Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 74



The Marine Soldiers have been preparing to attack the pirate ship for a long time. They crossed the sea with ropes and immediately took out their swords.

On the pirate ship, the pirates did not think for long to fight back the Marine Soldiers. Without hesitation, they attacked with burning murderous intent.

But the huge gap between them couldn’t be removed with just a strong will.

Clang, clang, clang…

The countless weapons began to collide with each other on the pirate ship.

Even though this pirate group was very well known in East Blue, the Marine Soldiers who used to serve on the Grand Line were just trash.

Not long after the ambush, all the pirates were killed and injured, and the Marine Soldiers surrounded them from two directions.

When the Marine Soldiers who were charging from behind entered the battlefield, they found that their comrades had already overthrown the pirates, and they hadn’t even swung their swords yet.

Many Marine Soldiers charged in from behind complaining.

“These pirates are too weak. They can be defeated easily. You guys really forgot about us? Didn’t even give us any leftovers.”

“Who says we don’t spare for you, the captain of this pirate group we have prepared for you,” A Marine Soldier said while pointing at Captain Rock in front of him.

Initially, the Marine Soldiers charged from the front didn’t mean to leave Captain Rock, but those charged from behind had arrived too fast, so they had to hand this Captain over to them.

We ate the meat, so we kept some soup for the people behind.

Seeing these Marine Soldiers regard him and his crew as food, how could Captain Rock not be angry.

Captain Rock was a great pirate famous all over East Blue. Of course, he did not accept being treated like this.

“You Marine Soldiers, I will make this ship your grave!”

Captain Rock suddenly took action and captured a nearby Marine Soldier. Even though the pirate power of East Blue was not comparable to that of a Marine Soldier from the Grand Line, Captain Rock relied on all his strength to catch a Marine Soldier.

Knowing Captain Rock was about to grab hold of him, the Marine Soldier retreated quickly, and Captain Rock could not keep up his speed, just as the Marine Soldier was suddenly caught.

Two Marine Soldiers suddenly appeared, quickly kicked Captain Rock in the chest, and blew him into the air.

“I was the first to kick him, so the pirate captain is mine!”

“No, obviously, I kicked him first. This pirate is mine!”

“It’s mine. It’s mine.”

As the two Marine Soldiers argued, a Commander suddenly emerged from the crowd and rushed towards Captain Rock.

“Curry, you bastard, don’t attack him in secret.”

The two Marine Soldiers did not accept the Commander’s actions, and Rock took a long time to wake up.

Seeing the Marine Soldier rushing towards him, Rock stuttered, but instinctively he immediately raised his sword and slashed at this Commander.


Commander easily dodges Rock’s attacks. When the Commander reappears, his sword is already around Rock’s neck.

“How is it possible? How can you have such speed…” said Locke, who was filled with shock.

But before he finished speaking, the Commander immediately slashed his sword, and Rock’s head slipped from his body and fell to the ground.

The two Marines behind him see Rock’s death and get annoyed.

“Curry, damn it, you gotta replace his head with a drink at the bar!”

Commodore Ander said: “When it’s finished, go up, today we have to go to Marine Base.”


Witnessing the incomparable East Blue Rock Pirates being beaten in an instant, everyone on the cruise couldn’t believe their eyes. The strength of the Marine Army from Headquarters was too muscular.

“Do all the Marine Soldiers of the Grand Line have this kind of power? No wonder the Grand Line is called a pirate grave.”

After eliminating this pirate group, the Marine battleships head for the Marine base, which is nearby.

And as for the nobles on the cruise ship, Lin Tian didn’t think much of them. He would rather fight someone than watch over these nobles.

The pirate group just now were just passers-by who were in a hurry, and not many people cared about it.

As Lin Tian and others left, the barrel’s lid on top of the pirate ship opened, and a small figure came out of it.

Seeing the Marine battleship so far away, his face was filled with regret.

I am afraid that Lin Tian did not expect that there would still be survivors on this pirate ship. What made Lin Tian even more unpredictable was that he would form an inseparable bond with him in the future.


Step in!

“Vice-Admiral Garp!”

At Marine Base, the base’s highest ranking officer led all Marine Soldiers to welcome Vice-Admiral Garp.


Garp nodded and led Lin Tian, ​​Ander, and the others towards Marine Base. Some Marine Soldiers transport goods from warships.

The remaining Marine Commander immediately followed, stood behind Garp respectfully, and waited for Garp’s instructions.

Meeting a Vice-Admiral at Marine Base, this Commander was more cautious, and if he accidentally upset him, he would be exhausted.

This morning, I received an emergency message from Marine Headquarters that a Vice-Admiral entered the East Blue area. At the same time, they will be anchored at this Marine Base for some time, and we must cooperate well.

Hearing a Vice-Admiral from Marine Headquarters suddenly leave the Grand Line and enter the East Blue area for some time made this Commander very surprised.

If a Vice-Admiral came to East Blue specifically, it meant that something big would happen in East Blue, but the Commander had no idea about this.

The Commander finally decided to be cautious, so he summoned all the Marine Soldiers at Base to greet the Vice-Admiral.

“Mr. Vice-Admiral, I would like to ask what your purpose of coming here is? If you need anything, just tell me.” The Commander asked carefully.

“Nothing particular. This time we will be here for a month. Sorry if this one month we will trouble you.” Garp smiles.

Seeing the Vice-Admiral speak so politely, the Commander’s heart calmed down. It seemed that this Vice-Admiral wasn’t a difficult person to get along with, so I felt more comfortable.

“It doesn’t matter. It is an honor to be visited by a Vice-Admiral.” The Commander said with a little flattering.

Garp continued: “However, I will not stay at the Marine Base for this month. But the Marine Soldiers from my unit will stay here, and you can ask them for help to solve some things that you cannot solve on your own.”

Even though this Commander still didn’t know why the vice-Admiral had left, he didn’t really think about it. This man was a Vice-Admiral, so he was free to do what he wanted.

But the next sentence made this Commander very happy. They were Marine Soldiers assigned to the Grand Line, and their fighting strength must be robust.

Many powerful pirates are residing in East Blue. Because of the rampant, they even dared to attack the Marine. These pirates have killed many Marine Soldiers.

Facing these pirates, Marine Base in East Blue always wanted to eradicate them but didn’t have enough strength. With the help of these elite Marine Headquarters troops, the pirates will be overcome, and the maritime environment in East Blue will be much better.

Thinking about this, the Base Commander said happily: “Thank you, Vice-Admiral, with the help of your unit, the pirates in East Blue will be greatly reduced.”

Garp nodded, turned around, and called Ander, “Commodore Ander, you will lead our unit to cooperate with this Marine Base for this month. Even though it is a holiday, don’t expect you to be unemployed.”

“Understood! We will definitely cooperate well.” Ander said confidently: “Vice-Admiral Garp if you let us rest without homework, I’m afraid our bodies will rust.”

“Is it right?” Garp showed a slight smile, “Then, I’ll see the results of your work in one month.”

Hearing Garp’s words, Ander’s face immediately turned bitter. This is Garp’s detection. Ander knows very well about this. Every time I got tested, I was literally hit by Vice-Admiral Garp and ended up lying in bed for several days.

“Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you, and I’ll do well.” Ander fanned the smelly mouth in his heart.

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian only smiled silently, with an arrogant expression on his face.

“Eat that, every time I get beaten by that old stinking old man, you just make me an object of laughter, this time, it’s my turn to laugh at you!”

Unfortunately, after he left the Marine Base, Lin Tian did not know that he would not return to that place a year later.

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