Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 87


“A white card ?!” Rich fell into his thoughts. After showing the white card, Lin Tian lifted the cage around Rich.

Lin Tian was quite confident that the pirates in front of him could not possibly escape from him.

“To be honest, I don’t know about this white card. We were at the bar. A waiter gave it to our captain. I was there at the time.”

Lin Tian felt suspicious of what he said. He couldn’t believe everything Rich said. Nobody knows if he told lies to get away from Lin Tian.

“Really? Didn’t you guys ask the maid who gave you this white card?” Lin Tian asked a question.

“Sure, we asked him at the time, but …” Rich stopped his sentence for some reason.

Seeing Rich stop suddenly, Lin Tian suddenly became curious about what happened, but Rich didn’t dare to say it.

After a long silence, Rich said reluctantly: “At that time, we ended up being beaten up by a young girl.”

Rich felt embarrassed if he had to tell about the incident. In public, hundreds of big men made trouble with a young girl, and in the end, they were all beaten by the girl and saved by another young girl.

Lin Tian didn’t really believe what he was saying. It could be that he pretended to tell you something else. Lin Tian was still sure that this pirate must be afraid of something.

However, if I stood in Rich’s perspective, I would do the same.

Rich continued: “But we weren’t the only ones who got the white card. Lots of pirates like us got it too.”

Lin Tian frowned and was deep in thought. This person behind the scenes, what made him invite so many pirates?

Did he want to gather these pirates to rob Heavenly Gold together?

Not long after, Lin Tian dispelled this idea.

All the pirates are a free group, and they act independently. There is no way they can trust each other, so what made him think about gathering so many pirates?

A person who was a little smarter wouldn’t do this, so what did he do?

Lin Tian kept thinking about it but still hadn’t found the purpose of the person behind the scenes, and there was a much bigger mystery in Lin Tian’s mind.

Since he couldn’t figure it out, Lin Tian didn’t want to think about it anymore.

“Is that all?” Lin Tian asked suspiciously.

Rich nodded twice and said straightforwardly, “Yes, nothing else.”

Lin Tian asked reluctantly: “No, don’t you know another rumor?”

Rich smiled bitterly: “Young men, you think too much. Since there is Heavenly Gold, I don’t know how many pirates have arrived on Korod Island.”

“With so many people competing, there was one person who asked for a discussion to cooperate. Who the hell he think he is? Isn’t that just bullshit?”

“And don’t you already know. With our strength like this, even if there is another story, we can’t figure it out.”

Of course, Lin Tian knew what Rich said was true, and it seemed like he had to go to the place indicated on this white card to find out.

“Don’t you care what I’m going to do to you?” Asked Lin Tian curiously as he looked at Rich with a calm face.

Rich smiled and said, “Do you still need to think about it? As a decisive person, you are free to do anything to me.”

“Yes, it is true.” Lin Tian nodded and said, “Then why did you answer my question?”

“I am a person who wants to live. Even though I know that answering your questions will not guarantee my life, I always feel good luck in my heart when I am in a situation like this. But, unfortunately, right now, I don’t feel that at all.”

Lin Tian also knew that there was no point in saying more, and he had already decided to kill him. After this conversation, Lin Tian also admired the pirate a little, so he planned to give him a painless death path.

Then, he gently raised his right hand, aimed it at Rich’s head. Lin Tian suddenly asked a question.

 Lin Tian once said this to someone.

“You have great potential, but why are you in the weak pirate group?”

Rich said meaningfully, “Actually, I want to thank you for all of this.”

“Huh?” Rich’s answer confused Lin Tian.

“Because without you, I wouldn’t have faced fear when facing death, I also hoped to become a better human, but it’s too late now.”

“Yes, it’s too late!”

Lin Tian twisted his right hand slightly, and Rich’s neck was immediately broken, and his whole body immediately softened and fell to the ground.


While facing death, he heard someone calling him. That person is the reason why Rich changed so much.

However, when he realized the path he had chosen, it was too late!


Lin Tian burned all the pirate corpses with a flat expression. No one knew what Lin Tian was thinking at this time.

Cough, cough…

The smell produced from the burning of the corpse made people uncomfortable, and the smell also awakened Ai Siqi.

Ai Siqi, who just woke up wondering where the smell came from, quickly covered her nose and looked around. She found that Lin Tian was burning the corpses.

Due to lying down for too long and the blood flow was not smooth, Ai Siqi felt tingling all over her body, and Ai Siqi, who just woke up, could not stand up.

After her strength was gathered, Ai Siqi got up and approached Lin Tian. The closer he got to Lin Tian, ​​the stench got stronger. Even though he had already covered his nose, he couldn’t block it, so Ai Siqi decided to stop covering his nose because it was useless.

“Hello?” Ai Siqi stretched out her hand to pat Lin Tian on the back.

However, before Ai Siqi patted his back, Lin Tian suddenly turned around and immediately grabbed the hand that was about to touch his back. He didn’t know who it was, and he instinctively turned around.

“Ah…!” A scream was heard.

Li Tian calmly looked and found that it was Ai Siqi, and quickly let go of her hand.

Ai Siqi rubbed her sore hands while complaining: “I kindly called you. You twisted my hand so hard.”

“Forgive me!” Lin Tian shook his head and said subconsciously.

Just now, Lin Tian was thinking about something but didn’t notice that Ai Siqi was awake. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his back. Instinctively, he fought back.

Ai Siqi patted her chest and rubbed her hand: “Well because you are old enough, you have to take responsibility.”

Seeing the lumps on her chest, Lin Tian focused his eyes on those and muttered: “I didn’t expect this young woman to have anything so attractive.”

Seeing Lin Tian not answering but just daydreaming, Ai Siqi said confusedly: “Hey, what are you looking at!”

“Cough … cough …” Lin Tian coughed to cover his embarrassment and said, “By the way, I still don’t know what your name is.”

Whereas Lin Tian had previously heard that this woman called herself Ai Siqi. He asked that only to change the subject.

When Lin Tian asked her name, the woman happily introduced herself: “My name is Ai Siqi! Oh, what’s your name?”

Lin Tian smiled faintly, “My name is Lin Tian!”

“Lin Tian ?! Quite a strange name, but also sounds good …”

“Anyway, since you are a Marine Soldier, you must be powerful. To have such strong strength at such a young age you are amazing. You can fight all these pirates yourself. You are even stronger than Mr. Teng.” Ai Siqi rubbed her chin and continued to look closely at Lin Tian.

“Stop that…” Lin Tian quickly raised his middle finger to silence her.

Lin Tian felt like he would fly if Ai Siqi continued.

“Sob, sob ….” As soon as Lin Tian finished speaking, Ai Siqi started sobbing, her eyes filled with clear tears.

“Hey … why are you crying? I haven’t even done anything to you, don’t cry yet!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian was suddenly confused and didn’t know what to do. Whether it was in his previous life or this life, Lin Tian could at least see a woman crying.

Seeing Lin Tian confused, a smile flashed across Ai Siqi’s eyes, and he continued to cry: “Don’t you blame me for talking so much, that’s why you shouted at me?”.

“No! No! Of course not”, Lin Tian waved his hand quickly: “I just felt embarrassed, and I’m not at all bothered by what you said.”

Ai Siqi still didn’t believe it and asked: “Really? You’re not angry with me.”

“Yes, I’m not mad at you at all.” Lin Tian nodded quickly in response.

“Of course, no one can be angry with me because I am an attractive girl.”

When Lin Tian looked at her again, there were no tears on her face anymore, only the smile of a happy girl.

Cheating, this is cheating! How could her expression change so fast!

After a few breaths, Lin Tian finally realized that he had been tricked. At this moment, Lin Tian realized that he was a naive and innocent person!

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