Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 9 Set Sail


After he saw nothing goods left on the dock, he wiped the sweat on his forehead. Lin Tian took a sigh of relief.

Since early morning, Lin Tian moved the goods for four hours, and the sun was really high now.


Lin Tian moved by using several ‘Shaves’ in succession. He arrived next to Garp from the ship in no time. Lin Tian was the only person in the entire Marine who thought of such a way to hurry up.

At that moment, Garp was talking with a very tall Vice-Admiral, and when he sensed Lin Tian’s arrival, he introduced him to the Vice-Admiral in front of him and said, “Come, Kuzan, this is my new disciple this year, Lin Tian!” Kuzan was very impressed.

After hearing that the young man in front of him was actually Garp’s disciple, Kuzan looked up to Lin Tian.

Kuzan knows very well about Vice-Admiral Garp’s strength and position in the Marine. Even though Garp was only a Vice-Admiral, his strength was equivalent to that of a Fleet Admiral, and he was the only marine soldier who can match the Fleet Admiral.

Besides, Garp was a Marine Hero, but his title in the Marine was only a Vice-Admiral.

A person like Garp, who was reluctant to do anything, has actually accepted a disciple, and from his tone, he willing to accept this child.

I thought this child was not an ordinary child, and he must have an extremely high talent to be valued by Garp.

From just now, when Lin Tian was so skilled in using ‘Shaving,’ Kuzan was interested in this kid. Now that he heard that Lin Tian was Garp’s disciple, he was even more interested in Lin Tian.

After introducing him to Kuzan, Garp also introduced him to Lin Tian.

“Stinky brat set your breath and act as you’re great every day. The one in front of you now is Vice-Admiral Kuzan, who came back from outside this time and will probably be promoted to Admiral”.

Actually, without Garp’s introduction, Lin Tian had already guessed that this was the future Marine Admiral, Kuzan.

He was a tall man, nearly three meters tall. He wore a white suit and undershirt and a dark blue shirt. A green eye patch was placed on his forehead.

He was one of the three future Admirals, and Lin Tian liked Kuzan the most. He was the kindest and most reasonable of the three Admirals, typically cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

Lin Tian stretched out his hand and introduced himself, “I’m Lin Tian, this old man’s apprentice.”

Kuzan stretched out his hand to shake it, “I’m Kuzan!”

Originally, as a Marine Captain, Lin Tian should have saluted when facing Kuzan in the middle.

But Lin Tian had a good teacher and such a powerful background that even Kuzan couldn’t underestimate him, which benefited from being a second-generation official.

When the two met for the first time, they got along well. As for Lin Tian’s attitude, Garp nodded his head secretly.

Kuzan, who was about to be promoted to Admiral, introduced himself without arrogance or impatience, and he did it so calmly.

As if the thought of something, Garp asked, “Are you going to see your teacher?

Kuzan nodded to the matter of his own promotion to Admiral. He still needed to talk to his teacher and ask his opinion.

“Then give my regards to your teacher and the fact that there are times when it is important to stay true to yourself,” said Garp meaningfully.

“The first thing I noticed was that he is not a ‘good’ teacher, but he is a ‘great’ teacher.”

At this stage of the two, it was better not to point out some things. It only took a few keywords to understand each other’s words.

After Kuzan thanked him, he turned back to a little girl in the back, said a few words to her, and left with her.

At this time, Lin Tian noticed that there was a blue-haired girl on the side. It was a pity that he didn’t get an exact look at the face, and they left.

Curiously, Lin Tian asked, “Stinky old man, is Kuzan has a teacher?”

“Nonsense, Kuzan would have grown up so fast without a teacher! His teacher is Admiral Zephyr.” Garp said in a huff.

Lin Tian thought back.

I should have been in a previous life, but there were still many chapters that I hadn’t read, and I missed them. So Kuzan has teachers. It seems that there are still some strong people inside this Marine Headquarters.

“Stinky brat, look, he is going to be an Admiral now, and you are still a Captain,” Garp deliberately aggravated his tone to hit Lin Tian.

Lin Tian deflated his mouth in disbelief and spat: “Old man, how long has he been in the Marine and how long have I been in it. Is that comparable?”.


Garp punched Lin Tian’s head, “What did I tell you earlier? What’s right is right and what’s wrong is right.”

Compared to the last year, Lin Tian was already used to Garp’s abuse. He had already trained his head to be incredibly hard, and now when Garp punched him, there was no more lump.

But Lin Tian still did not have the slightest resistance to Garp’s abuse and could only mutter helplessly, “This stinky old man will do it if he doesn’t win.”

As he watched Garp walk towards the warship, Lin Tian muttered a few words and followed him.

Lin Tian turned around and asked: “Hey, old man, are we going to the second half of the great voyage or the first half this time?”

I asked Garp yesterday, but Garp said he would have to wait until today to tell me the destination.

“At your current level, how come you still confident to go to the New World? Even if it’s the first half of the great voyage, you may not even survive it. This time, we will go to the first half. First, it just so happens that this year a lot of powerful rookie pirates appeared, quite suitable for you.”

One of the navy soldiers saluted: “Vice-Admiral Garp, everything is now ready and waiting for your orders.”

“Let’s go!”

Anchor up! Sail on!

On the faint sea breeze, the warship slowly sailed towards the open seas. As Lin Tian stood in front, a refreshing sea breeze hit his face. He looked at the sea in the distance. He revealed a hint of anticipation.

Since he was reborn into this world, he had been staying at the naval headquarters except for the sea on that pirate ship, and this was his first time going to sea. Even in his previous life, Lin Tian had never seen the open seas.

Everyone has a different state of mind when facing the sea. Looking at the blue sea and the sky, Lin Tian had an urge to vent his inner emotions.

“Grand Line, I’m coming!!!”

After hearing Lin Tian’s declaration, the marine soldiers smiled a little. Wasn’t he in the same mood when he faced the sea?

Looking at Lin Tian standing at the ship’s bow, Garp was also full of expectations for Lin Tian’s future.

As Lin Tian’s teacher, he had been his only student for so many years, and now that the student was about to the sea, Garp was also very concerned about his student’s future.

For the past year, Garp has kept Lin Tian in the Marine Headquarters, and now he has to be released.

In the Marine Headquarters, Lin Tian was like a fish that has left the sea, and now after a year of preparation, the fish has finally returned to the sea.

I want to know how far Lin Tian will go to this ‘Great Pirate Era.’

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