Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 83


At this moment, Lin Tian flew through the air at extreme speed.

For someone with the Spatial Devil Fruit ability, flying wasn’t a difficult thing for Lin Tian. But this ability could not be developed by him. On the battlefield, Lin Tian’s speed and flexibility in flying are still lacking.

Therefore, Lin Tian did not use it very often, but now it is used to move a short distance, it is more efficient than walking.

Lin Tian swiftly traversed forests, cities, and beaches.

When he arrived at a city, Lin Tian landed on the edge of that city. Right now, many pirates are hiding in this city. Lin Tian chose to walk and did not draw attention to his destination.

However, Lin Tian himself didn’t know what kind of place he was aiming for because the place where he landed caused trouble.

A pirate captain and his crews were walking on a remote road. Beside him was a beautiful woman with her hands tied.

The pirate captain was leading his men to a place. His men saw the woman with a bloody look, then a pirate looked up and said to his captain.

“Captain, are we going to release this woman after getting the ransom? This woman is so beautiful. Isn’t it a waste to let her go?”

Hearing his words, the captain suddenly stopped and turned around, then looked at his men, who were talking with fierce eyes.

Seeing the ferocity in the captain’s eyes, the pirate’s entire body shook uncontrollably, and the pirate knew that the captain clearly intended to kill him.

Then the captain turned his fierce eyes and said in a deep voice: “Rich, I warn you, you’d better watch your thing carefully, don’t let me help you do it!”

Hearing the captain’s words, the pirate named Rich responded. But when he nodded, a trace of killing intent flashed across his eyes, which was the captain’s killing intent.

As a captain, he must be able to manage the entire group. If not, he is not a competent person. The captain finds out when Rich is about to kill himself.

But the captain didn’t say anything. He just looked at the pirate with a trifle. If it weren’t for Rich, who brought up some of these brilliant ideas for him, the captain would have killed him a long time ago.

It was Rich’s idea to kidnap that woman. Initially, the captain didn’t want to carry out the kidnapping at this time.

Now that they were on Korod Island, many powerful pirates had gathered to rob Heavenly Gold. If they were too conspicuous, the captain was worried that the Marine Soldiers would easily catch them.

But seeing that the ransom was so high, the captain threw away his senses for more profit, and he agreed to carry out the kidnapping plan.

However, even though the captain was greedy, he was still careful to carry out his plans. I’m looking for money, not for anyone else. So I better do it and make as much profit as possible or not, especially in this case.

When the captain was about to continue walking to his destination, Lin Tian descended from the sky.

A teenager suddenly descended from the sky and startled all the pirates. They immediately drew a sword from its sheath and aimed it at Lin Tian.

Although they don’t know who this teenager is, he is definitely not an ordinary person, and he is an enemy if he can suddenly descend from the sky.

Lin Tian, who had just landed, frowned in panic and looked at the pirates in front of him.

Lin Tian wasn’t afraid of these pirates. It’s just that he chose the wrong landing place. He initially thought that if he landed in a remote location, Lin Tian wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention, but now he was in these pirates’ presence.

The captain stepped forward, clenched his fist, and said, “Hey, little boy, who are you and why are you here?

At this time, the captain cursed this incident inwardly. Even though he had struggled through a remote road so that no one could see him.

If it were an ordinary person, the captain would have been taking action a long time ago, so why would he speak in such a low voice to this kid.

The captain could immediately understand that this child was no ordinary person. He felt a very dangerous aura from him.

In his mind, the captain guessed that this child was a powerful pirate, and the surprise on his face showed that this boy did not expect to meet them either.

A person like him couldn’t possibly come to such a remote place for trivial reasons. He might just accidentally bump into me. Besides that, I also don’t know the purpose of this child.

In the blink of an eye, countless thoughts flashed through the captain’s mind.

If Lin Tian knew that the pirate in front of him had recognized himself as a competitor, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Lin Tian didn’t want to find trouble because this was not good for his next plan, so he tried to threaten: “My identity is not something you can find out. Now, get out of my sight.”

The captain felt humiliation from Lin Tian’s words, and he became furious. This brat should be taught to be afraid of the stronger people.

He clenched his fists and said: “I’m sure you still have other plans. So, leave us alone!”

“Huh!” Lin Tian snorted coldly at the captain’s words. Lin Tian actually couldn’t accept the pirate captain’s arrogant terms. If it weren’t for his plans, Lin Tian wouldn’t have let these pirates go.

You guys, let’s go!

The captain raised his hand and waved, motioning his men to follow him.

The pirates walked past Lin Tian and looked at him hatefully. If it weren’t for the captain’s orders, these pirates would have wanted to kill Lin Tian.

“I don’t know what the captain is thinking. He’s just a kid. Why should he be careful of him?”

In Lin Tian’s eyes, this pirate was not a formidable opponent, and this ant was not worthy of general knowledge about him.

Suddenly, Lin Tian found that there was a woman whose head was covered among the pirates. She was still thinking about running away. But because the pirates had her hands tied, she couldn’t put up a fight.

Even though Lin Tian couldn’t see what this person was like, he could still recognize that it was a woman from her clothes.

“Wait a minute!” Lin Tian suddenly shouted.

All the pirates stopped, turned around, and looked at Lin Tian.

Hearing Lin Tian’s shout, the captain approached him. Seeing Lin Tian staring at the kidnapped woman, the captain had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Little boy, why did you stop us? Did we offend you?” The captain asked.

Lin Tian smiled faintly, “It’s nothing. I changed my mind.”

If these pirates didn’t kidnap the woman, Lin Tian would have let them go, but when he found out what these pirates were doing, Lin Tian wouldn’t remain silent.

The captain suddenly felt this boy teasing him, and his anger exploded. He tried to threaten.

“Little boy, stay where you are, and we’ll be fine in the future.”

Lin Tian sneered indifferently, seeing the fighting strength of this pirate group. He did not choose the option to retreat.

“If you let go of this woman, I can let you go.” Lin Tian pointed to the woman who was kidnapped.

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, the bound woman struggled and made a whining sound from time to time.

The captain saw the woman struggling, and then he gestured to the two men beside the woman to hold her tight. In terms of strength, how could an ordinary woman be the opponent of two strong men?

Seeing that the woman was not struggling anymore, the captain threatened Lin Tian again: “Little buddy, this woman has nothing to do with you. It’s no use bothering us just for women you don’t know.”

In order to avoid fighting, the captain tried to threaten Lin Tian to make him retreat.

Lin Tian slowly lifted a finger and said: “First, I am not your friend. We are just people who happen to meet.”

“Second, don’t try to threaten me because your strength doesn’t qualify to bring me down.”

When Lin Tian spoke, the pirates’ anger grew higher and higher, and their faces darkened.

“And lastly, I am a Marine Soldier. It is my main duty to eradicate the pirates.”

Marine Soldier, he said!

When Lin Tian said these two words, all the pirates had no thoughts of unreacted in their minds, and they instinctively took out their weapons and aimed them at Lin Tian.

The captain had always thought that this boy was a pirate, but he did not think that this brat was actually a Marine Soldier.

The captain did not expect that. After all, most pirates will see Marine Soldiers in large numbers, while all they see is only a boy.

Lin Tian is a Marine Soldier type who doesn’t wear a uniform all day long but always wears casual clothes.

Knowing what this pirate group was doing, he now knew that they were not good pirates. For pirates like them, Lin Tian only had one word, namely.


“People like you don’t deserve to live in the world!”

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