldiers on the battleship laughed irony when they heard the man’s words.

Being laughed at by low ranking Marine Soldiers, the man was embarrassed and growled: “All right, fine. If you prefer to be sued, don’t blame me if…”

“You crazy!” The man was interrupted by Lin Tian before he finished his sentence.

Seeing a Marine youth daring to insult him, the man became even angrier and pointed at Lin Tian.

“Hey, little devil, you know what you’re going to face after insulting me like that ?! Are you ready to die? I won’t let you go!”

“Huh ?!” Hearing this man threaten him, Lin Tian looked back at the man with murderous intent, and this man immediately shrank.

Then, Lin Tian raised his right hand, along with his hand’s movement, the man floated in the air.

With a light swing in Lin Tian’s hand, the man flew backward like an arrow shot from the bow.


The man crashed into the cabin and let out a loud sound. The cabin’s planks were smashed; as the smoke cleared, the man was found buried in a pile of boards. No one knows whether he is dead or alive.

This incident happened instantly, and the nobles who were watching did not react to what happened.

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