Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 77


In 1512, it was Lin Tian’s second year going to sea. The day was sunny, and the water level was calm. Usually, Lin Tian would follow some Marine Soldiers under Vice-Admiral Garp’s leadership and stand on the deck to enjoy this beautiful day.

Bang, bang, bang…

At sea, Marine warships and pirate ships shoot each other.

The cannonballs, which were continuously fired at the opposing ship, rubbed against the air and made a deafening sound.

The marine warship that fought these pirates was, of course, Lin Tian and others.

At this moment, all the Marine Soldiers were already on the deck of the Marine Warship and were looking at the pirate ship in front of him with excitement.

Although every battle would threaten their lives, ever since deciding to become a Marine Soldier, everyone has come to terms with this thought.

Moreover, not only did the danger present in battle, but there was also opportunity. By doing many battles, Marine Soldiers can quickly increase their strength and gain experience from it.

At this time, the dark blue uniform worn by most of the Marine Soldiers was tattered and covered in blood. Some of the Marine Soldiers even sustained severe injuries, which obviously looked like they were in a great war.

Ander handed the telescope to Lin Tian in confusion.

“Why on this beautiful morning do we have to face two groups of pirates ?!”

In general, it would be tough to find a pirate ship that was sailing. They hadn’t even seen it in the last half month, but today they were dealing with two ships at once, and Commodore Ander had a bad feeling about this.

Lin Tian took the telescope and said while looking at Ander’s face: “That’s right, the situation we are currently in is very unusual. Or the possibility of pirates appearing in this sea area is quite high.”

Each of these pirate ships has three masts, and on it is a pirate skull flag with a green hat.

Seeing this strange Pirate Symbol, Lin Tian couldn’t help but laugh.


“It’s wearing a green hat on it. This Pirate Symbol maker has real taste.” Thinking of the green hat’s meaning in his previous life, Lin Tian couldn’t help but laugh.

On the other hand, Ander was shocked at the reaction of Lin Tian, who suddenly laughed. Looking at the laughing Lin Tian, ​​above Commodore Ander’s head was filled with a question mark ‘?’.

I have observed this pirate ship with binoculars before, and I did not find anything funny about this ship. To me, this is an ordinary pirate ship.

“Lin Tian, ​​what are you laughing at?” Hearing Ander’s question, Lin Tian still didn’t stop laughing.

“Look at their Pirate Symbol. It has a hat on it.”

“A hat?” Ander whispered in confusion, then he picked up the binoculars and looked at the ship closely.

I thought it was just a common Pirate Symbol, but the hat was a little weird, and it was ‘green’ in color.

Although green is rarely used on pirate flags, it still doesn’t look funny to Ander.

“There is nothing strange about it. Pirate Symbols like this are prevalent.” Ander put down his binoculars and said to Lin Tian.

At this time, Lin Tian realized that the word ‘green hat’ has no special meaning in this world.

Lin Tian waved his hand and gestured for Ander to come closer.

Ander thought about it for a while and approached Lin Tian without hesitation.

“Green hat, as the name implies, is a hat with green color. But there is also an implied meaning in it, namely a woman who already has a man but has an affair with another man, then this man is said to be wearing a green hat.”


After listening to Lin Tian’s explanation, Ander suddenly understood everything and laughed.

Even though the skull on this Pirate Symbol wears a green hat, it does not mean that they are the green hat pirates group.

“Lin Tian, ​​how do you know about this? Why didn’t I know that it had an implied meaning?”

Lin Tian smiled slightly and said, “I saw this accidentally from an ancient book. It looks like it was passed down from an ancient country.”

It was passed down in his previous life, and no one in this world knew what ‘green hat’ meant except for Lin Tian.

However, starting today, the ‘green hat’ will be known all over the world.

Lin Tian and Ander laughed so hard that it made all Marine Soldiers hear them. Everyone looked at Lin Tian and Ander, who were laughing loudly at the bow of the ship.

“Commodore Ander, Commodore Lin Tian, ​​what’s wrong?”

“Yes, why are you two suddenly laughing?”

Realizing that the gunfire had died down, Lin Tian looked down and found the Marine Soldiers below, staring at him and Ander in confusion.

Lin Tian immediately reacted, realizing that the two of them were laughing to themselves in public. He quickly stopped laughing, then looked at the Marine Soldiers below with serious faces.

Lin Tian quickly kicked Ander, who was still unaware of the situation, then Ander stopped his laughter, looked at the Marine Soldiers below, and felt embarrassed.

“Cough …” Ander coughed lightly, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“What do you see? Refocus on the pirates in front of you!” Ander said out loud.

“Yes, sir!” All Marine Soldiers immediately answered Ander’s command and returned to focus on attacking.

Since the Marine Soldier had previously been busy to see Ander and Lin Tian, ​​they had not had time to open fire. On the other hand, the firing from the pirate ship did not stop.

Several cannonballs flew towards the Marine Warship, making a shrill sound.

Swish… swish…

Lin Tian immediately made several Death Balls in his hand and flicked forward. These Death Balls hit cannonballs accurately at a very high speed.

Bang, bang, bang…

Load! Ready!

“Boom!” Everyone turned around and looked around, they heard a loud voice from behind, but no one had yet found the sound source. Not long after, a door suddenly flew towards Lin Tian and Ander, who were standing at the ship’s stern.

With a simple sidekick, Lin Tian quickly smashed the door that had come out of nowhere.

“Bring me a thousand cannonballs!”

Garp walked out of the broken door, threw his robe at the Marine Soldier next to him, and commanded.

Seeing Garp, who looked very angry, Lin Tian and Ander looked at each other, and both of them were dumbfounded.

Garp hides in the cabin to break the record for the last time he eats a donut. While holding the last donut, Garp must eat it to break his last record, which is 243 donuts successfully.

But just as he was about to eat it, the Snail Transponder suddenly rang, and Garp jumped up in surprise. The donut that was in his hand fell to the ground and crumbled.

Garp was immediately angry. He had eaten for two days without sleeping, but in the end, he failed to eat the last donut.

An angry Garp picked up the Transponder Snail and was about to scold the person who had called, but a voice from the other side came first.

“Oi, Garp, what are you doing? Why are you taking so long to pick up the phone?”

Hearing this familiar voice, Garp frowned slightly, “Hey, Sengoku, why did you suddenly call me?”

“I have a task for you to do. Isn’t tomorrow the day for the handing over of Heavenly Gold? And the Marine will be responsible for escorting it. This time I want …”

Sengoku was interrupted by the annoyed Garp before he finished speaking.

“Don’t say it. You should know, Sengoku. I will never be willing to do such a thing. You can give this task to yourself.”

After hearing Garp’s words, Sengoku, who had opposing thoughts fell silent for a while before speaking again.

“Initially, I didn’t want to assign this task to you, but today we got information that there will be many powerful pirates who will rob Heavenly Gold.”

“Robbery?” Garp whispered, “Every time there is a handover of Heavenly Gold, won’t that escort an Admiral? Which pirate dares to fight an army led by an Admiral?”

Hearing this, Sengoku smiled bitterly, “It’s because there isn’t a capable workforce like you, otherwise how would I ask you to do this kind of thing.”

Garp pondered. He could understand the suffering Sengoku was facing, but Garp was very reluctant to participate in this kind of thing because it was too much trouble for him. He preferred to break the record of eating donuts here.

Suddenly, a suitable person appeared in Garp’s mind. With this man’s fighting strength, he would definitely be able to carry out this task well.

“Is that so? What about Kuzan? His fighting strength is already equal to that of an Admiral. The last promotion failed due to inadequate qualifications. This time, the task of escorting Heavenly Gold suits him.”

“Vice-Admiral Kuzan?”

Sengoku went back for a long time and thought about it carefully. In order to achieve Sengoku’s expectations, every command he gave would have a different effect.

In particular, Kuzan was now between the Vice-Admiral and the Admiral, and he paid more attention to his orders.

“Well, this time, I’m going to order Kuzan to leave. I think he’s had enough qualifications for the last two years. It’s time to give him a chance to show off.”

After closing the Snail Transponder, Garp saw the donut lying on the ground. He didn’t know what to do, then walked out.

This is the scene in Garp before he kicks the door and exits the cabin.

Seeing the cannonballs filling the deck, Garp cracked his fingerbones and picked up one of the cannonballs without hesitation. If all these cannonballs were thrown at the pirate ship, let alone two, even ten ships, would be destroyed instantly.

Hard fists. Meteor Rain!

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