Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 84



The pirates looked like they had heard a hilarious joke and couldn’t help but laugh.

“People like you don’t deserve to live in the world!” Said a pirate while mimicking Lin Tian’s voice.

“Hahahaha…” All the pirates laughed contemptuously at Lin Tian.

In the pirate’s mind, Lin Tian was just a teenager, and he was also alone. If he were to face these pirates together with a group of Marine Soldiers, it would still be appropriate for Lin Tian to say that, but now he was only alone.

The pirate captain laughed and said: “Hey, little devil! At first, we wanted to let you go, but don’t blame us since you are a Marine Soldier.

Even though the captain knew that this boy was powerful and was no match for him, but he was not alone. The captain believed that this kid could not beat hundreds of people at once.


A person suddenly fell to the ground with blood in the corner of his mouth.

This person was a pirate who mimicked Lin Tian’s words earlier.

The pirates themselves don’t understand how to die.

A pirate pointed his gun at Lin Tian and said tremblingly: “This little devil, he has a Devil Fruit ability!”

The ability to secretly kill one of his friends can only be done by those who have Devil Fruit abilities with strange abilities.

Afraid that his words lowered the mentality of his other men, the captain slapped the pirate, and he fell to the ground, then he said: “Shut up, jerk! He’s just a kid who happens to have Devil Fruit abilities. What is there to be afraid of from him?”

“Whereas on our side, there are hundreds of people who are ready to cut every part of this brat’s body, even if he has Devil Fruit abilities, we have nothing to fear!”

The captain’s words succeeded in making the fear in his subordinates’ hearts slowly disappear.

Many rare and powerful Devil Fruit users in the Grand Line, even so, these pirates survived the battle against them.

In fact, they didn’t even know the method Lin Tian used to kill the pirate earlier. He could kill a pirate without making the slightest movement.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as these pirates calmed their hearts, three more pirates were falling, but it wasn’t over yet. The pirates fell one after another.

Shortly after that, there were more than a dozen pirates who fell to the ground.

Faced with this strange situation, the pirates shot the pistols in their hands towards Lin Tian with panicked eyes.

What! Boom!

Chaos ensued, screams and explosions mixed into one.

After their handguns were finished, the pirates stopped and looked at the smoke-shrouded place quietly.

At this moment, Rich was silent and slowly approached the woman who was tied up.

Before the smoke enveloping the place cleared utterly, there was a sound of steel clashing from within.

The loud voice seemed to be in tune with the pirates’ heartbeat.

“Gulp, gulp …”

The pirates swallowed the saliva in their mouths, their foreheads broke out in cold sweat, and no one wiped it with their hands. Everyone held guns in their hands tightly and looked at the smoke in front of them.

The smoke finally disappeared, the pirates could clearly see Lin Tian’s figure, and the ground in front of Lin Tian was filled with bullets that the pirates shot.

Seeing this scene, the captain did not know that this little demon had such strong strength, now he just realized that Lin Tian was not someone they could handle.

The captain’s face turned pale. He gulped hard and took a few steps forward, and said respectfully.

“Sir, sorry if we offended you too much, and we hope you will forgive us. We will leave this woman to you, so please let us go.”

Rich was about to catch the woman, and when he heard the captain’s words, he quickly retraced his steps and stood silently to the side.

Seeing Lin Tian still silent, the captain gritted his teeth and took out a large leather suitcase from the pirate’s hands behind him.

He unlocked and opened his suitcase, inside which were many piles of Belly. Seeing so many Bellys, everyone was stunned.

Lin Tian was also included. His expression immediately changed.

Unexpectedly, these pirates actually brought a large amount of money, and they were brave enough to be around.

The pirate captain gritted his teeth and said: “There is 30 million Belly in this suitcase, and I will give all of this to you. Actually, I wish I could give you more.”

This is money that this group of pirates raised over the years, and now they give it away for free, and the captain doesn’t feel bad about it for his safety.

Rather than sacrificing his life, the captain preferred to offer money. If my money is lost, they can still be found. If my life is lost, then you can’t return anything.

Lin Tian sneered and said with a serious face: “Didn’t I say before, people like you don’t deserve to live in the world.”

“Looks like you won’t let us go.” The pirate captain gritted his teeth.

“Yes, of course!” Lin Tian nodded with a smile on his face.

As the saying goes, when a dog is agitated, it will jump over walls, let alone humans, the captain shouted with a wave of his hand.

“Come on, stand with me. We’ll be able to survive if we kill this damn Marine Soldier!”

Even though the pirates were very pessimistic about fighting someone much more robust than them, this person had no intention of letting them escape, so they could only fight tooth and nail. It was the only way to survive.

Kill him!

Some of the pirates raised the swords in their hands and rushed towards Lin Tian with killing intent, while others were shooting at Lin Tian from a distance.

Even though they knew that a gun was useless against Lin Tian, ​​but that was all they could do. When people face death, they will use all means to survive, even if their efforts are entirely useless.

But just as the captain was about to join in the attack, he stopped and slowly took a step back, trying to run away.

The pirate captain realized that this kid was no match for him and his group. Even if the whole group attacked together, they would just be killed easily.

Since the beginning, this pirate captain deliberately influenced his men to attack so that he would have time to escape.

Besides, if he caught the woman and threatened Lin Tian by taking her as a hostage, then the chance of escaping he had was even higher.

Unfortunately, not only did the captain have such an awful idea, someone had already acted on it.

At this moment, there were countless little dark spots around Lin Tian. These black spots were getting bigger and bigger, slowly turning into blades. These black round blades were seven to eight centimeters long.

“Dimensional Storm!”

Following Lin Tian’s voice, this black circular blade immediately shot out, coated in a dark-cold light. This thing shot towards the pirates at high speed.

Seeing the black circular blade that had suddenly appeared, the pirates did not understand the situation yet, and a black circular blade appeared in front of them.

Stab, stab, …

Under this incursion of round blades, the pirates couldn’t react to it.

The black circular blades stuck into the pirates’ bodies, and not long after that, the black circular blades that had stuck in their bodies disappeared.

These pirates were covered with wounds all over their bodies, and blood continued to flow out, making the ground that was initially black turned bright red.

This was a merciless one-sided slaughter.

These pirates did not think that they were going to die, they remembered when they raised their swords to slaughter innocent civilians, and a scene like that now happened to them.

Neither of them would have thought this happened to themselves.

The pirates who were shooting from behind grew even more terrified when they saw this scene. In an instant, more than 80 pirates died.


A pirate put his gun away and scampered away. Soon the others followed, and finally, all the pirates dropped their weapons and fled from Lin Tian.

These pirates initially thought that they could kill Lin Tian with the ferocity that was in their hearts. However, after seeing Lin Tian’s strength, there was only fear in the hearts of these pirates.

There is no more fighting spirit to take up arms.

In the back, the captain realized that the woman and Rich were not there. He immediately understood what happened.

“It must be that bastard Richie, who ran off with that woman. I knew I should have killed that bastard earlier.” The captain thought after a while.

Just then, the pirate captain heard screams from behind him, and he found that most of his subordinates had been slaughtered.

Seeing some of his men running away, the captain was speechless, and he tried to get away from Lin Tian.

Now this pirate captain just wants to get away from this Little Devil. The captain swore that if he managed to escape, he would stop being a pirate, return to the Blue Sea, and start living in peace.

Unfortunately, the pirate captain’s wish was too impossible to fulfill.

Lin Tian moved his right hand towards the escaping pirates, and all the pirates stopped in their place. They couldn’t move at all.

“Twist off!”

Crack, crack, …

There was a terrifying sound of broken bones in the air.

Lin Tian put his hand, and all the pirates fell to the ground. Under Lin Tian’s technique just now, these pirates’ necks had been twisted, and they all died.

“Haghhh ….” Lin Tian held his knees and took a deep breath. The two techniques he had done earlier exhausted him.

After taking a breath for a moment, Lin Tian frowned and found that the woman who was tied up wasn’t there. Then he tried to take a closer look around, and he realized that something was wrong.

With a sneer, Lin Tian walked slowly and stomped on the corpse’s feet.

What !!

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