Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 80


Spatial Blade!

The three semicircular dark blades were hurled into the air, and they left a black trail wherever they passed.

It didn’t make a sound, and the three blades rushed towards the pirate ship in front of him. When the three blades were on the ship, they didn’t cause any damage. The pirates on the ship didn’t move at all.

The pirates thought that these three blades were not dangerous at all. They were relieved.

After seeing the three strange blades disappear, the pirates aboard the ship wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Upon seeing the three blades approaching, the pirate captain sensed an extremely dangerous aura from them and quickly dodged it. But, seeing these three blades were not deadly, the captain let out a sigh of relief.

But before the captain reacted, a faint wave slammed into the ship’s wall.

Crack, crack, crack…

There was a crack from the center of the three blades that had stuck on the deck, and it was getting bigger and bigger.

Before the captain could understand the situation, a crew member beside him was cut in half, and a large amount of blood splattered the captain’s body.

“What !?”

When the captain saw this, his legs became weak, and he immediately fell onto the deck.

When the captain fell, the three cracks didn’t stop. They continued to enlarge and cut down the pirates one by one, and the entire deck was covered in blood.

The surviving pirates could only scream in fear at this strange and terrifying incident. Some of the pirates decided to jump into the sea to avoid the crack.

However, all that was in vain. The three cracks continued to grow up to the surface of the sea and made huge waves. The pirate ship could not stand it. Shortly after, the ship split into four parts and slowly sank into the sea.

The captain, who had also jumped into the sea and was about to escape, finally drowned. He was sucked in by a giant whirlpool caused by a sinking pirate ship.

The strong force pulled the captain into the centre of the whirlpool. Even if the captain tried to swim away hard, he still couldn’t escape the pull of the huge whirlpool.

Before he died, he saw a subtle cut. In the end, he understood that it was all caused by the three strange blades earlier.

The three blades may seem non-lethal, but they are actually very sharp. They can even cut entire ships with ease, and the sea surface is not a safe place.

You are great, Commodore Lin Tian!

Seeing that Lin Tian could destroy the pirate ship with one strike, the Marine Soldiers on the scene couldn’t help but cheer for Lin Tian.

Lin Tian drained enough energy to launch such a powerful attack, and now his footsteps were a bit heavy.

“Get rid of the surviving pirates!” Ander gives the command.

Aye, sir!

The Marine Soldiers immediately returned to their positions and fired cannons at the pirates. Lin Tian has overcome most pirates for us, and we don’t want to stay silent.

Ander walked over to Lin Tian while carrying a bottle of water for him: “Because of that powerful attack, I’m sure it makes you quite tired.”

Lin Tian nodded, took the water bottle from Ander’s hand, and drank it.

“Fortunately, your strength is not completely exhausted. Take your time to rest.”

Even though Lin Tian launched a powerful attack, it only used up a little of his physical strength. Ander could only sigh, “I am old. I no longer have the intense energy that you young people do.”

“Hey, Ander, you’re only in your thirties now, so you could say you’re not that old.” Lin Tian said with a smile.

“Smelly brat!” Ander smiled, cursed, waved his hand, and hit Lin Tian, ​​but Lin Tian easily dodged it.

After joking with Lin Tian, ​​Ander shifted his words to the main topic.

“This time, there will be many pirates gathering on Korod Island. Today plus the previous ones, we have faced five pirate groups.”

“Yes!” Lin Tian said solemnly: “However, all we have encountered are a few weak pirates. I am afraid that the strong pirates have already arrived there first.”

Ander glanced at the wrecked pirate ship, then shook his head, thinking not to reconnect the facts: “These pirates are crazy, even though they are weak, but they are still desperate to come.”

Lin Tian sneered, “All of this is due to coincidence, and there are benefits that are enough to drive people crazy.”

The pirates who could enter the Grand Line route were not stupid, they all knew that there was death awaiting before them, but great wealth blinded their eyes.

They thought that they would be able to take some advantage of the rioting in Korod, and this little gain was enough to drive them insane.   

Suddenly, Lin Tian saw Roberts pacing back and forth on the deck and shouted with a confused face.

“Hey! Roberts, shouldn’t you be positioned on top of the mast? Why are you on deck?”

Hearing someone calling him, Roberts turned around and found that the voice came from Lin Tian, who was sitting on the ship’s bow.

Roberts smiled faintly and walked, “Hey! Lin Tian! We have entered Korod territory now. Of course, there is nothing wrong with me.”

He sat beside Lin Tian, ​​”After being on the mast for a long time, I finally had some free time. So, I went to the deck to find a new atmosphere.”

“Oh, so we’re here.” Lin Tian said in shock.

I still couldn’t see Korod Island earlier, and I haven’t spoken to Ander about this matter for a long time, and, unexpectedly, we’ll be able to arrive sooner.

This speed is abnormal.

Lin Tian turned around and looked at the distance. There was a black shadow of a small island appearing in front of him. Above it was a black cloud that covered the whole island.

Only a faint black shadow could be seen from a distance, and the entire Korod looked like wild beasts hiding behind a black mist.

“A big storm is happening on Korod Island, and it’s making the ocean currents faster. That’s what made us get to this island faster.”

Lin Tian understood the cause now.

“Hey!” Seeing the black clouds covering Korod, Ander sighed deeply, “A great storm is happening on Korod Island, from inside or outside.”

“Correct!” Lin Tian also reacted, “The entire Korod Island now has enough water to drown people.”

Roberts listened to the stupid babble of the two as if he were listening to a heavenly book with a confused face.

“Storm? Drowning? What are you two talking about? I just don’t get it.”

Lin Tian and Ander looked at each other, then laughed.

Seeing Roberts, who was confused, Lin Tian put his hand on Roberts’ shoulder and smiled.

“I hope you can solve the problem we are facing now, how to get through this storm, our navigator.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s warning, Roberts realized that he still had other things to do. He denied Lin Rian’s hand and ran to the edge of the deck.

“Damn you, Lin Tian. Why not say it earlier!”

Hearing Roberts’ annoyance, Lin Tian smiled slightly and turned around to look at Korod Island, covered in a dark mist.

Seeing how big the whirlpool was, made people who saw it look forward to it!

Swoosh, splash…

As soon as they entered the Korod waters, Lin Tian and the others were directly confronted by this huge storm.

Large waves were enough to sink a ship appeared, bright light that flickered from time to time in the high sky, accompanied by the sound of this huge thud and heavy rain all over the sea surface.

A terrifying natural force could be seen at this moment.

On the Marine battleships, because they didn’t have any preparations, everyone went straight to work. Apart from the few people who had to but were on deck, the Marine Soldiers had entered the cabin.

For Lin Tian and Ander, who had more strength than ordinary people, surviving on the deck during such extreme weather was not a problem.

Facing this fierce storm, the entire battleship was hit by the waves and experienced violent shaking, but under the navigator’s control, the entire ship slowly moved towards Korod Island, which was the storm’s epicentre.

At the bow of the ship, Ander praised: “Roberts’ ability to navigate is excellent. In a storm like this, the battleships can still go. Really good.”

“Yes, I agree.” Lin Tian concurred with Ander’s praise.

“It was unexpected, Roberts, who was usually not serious. Now he can work in critical times.”

Ander turned his head and said with a chuckle: “It’s the same as I thought. You seem to be saying good things for him on purpose”.

“Well, that’s right,” Lin Tian admitted straight away.

He and Roberts were great friends, and everyone on the boat knew that it was normal to say something nice to a friend.

“Don’t worry, Roberts has contributed a lot to Marine this year, and that’s enough for him to be promoted to Commander. He’s one of those people who has experienced rapid promotions throughout Marine.

Hearing Ander’s words, Lin Tian showed a sincere smile on his face. Even though Lin Tian treated enemies very cruelly, but Lin Tian was a very compassionate person.

He is willing to do anything for his friend’s good, and Lin Tian always supports Roberts to be promoted immediately.

Seeing that a large wave was coming, Ander said emotionally: “I don’t know, are the waves in Korod this big?”

Lin Tian smiled gently and slowly raised his right hand. A huge Death Ball gradually formed in Lin Tian’s palm.

Then he continued to throw it at the waves, like a meteor. The Death Ball broke the waves as it hit him.

“I just need to break it into small pieces, right?”


An explosive sound was heard. When the Death Ball hit the waves, huge holes appeared all over the waves.

Lin Tian saw a small island through the hole, and Lin Tian immediately knew it.

Korod is here!

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