Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 78


That’s Cannonballs! Countless Cannonballs are coming here!

Cannonballs started raining down on the pirate ship. Although the little black balls looked plain and unremarkable, each one of them had devastating damage.

Seeing the multitude of cannonballs being thrown and descending from the sky, Lin Tian shook his head helplessly and spoke to himself: “Why did this smelly old man go crazy like that?”

“I saw him trying to break a record earlier, and he said no one could bother him, but why is he getting so angry now?”

Garp threw the cannonball repeatedly without stopping. For a long time, the Marine Soldiers who had been with him said that nothing had survived this technique yet.

Unless the target has the ability to attack or defend on a large scale like him, or the target can stop dozens of bullets from multiple directions simultaneously.

As long as we sail with Vice-Admiral Garp, no one else can do it yet, unless it’s a strong pirate group and many capable people on board can protect the entire ship.

Apart from that, some people have Devil Fruit types who can roam the seas without ships.

People like Kuzan, Doflamingo, and others have a high chance to survive this deadly attack. But, unlike these people, to them, these cannonballs were like a fierce meteor shower.

Therefore, Lin Tian rarely watched anything like this, and sometimes Garp threw hundreds of cannonballs at once. Usually, he’d only thrown a dozen or so, but now he still didn’t stop.

Seeing this state, Lin Tian could only feel sorry for the pirates in front of him.

Bang! Bam!

Hundreds of cannonballs exploded aboard the pirate ship; Lin Tian had never even imagined such a terrifying sight.

The pirate ship was full of thick black smoke caused by the explosion, and the Marine Soldiers couldn’t see the pirates inside.

All that is visible is a cloud of black smoke floating in the sea.

However, seeing from this situation, everyone could tell what conditions the pirates were like.

Garp had just wanted to throw hundreds of bullets to launch his second attack, but seeing this situation, Garp retired. There was no point in wasting ammunition on something like this.

Garp gave instructions: “Put all these shells back and inspect all the pirate ships.”

Aye, sir!

“Smelly old man, what really happened? Did you fail to break the record?” Lin Tian approached Garp with a smile.

Lin Tian deliberately asked this to make him even angrier. After eating for two days, he was defeated by Sengoku’s Snail Transponder.

“Smelly brat, make sure your skin is thick enough to say that!” Garp raised this fist and looked at the smiling Lin Tian.

Seeing Garp’s movements, Lin Tian stopped and put on a watchful stance.

After a while, when he saw Garp not acting, Lin Tian quickly let out a sigh of relief. Lin Tian freaked out if Garp really punched him.

Garp turned to Ander and asked him: “Ander, which route will we take this time?”

Andre immediately replied: “Vice-Admiral Garp, we are going to Korod. In all areas of the sea, the closest to us is Korod Marine Base.”

Hearing Ander’s words, Garp’s expression changed slightly and then turned his face to the distance.

This time, Heavenly Gold will be delivered from Marine Korod Base to Mary Geoise, and it will later be presented to the World Nobles.

So this is the reason we are dealing with two pirate ships at once this morning. These pirates are definitely aiming for this Heavenly Gold.

In his conversation with Sengoku in Transponder Snail earlier, Garp said he would not participate in the Heavenly Gold issue. Still, Garp did not expect that he had already started to enter Korod’s territory.

“Is there a Marine Base other than Korod? If so, we’d better go there.” Garp said with a sullen expression.

Even though Ander didn’t quite understand what Vice-Admiral Garp was saying, seeing Garp’s expression, he had expected that something terrible was going to happen.

Ander fell into deep thought and recalled the Marine Base’s distribution map around him. Not long after, he shook his head.

“There is no Marine Base closest to us apart from Korod. If we insist on going to the next Marine Base, the supplies onboard will not be sufficient.”

“Smelly old man, what’s wrong with Marine Korod Base?” Lin Tian felt something strange after noticing the change in Garp’s expression, coupled with what Garp said.

“Nothing, it’s just that the Marine Base is about to carry out an important mission,” Garp explained calmly.

Garp knew that Lin Tian was interested in things like this if he knew about the Heavenly Gold mission. This smelly brat will definitely want to participate in it even though his strength was not yet up to the mark.

Before Lin Tian said anything, Garp said to Ander: “Very well then, we will take this route.”

Not that Garp was afraid, the reason he didn’t want to take part in this mission was simply that it was too troublesome.

Seeing Garp leaving the deck, Lin Tian was deep in thought. This smelly old man must be hiding something from me, but he doesn’t want to say it for some reason.

On the other hand, Ander also had the same thoughts as Lin Tian, ​​and he was about to talk to discuss with Lin Tian.

Simultaneously, a Marine Soldier approached the two, “Commodore Lin Tian, ​​Commodore Ander, we found the surviving pirate.”

When Lin Tian and Ande heard this report, there was a hint of shock in their eyes. This pirate was able to survive the terrifying attack. It seems that these pirates are no ordinary people.

“Let’s check him out.”

Lin Tian and Ander were brought by this Marine Soldier to the battleship side and looked out over the sea.

Lin Tian saw the countless number of broken boards floating on the surface of the sea, the corpses of pirates, and a few other things. Under the explosive force of hundreds of ‘Meteor Rain’, the pirate ships were utterly destroyed, and all parts of the ships were smashed to pieces.

On a wooden plank that was quite large, someone was lying motionless on it. However, from the ups and downs of his chest, it could be proven that the person was still alive.

Two Marine Soldiers had swum to approach him, and they aimed to get the pirate to the battleship.


The pirate slowly woke up because of something.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that Marine Soldiers were nearby. Seeing the Marine logo on the ship’s screen, the pirate knew that he was on a Marine battleship.

Seeing Marine Soldiers in various directions, a plan to escape crossed the pirate’s mind, but he immediately realized that it was impossible to escape from these many Marine Soldiers.

Not to mention that he was heavily injured, and a third of his normal fighting strength was lost because of it.

The surrounding Marine Soldiers stepped aside, and the two Commodores approached him, But when the pirate saw the two Commodores, he was shocked.

Seeing that one of them was just a teenage boy, how could he not be dumbfounded.

Without waiting for the pirates’ surprise to die down, Lin Tian stood in front of him and asked.

“Answer my question, what is your name? What is the name of the pirate group? And what position do you have in it?”


Seeing a teenager asking himself like that, this pirate couldn’t help but laugh, and his eyes were full of contempt as he looked at Lin Tian.

“Hey, son, even if you ask my captain’s name, you are not qualified enough to ask that.”

Seeing this extremely arrogant pirate, Lin Tian snorted coldly. If he got angry, maybe this pirate would be beaten to death. Lin Tian knew very well how to write ‘Death’.

Lin Tian casually took out a rifle from the Marine Army next to him. Holding the trigger and aiming for its head, this action sequence was extremely fast, without waiting for everyone to react.

Feeling the coldness of the rifle’s muzzle between his eyebrows, this pirate panicked and went mad.

Tremblingly he asked: “What are you going to do? Don’t the Marines have a rule not to kill prisoners ?!”

Hearing the pirate’s words, the Marine Soldiers present couldn’t help but sneer. They all knew that Commodore Lin Tian was not a rule-abiding person.

This person has his own rules. He has even released pirates for free. Killing you is not impossible for him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill the captives,” said Lin Tian with disdain, “Killing a pirate like you will only get my hands dirty.”

The pirates quickly let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that the Marine Soldier in front of him was still abiding by the Marine regulations, so he didn’t feel scared now.


Gunshots were heard.

One ear fell to the ground, and the pirate naturally covered his broken ear while screaming in pain.

Blood flowed continuously until it flooded the entire deck, turning it bright red.

“If you don’t stop screaming, I don’t mind dropping your other ear.” Lin Tian aimed his rifle at the other ear and smiled at the pirate.

The pirate hastily closed his mouth and looked at Lin Tian with fright. At this moment, in the eyes of this pirate, Lin Tian was a fierce Little Demon, and he could only cover his ears without daring to say a word.

“Good, now answer the damn question, why are there so many pirates on the path to Korod?”

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