Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 76


“Stinky old man, hurry up.”

In the calm sea waters, a cool breeze blows, and the sun shines warms the water’s entire surface.

Currently, Lin Tian and Garp were boarding a small boat to go to the Goa kingdom, this situation was very convenient to use to sunbathe on wicker chairs, but they didn’t have time for that.

On the boat, Lin Tian and Garp looked at each other. Their eyes collided, and it was as if there were sparks between them.

“Stinky brat, why are you talking to your teacher like that? I said I don’t know what you were asking.” Garp said irritably.

“Really?” Lin Tian wasn’t sure of Garp’s answer. “Just say it, what did you say when I was drunk last night?”

Lin Tian remembered a little that Garp walked into his room, and that made him felt uncomfortable.

Lin Tian knows that drunk people talk nonsense and say things they shouldn’t, ‘tell the truth about themself’, that is something drunk people are sure to do.

That was what worried Lin Tian. Lin Tian was afraid that when he was drunk, he would accidentally tell his biggest secret.

Like, I’m not a person from this world, but I from another world.

“Oh, yeah, I seem to remember something, let me remember … Uh, no, I don’t remember.” Garp raised his head, held his chin, and said on purpose to make Lin Tian even more annoyed.

When Lin Tian heard Garp’s words, his heart felt like it would go up to his throat, especially when he heard the word ‘yeah’. Lin Tian thought he was going to vomit his heart.

In the end, the word ‘no’ caused Lin Tian’s heart to return to his chest suddenly.

It was like flying to an altitude of 10,000 meters, but just as you were about to reach the highest point, you suddenly fell from that 10,000 meter high.

If Lin Tian’s heart wasn’t healthy, he might have a heart attack.

Then he looked up and saw that Garp was smiling widely. Lin Tian suddenly realized that Garp was mocking him.

Realizing this, Lin Tian was not angry but sighed helplessly.

Based on this situation, he might say something, but it doesn’t seem like he’s talking about his reincarnation into this world.

Seeing Lin Tian not reacting with his mockery, Garp became confused.

According to Lin Tian’s habits during training, even though Garp was not his opponent, Lin Tian would definitely make a move, and then Garp would strike him.

Why didn’t this brat react to my mockery today?

The scene on the boat became calm. The two of them just sat there in silence, and no one said a word, they each thought of other things in their hearts.

This time Garp took the time to see Luffy, who he thought Lin Tian never expected.

Lin Tian had always thought that when he met Luffy for the first time, he would fight with him and try to catch Luffy. This was a normal and natural sight, considering the two were on different sides.

But seeing the young Luffy made Lin Tian curious, knowing that the comic only tells about Luffy when he was seventeen years old.

At this time, Garp was thinking for a long time, as if he had made the right decision, then he asked.

“Lin Tian, ​​tell me honestly, did you do anything to the ‘gold’ back then?”

Hearing Garp’s question, Lin Tian was shocked.

Of course, Lin Tian didn’t want to admit it initially, but when he saw Garp’s earnest expression. Lin Tian realized that Garp had found something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked with such a serious face.

“Yes!” Lin Tian nodded, “Yes, I did.”

Even though Garp already knew the answer, when he heard the answer directly from Lin Tian, ​​Garp became very angry.

“You brat, don’t you know how dangerous this thing is?”

“Of course, I know.” Lin Tian answered firmly.

Just as Lin Tian thought about doing that, he had already thought about it many times.

Since it was so dangerous, he took the steps with extreme caution and overwhelmed him.

Garp pointed at Lin Tian’s face and said: “You … if you know that, why are you still doing it? Are you looking to die?”

Although Garp respects Lin Tian’s decision, he is still his disciple, and what he does is very reckless and makes Garp very angry.

This problem is like an infinite vortex. If he weren’t careful, he would be crushed. The one who realized it would hide and observe him silently.

I also know about this, so I didn’t take Sengoku orders beforehand, and I thought it was very troublesome after all.

But what Garp didn’t expect was that Lin Tian, ​​this stinky brat, actually took the initiative to enter the infinite vortex. How could this not make Garp worry and angry?

“But, doesn’t it have anything to do with me now? No one would think it has anything to do with me.” Lin Tian smiled slightly.

Lin Tian knew that it would make Garp very angry, mostly since Garp was so worried about Lin Tian in his heart. Therefore, Lin Tian was not mad about Karp’s scolding, but he felt warm instead.

In his previous life, he was an orphan, and he didn’t care about life or death. However, in this world, Lin Tian really felt warmth coming from the people closest to him.

“You…” Garp suddenly choked at Lin Tian’s words.

Garp stopped his sentence and couldn’t help it!

The iron fist that was full of love hit Lin Tian’s head directly, “Stinky brat, how dare you talk back when I scold you.”

“Stinky old man, whenever you run out of words, you will,” Lin Tian muttered while enduring pain.

“Stupid brat, do you know how dangerous the trouble you’re causing this time, and how many people will be disappointed in you?”

Lin Tian didn’t understand the meaning of Garp’s words, even though Lin Tian knew better about what he was doing than Garp.

The value that Lin Tian got from this ‘gold’ incident was inconceivable. The fate of the entire world rests upon it. It is a treasure that is dear to the World Nobles, everything is fine, many treasures are priceless.

Profits are directly proportional to effort. Lin Tian had received so much. Of course, he had paid more.

After this incident, Lin Tian would offend the World Nobles, the powerful pirates in the Grand Line, and the Marine Admiral.

Luckily, Lin Tian had carefully planned it, and he didn’t even reveal his identity.

So right now, the whole world knows that there is a mastermind behind the scenes behind this incident, but no one knows his identity in detail.

“I know, and I already understand about the consequences before I make a decision,” said Lin Tian calmly.

“Hey!” Garp sighed, looking helpless.

“Even if you’ve planned it well, you still have to see if it’s worth it. Just for those yellow things, you’re willing to offend a lot of people and put yourself in danger?”

Based on Garp’s understanding of Lin Tian, ​​of course, he knew that Lin Tian was not the type of thinking short. Surely he had thought of everything carefully, and even though faced with dire consequences, Lin Tian would still take action.

Lin Tian pondered for a moment and said in a cheerful tone: “It’s worth it, and I don’t do it for those yellow things.”

“Stinky brat, if you don’t do it for those things, then why would you be daring to do all that?”

After listening to Lin Tian’s words, Garp was confused. Garp had seen a list of the estimated value of the treasure.

Most of the treasures were gold, silver, and some regional specialty products, and then there were some strange objects that Lin Tian didn’t know what to use.

The most valuable thing among the treasures is Devil Fruit.

Even though a Devil Fruit was extremely valuable, it wouldn’t make Lin Tian drool at such a huge price.

Lin Tian smiled, touched his head, and said subconsciously.

“At first, I just wanted to see what kind of riot this incident would bring, but while I was still confused, I got involved in it, and I didn’t know what would happen in the end, so I just started it.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Garp almost took out his internal organs.

I thought that Lin Tian had found something essential in this incident, and it made Lin Tian willing to take such a big risk to do it.

But I didn’t expect this stinky brat to actually do something he didn’t know what kind of trouble he would cause. Garp really didn’t know what to say.

In fact, Lin Tian did not know the risks. Technically, he had nothing to do with this incident. He’s just curious at first, and then he finds out a series of things that somehow ends up getting him involved innocently.

If you really know the reason, at first, Lin Tian only wanted to see the incident and the person behind the scenes. Lin Tian became very interested in this. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered to take care of it, and besides, Lin Tian was eager to see the World Nobles being wholly robbed.

Even so, Lin Tian did not regret his actions.

Regarding the story that these two people debate, see the details in the next chapter!

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