Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 89


Lin Tian and Ai Siqi were taking a walk in the middle of Korod City.

It was the afternoon, where everyone was enjoying a relaxing time after a long day of work.

The sunshine no longer stung everyone’s skin, leaving only the warmth of the afternoon and unmatched comfort.

Especially after the storm has passed, the pouring rainwater makes the air fresher, the cool sea breeze blows from the beach, refreshes everyone, and relaxes everyone.

After the rain stopped, a beautiful rainbow decorated the sky in Korod, making the city even more attractive.

All this makes people feel comfortable. They all can enjoy various life circumstances while walking on this busy road.

Everyone is grateful for the perfect blend of time, location, and people.

But Lin Tian couldn’t be happy. Since entering this city, the bad feelings in Lin Tian’s heart have become even more serious.

It was all because there were women who kept running and approached the various stalls they passed.

Since entering Korod, Lin Tian felt that Ai Siqi was possessed by Saiyans, interested and curious about everything.

I go to various stalls, and I have generous people. I bought everything I wanted.

What made Lin Tian most uncomfortable was that he carried all the purchased items in the eyes of people all over the street. He had become a special shopping chart.

Ai Siqi didn’t say much, but these merchants were very proactive with her and left the merchandise in their hands.

Even though Lin Tian didn’t want to take it, he handed it over with a smile on his face. It made him unable to balk at it.

However, seeing this beautiful figure dancing in the crowd made Lin Tian think that something was wrong.

“Hey … what the hell am I doing? I still have something to do. I can’t be a contractor here when I have time.” Lin Tian said in his heart.

Lin Tian hurriedly chased after Ai Siqi. He couldn’t let her go around alone. When Ai Siqi was shopping alone, there was a golden yellow plant being sold at a stall.

“Beautiful lady, this is a potion that is very effective in curing all diseases.”

A merchant said while holding a golden yellow plant with red fruit on it.

Ai Siqi looked at this strange plant in surprise, “Is this plant can really cure all diseases?”

The merchant patted his chest, his tone full of affirmation.

“As I said, this is a plant I got from a dangerous island, and it consumes all my wealth and energy …”

If Lin Tian were there, he would definitely admire this businessman’s lying ability. Merchants like himself competed with each other in his previous life. If this merchant is placed in his previous life, all visitors will buy all of his merchandise.

“Hmm! Hmm!”

Ai Siqi listened intently, and after the salesperson finished speaking, she waved her hand as if she was a local tyrant.

I’ll buy it!

Seeing Ai Siqi nod and buy it, the seller looks happy and doesn’t waste time preparing his merchandise.

He rubbed his hands together, “Beautiful Lady, since you have good eyes when looking at rare items, I will give you a lower price, 100,000 Belly for this plant.”

When he heard the seller’s words, Ai Siqi didn’t answer right away. Instead, she held her chin and pondered.

When the merchant saw this scene, he felt a swelling in his heart. Could it be too expensive? Shouldn’t this girl be so rich?

I just gave ten times the usual price, seeing this girl buy so many things.

“It’s beyond my expectation, and it’s so cheap. Do you have more? I’ll buy more.” Ai Siqi suddenly tapped the table and said excitedly.

When the salesperson heard this, his eyes narrowed with joy, “Yes, yes! If you need a lot, I have more.”

At that moment, a hand grabbed Ai Siqi’s arm from the side and put the strange plant back on the table.

“Don’t buy it. We have another.”

Ai Siqi quickly turned around and saw the person who spoke.

 It turned out to be Lin Tian, ​​and Ai Siqi didn’t know when he’d come to her.

“Hold on. I want to buy this medicine.” Ai Siqi said.

I want to buy medicine to treat my father’s illness.

“Don’t buy it,” Lin Tian said, “If you want medicine like this, wait and give me a hundred Belly, then I’ll bring you hundreds.”

When Lin Tian said that, resentment rose in the merchant’s heart. Seeing that someone was interfering with his business, he wanted to curse Lin Tian.

At that time, he threatened: “Sir, don’t talk nonsense about something you can’t bear.”

Seeing this situation, Ai Siqi still didn’t understand that this merchant was lying. After all, Ai Siqi was just a little nervous and started to follow Lin Tian’s words.

Ai Siqi hurriedly covered her wallet and looked at the merchant with an angry expression, hoping that this merchant was indeed lying.

The merchant did not remain silent. Seeing a large amount of money disappear from his eyes, he said with a fierce face: “Anyway, you have agreed to buy this item, now pay quickly!”

However, this merchant was blinded by fortune. He didn’t expect to find such a buyer, and this buyer was blatantly spending so much money.

“You’re cheating. We won’t buy your things,” Ai Siqi said angrily.

“Haha …” The merchant sneered, “If you don’t pay, I won’t let you go.”

As soon as the voice fell, several burly men standing near his stall approached Lin Tian and Ai Siqi.

Seeing several muscular men approaching, Ai Siqi showed a hint of uneasiness, while Lin Tian only glanced at them.

Given that Lin Tian had finished so many pirates before, he wasn’t afraid of these people, so he calmly looked at them and the merchant.

“Humph!” Lin Tian snorted coldly, “You don’t even understand what I mean, and now you are forcing us to pay for this stupid thing.”

Lin Tian suddenly waved his hand, and the merchant was immediately blown away and crashed into the stall behind.

Seeing that the person in front of them could throw people away without touching them, the muscular man stopped. They immediately knew that this person was not an opponent they could overcome.

The merchant fell to the ground, then looked at Lin Tian with a frightened expression. He thought that Lin Tian was an ordinary person, so he felt that they didn’t dare to fight blackmail.

Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him was so strong.

Everyone saw the scene at the stall, but no one dared to say anything. They are just ordinary people, so they don’t dare to talk much.

Among them, some of the merchants showed a hint of fear when they saw Lin Tian. Those people were just like this seller, using some fake items to trick Ai Siqi, and they were afraid that Lin Tian would come to them.

Lin Tian did this on purpose. Only in this way could he awaken the merchant whose eyes were covered by profit.

Then he grabbed Ai Siqi’s hand, then pulled her away.

After walking a few steps, Lin Tian suddenly turned around and looked back, his eyes shining, surveying the crowd behind him.

“What is wrong?” Ai Siqi asked in confusion when Lin Tian suddenly turned around.

“Does not matter!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Lin Tian’s mouth, but it disappeared in an instant. Turning around, he continued to pull Ai Siqi away.

Just now, Lin Tian realized a glance. There was someone who looked at him and made himself feel pressured, but Lin Tian did not feel any malice from the people who saw him when he turned around.

When I turned around, the sight disappeared. When I tried to scan it several times, I couldn’t find it.

“This person is powerful.” Lin Tian thought of the figure who was looking at him with that evil intent.

He was able to hide so that Lin Tian didn’t get any clues. This fellow’s strength was far above him.

Lin Tian did not expect that he would meet such a strong person when he arrived at Korod.

Lin Tian was more and more curious about how many powerful pirates were attracted to the Heavenly Gold in Korod.

Not long after Lin Tian left, two figures stood behind the other side of the wall.

“Boss, why are we hiding? This kid shouldn’t be a problem!”

“No,” one of the men crossed his arms. “He knew that we are watching at him. If we don’t hide, he will find out where we are.”

“But, he is only a child, and his strength is not much.”

The other man was still in disbelief, knowing that they were hundreds of meters away from this child.

How could this little devil find himself staring at him from hundreds of meters away? Even with his own strength, he couldn’t do it.

“It has nothing to do with strength. I saw something familiar from him!”

“Then, are we still kidnapping that girl?” The man asked.

“No, now that woman has guards. We can’t move, for now, let’s retreat.”

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