Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 82


Led by Jonathan, Garp and his troops enter the white building, which has the Marine emblem.

“This five-story building will be your residence. How? Not bad, right?” Jonathan introduces.

“Yes!” The Marine Soldiers in front of him nodded. It’s so much better than sleeping in a dark cabin.

Seeing that everyone was happy, Jonathan felt his own pride. This is the result of my work in one year, renovating the entire Marine Base building and improving the accommodation environment for Marine Soldiers.

In Jonathan’s view, a good environment will increase the morale of the soldiers. That way, the effectiveness in battle will increase. This is the most important and fundamental point.

However, if Fleet-Admiral Sengoku finds out that Jonathan has used military expenses on something like this, I’m afraid he will be in trouble.

However, among all the people on the scene, one person had been standing there calmly, not making a statement or saying anything; this person was Vice-Admiral Garp.

Everyone felt the different reactions between most people and Garp. They thought that Garp was in a bad mood.

Lin Tian then patted Garp on the shoulder excitedly, and everyone who saw him was dumbfounded.

He said something that people around him didn’t expect.

“Smelly old man, don’t sleep here!”


The heads of everyone who saw him fell on the ground. Has Vice-Admiral Garp been asleep all the way? He can fall asleep in this kind of situation. Vice-Admiral Garp is amazing.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Lin Tian said indifferently, “Sorry for making such a fuss.”

Garp yawning, woke up and looked at everyone who fell to the ground and said confusedly: “Huh? What are you doing?”

Jonathan immediately got up from the ground and patted the dust from his body, “It’s okay, we fell accidentally.”

“Hmm …” Garp took a deep breath, then shook his head and walked into the building, muttering.

“Even though you are Marine Officers, you are so careless that you can fall halfway.”

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched unnaturally. We were astonished when we saw you, and this old man was actually embarrassed when he was caught sleeping on the street.

Jonathan smiled at the remaining Marine Soldiers and said, “This building belongs to you now. When dinner time comes, I’ll send someone over to tell you.”

“And for supplies on board, I’ll have someone take care of them.”

Seeing that the person speaking in front of them was very reliable, Ander and the others were embarrassed. Even though Ander and the others couldn’t help them, Jonathan and his troops instead helped them wholeheartedly.

Ander said: “I really want to thank you.”

“I have to treat you well!” Jonathan waved his hand, “I have other things to do, so I’ll be going first.”

As Jonathan leaves, everyone walks into the building and goes to their respective rooms. Everyone felt exhausted from being in the sea for too long.

By taking advantage of a good environment, everyone takes time to rest to restore their energies.

Roberts, who was about to enter the room, was suddenly detained by someone from behind. Then he turned around and saw that it was Lin Tian holding him back.

“Hey, Lin Tian, ​​why are you pulling me? What’s wrong?” Roberts asked in confusion.

Lin Tian put his right hand around Roberts’ neck and smiled softly.

Seeing Lin Tian’s smile, Roberts had a bad feeling in his heart. She folded her arms across her chest and looked at Lin Tian with a wary gaze.

Lin Tian asked in a low voice, “Roberts, aren’t we already like good brothers?”

“Yes!” Roberts nodded and said warily, “But does this have anything to do with the problem here?”

“Yes, why not? You said I was always there to help you anytime! You said …”

Before Lin Tian finished speaking, Roberts loudly interrupted, “Let’s talk. What do you want me to do?”

Roberts still didn’t know Lin Tian’s purpose in holding him because he talked too much. Lin Tian would definitely want to ask for something only Roberts could do.

Now that Roberts had realized something, Lin Tian no longer played the emotional card and said sternly.

“So I want to leave Marine Base, and you will help me to hide from that smelly old man.”

“No, no!” Roberts immediately waved his hand towards Lin Tian, ​​”Vice-Admiral Garp has said before that no one should leave Marine Base before leaving tomorrow.”

Garp had already guessed that Lin Tian would sneak out to get involved in the Heavenly Gold matter.

Therefore, before getting off the ship, Garp gave his unit special orders not to leave this Marine Base. This order was actually issued to Lin Tian.

Lin Tian grabbed Roberts ‘waving hand, tightened his arm around Roberts’ neck, and threatened: “You know, of course, if you don’t help me hide. I only have one sentence for you, I won’t help you anymore.”

If you can’t play the emotional card, then move on to threats!

“You said one sentence. That’s clearly two sentences!” Roberts tries to delay time.

Roberts was afraid that if Garp found out he was lying, he would definitely be beaten with Garp’s fists, and Roberts rejected Lin Tian’s request in his heart.

Lin Tian’s strength immediately increased a little, and he threatened again: “So will you help me or not?”.

Feeling the tight knots around his neck, Roberts quickly said, “Fine, fine! I will help you.”

Seeing Roberts agreeing, Lin Tian quickly smiled and removed his right hand from Roberts’s neck.

“Can’t you ask for help kindly? You even talk too much.”

Roberts rubbed his sore neck and said with a blank face: “You know that tricking that guy all day long is not easy, and it could cost me my life that tricking him!”

Lin Tian only laughed at Roberts’ dissatisfaction, and this small matter did not affect the deep friendship between the two.

At this moment, an energetic voice shot out from the building.

“Boy, don’t you dare sneak out of Marine Base. Just stay here for me today.”

Hearing Garp’s voice, Lin Tian’s happy feelings were immediately replaced with shock.

Lin Tian didn’t expect that even though that smelly old man would always be in the building, he secretly listened to his conversation with Roberts.

“Hey …” Roberts waved his hand and said happily, “Looks like we have to abandon this plan. Vice-Admiral Garp is always watching you.”

Seeing Roberts breathe in relief, Lin Tian clenched his fists and hit him, but Roberts easily dodged him and ran inside the building as soon as Lin Tian launched his fist.

Lin Tian stared at one side of the building. He knew that Garp was always watching his actions.

However, seeing the eyes that kept turning, Garp knew that Lin Tian would not discourage him from sneaking out.

It looks like I should back for now. I need to look for opportunities later. Lin Tian thought again when he found out that Garp was watching him.

After thinking about it, hope flashed across Lin Tian’s eyes, and he walked towards the building. He went straight to his room, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep.

In the next room, Garp had been observing Lin Tian’s movements with Observation Haki.

Seeing the sleeping Lin Tian, ​​Garp did not let go of his gaze from the start but continued to stare at him. Garp couldn’t believe that Lin Tian would lie down and sleep honestly.

“This smelly brat must be pretending to be asleep, he’s waiting for my guard to loosen up, and when that happens, he’s going to sneak out,” Garp said in his mind.

But this time, Garp seemed wrong. After waiting for a long time, Lin Tian still didn’t move at all and was still asleep.

Garp suddenly felt confused. Was it possible that this smelly brat had put up his mind to take part in the Heavenly Gold incident?

But in the blink of an eye, Garp blew this impossible idea from his mind. It wouldn’t be Lin Tian if he gave up this quickly.

“Shit, this isn’t good!”

Garp suddenly realized something, slapped his own thigh, and got up quickly. He walked outside the room and walked towards Lin Tian’s room.


Garp kicked Lin Tian’s room door, opened the blanket, and saw that Garp immediately understood that this smelly boy had tricked him.

It turned out that as Garp expected, it wasn’t Lin Tian lying on the blanket but a doll. No wonder I found Lin Tian motionless even with Observation Haki.

Garp focused his Observation Haki on the sound generated from a movement. He could observe an object from its movements, but he could not see it, let alone the person he was watching was in a different room.

Lin Tian took advantage of this gap to replace his place with a doll, and then he used his ability to control the doll to enter his room, which made Garp think that the doll was him.

“You smelly brat, just wait what you get when you come back!”

Garp’s angry scream echoed throughout the building, startling the rest of the crowd.

At this time, outside the Marine Base, Lin Tian smiled when he saw the large Marine Base in front of him.

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