Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 79


Although I don’t really understand this Little Demon Commodore’s question, I have to tell him everything I know for the sake of my other ears.

“Actually, I don’t know the specific purpose myself. At first, I was just following other pirates.”

Hearing this pirate nonsense, Lin Tian immediately thought that this pirate was playing tricks on him.

I don’t know why. What are you pirates doing here?

Could it be that these groups of pirates wanted to attack Korod Marine Base!

Seeing Lin Tian put his finger on the trigger, the pirate hurriedly said, “No! Wait a minute! I’m not done yet.”

“At first, we really didn’t know the specific reason, but someone said that there was a lot of treasure on Korod Island, and we followed suit.”

“About two days ago, I finally understood the aims of these pirates. They said that there would be Heavenly Gold to be delivered from Korder.”

“Heavenly Gold?” Lin Tian turned around and said to Ander: “What is Heavenly Gold? It’s my first time hearing about it.”

Ander was surprised by the pirate’s words, then he immediately regained his senses and answered Lin Tian’s question.

“Heavenly Gold is actually tribute collected from various kingdoms allied with World Government, then the treasure is presented to World Nobles every year, and ‘Heavenly Gold’ is just a secret code.”

Hearing Ander’s explanation, Lin Tian understood why he didn’t know ‘Heavenly Gold’. It turned out to be a secret code.

Ander continued: “Because this ‘Heavenly Gold’ is an offering to World Nobles who rule the world, and ‘Heavenly Gold’ is of course very tightly protected.”

Ander, who had participated in the mission to protect Heavenly Gold, was very aware of how strict that protection was.

At least it was escorted by one Admiral, two Vice-Admirals, and thousands of Marine Soldiers, a total of more than ten Marine warships.

Heavenly Gold had been presented to World Nobles for hundreds of years under such strong protection, that why no one had ever succeeded in robbing it.

The two pirate groups could not possibly succeed. If it were the powerful pirates of the New World, there was still a chance to succeed.

After knowing about the Heavenly Gold guard, Lin Tian remained confused about why these pirate groups would still dare to rob it.

Seeing the confused Lin Tian and Ander, the pirate gave them an explanation.

“There is one more reason why many pirates are interested in this robbery, but I don’t know where the source of the news is. Recently, Kaido, one of the four emperors of the New World, has a new goal that could threaten the world’s peace. Due to this issue, all Admirals are going to the New World to stop him. So at this submission of Heavenly Gold, no Admirals will come.”

Lin Tian finally knew why these pirates would dare to take the risk of robbing Heavenly Gold. It turned out that no Admiral had come to escort it.

‘Heavenly Gold’ is the tribute treasure of more than 170 countries that are members of the World Government. You can imagine the high value of the wealth in it.

It doesn’t matter if these pirates only get a fraction of it. In their eyes, it was a lot of money.

Now that all the information he wanted was obtained, this pirate was no longer useful, and Lin Tian waved his hand to take the pirate away.

Initially, Lin Tian planned to kill this pirate, but seeing this pirate was so cooperative in providing information, Lin Tian gave him pity, so he just let him go.

As the Marine Soldiers around him retreated, Ander said with a heavy face.

“At this time, the territory of Korod must be full of pirates. I hope we can get to Korod in time.”

“Yes!” Lin Tian nodded, and he understood Ander’s concern.

Now Korod has caught the attention of all the pirates in the world, and many people are eyeing Heavenly Gold. Especially when no Admiral was escorting him, obviously no one wanted to miss this golden opportunity.

They don’t mind if the fruit of this problem will make the World Nobles angry. For them, this is not a threat.

The people who want to rob Heavenly Gold are pirates and criminals. Regardless of whether they would piss off the World Nobles or not, the World Government would still hunt them down.

At most, their bounty will increase, which is probably still expected by many people.

And now I know why that smelly old man is behaving strangely, it must be because he got news about this.

That is also why he asked to change the route.

Even this smelly old man doesn’t want to leave. You can imagine what kind of rioting will happen in Korod over this incident.

“Hey, with so many pirates going to attack, I’m afraid there will be a lot of casualties from the Marine Soldiers escorting.”

Remembering that countless pirates would invade Korod now, Ander was worried about the Marine soldiers’ safety.

But on the other hand, Lin Tian smiled and explained: “Ander, you are too worried about them. The pirates will be dealing with thousands of Marine Soldiers. It is impossible if the Marine Soldiers do not take action at all.”

Lin Tian was not sure that Marine Headquarters would remain silent about such a large pirate’s movements.

“Since all admirals have gone to the New World. Where will Marine Headquarters get the fighting strength to suppress the countless pirates?”

Even though Ander agreed with Lin Tian’s words, but the Marines’ main strength was focused on the New World. How could they possibly survive the pirates’ invasion?

Lin Tian said meaningfully: “That’s not necessarily the case. I’m sure the Marine still has other combat strength comparable to that of an Admiral.”

Hearing this, Ander waved his hand in disbelief.

“It would be impossible if Fleet-Admiral Sengoku stepped into the field, where …” Ander suddenly thought of someone: “By the way, we still have Vice-Admiral Garp, his fighting strength is equivalent to that of an Admiral isn’t it? ? “

Lin Tian shook his head when he heard Ander’s words.

From the reaction that smelly old man had, it could be concluded that smelly old man would not want to take part in this incident; that’s why he said he did not want to go to Korod.

Lin Tian knew very well that Marine Headquarters was still hiding a lot of excellent fighting power.

Marine veterans who served at Marine Headquarters are also still alive. Even though their fighting strength had decreased slightly with age, they were still not to be underestimated.

The Marine background is very strong, with the entire world as supporters, and the Marine has countless resources.

Although not as strong as the Marine Admiral, many strong Marine Soldiers were hiding secretly.

Here, I can clearly see the gap behind the stage.

As a Commodore, it was expected if Ander didn’t know much about Marine’s true combat strength. In contrast to Lin Tian, who was a student of Garp, he got a lot of information about the high-level secrets of the Marine from that stinky old man.

“Apart from Vice-Admiral Garp, is there anyone who has the same fighting strength as an Admiral?” Ander asked somehow.

Lin Tian said with certainty: “Yes, but I don’t know who it is.”

After listening to Lin Tian’s words, Ander fell silent. Ander also knows that Lin Tian knows some essential secrets about Marine and knows more than himself.

“Countless pirates have gathered at Korod. I can’t wait to see this exciting incident.” Lin Tian said hopefully.

Seeing Lin Tian’s face filled with expectations, Ander had a bad premonition in his heart and asked doubtfully.

“Hey, Lin Tian, ​​don’t tell me you want to participate in this matter.”

Lin Tian nodded and asked, “Why not? Ender, don’t you think

this is very exciting and a pity not to be missed? “

Hearing Lin Tian’s answer, Ander became convinced of the suspicion in his heart, and he wanted to persuade Lin Tian to abandon his mind.

“Hey, Lin Tian, ​​I won’t stop you from other dangerous things, but this is not something you deserve to follow. This incident will involve many powerful people. Even though your strength had increased greatly, you are not strong enough to bear the consequences of this problem!”

Lin Tian waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I won’t participate in this incident. Besides, the timing isn’t right either. By the time this incident started, we might have already left Korod territory.”

Although Ander also forced himself to believe Lin Tian’s words in his heart but seeing the hope that did not disappear from Lin Tian’s eyes, Ander still did not believe Lin Tian’s words.

In fact, as expected by Ander, Lin Tian would not let go of such an exciting thing.

Heavenly Gold would obviously attract many pirates to Korod, and the Marine would definitely take serious action against this. This incident could have put Marine in a state of crisis, and that was not an opportunity.

The reason why capturing pirates was difficult was because this ocean was too vast, their location was also not known with certainty, and their distribution was widespread.

If not, with the current combat strength of the Marine, no pirate can face the entire Marine. Not even the Four Emperors dare to fight the Marine openly.

(Note: The combat power of the Marine is comparable to that of the Four Emperors. On the Marine side, it has strong people like Sengoku, Garp and Kong, three current admirals and three ex-admirals who are exiled, like Zephyr…, as well as those who are not weak in fighting force, scientific unit…)

In this incident, naturally, the pirates will gather together in Korod, as a wise Fleet-Admiral, Sengoku will not miss this good opportunity.

If this continues, it will definitely be a battle involving the entire world. Even though there weren’t too many strong people joining, it would be a rare sight. This is why Lin Tian didn’t want to be left behind.

It can be seen clearly from a height.

With Korod as the centre, many pirate ships rushed in, and at the same time, many Marine warships were also approaching Korod.

A big storm is coming!

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