Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 91


“Come on, say it!”

In a quiet alley, Lin Tian, with a dark face sitting on a rock, asked. On the contrary, Ai Siqi lowered her head with a worried look.

This scene reminds me of Bau Gong, who was angry while in the hall to interrogate the prisoners.

The expressions that Zhan Zhao, Gongsun Ce, Dynasty, Ma Han, Zhang Long, Zhao Hu had been pathetic, just like Ai Siqi at this moment.

Sorry, this is a bit far, now back to the topic.

“What do you want me to say? I don’t know what to say.” Ai Siqi said in a low tone.

In Ai Siqi’s mind, if she pretended to be wronged and cried, Lin Tian would feel guilty and forget about it.

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian licked his lips with a helpless smile on his face.

No matter how you look at this situation, it seems that this ‘victim’ has become a ‘persecutor’, and this ‘victim’ will also become a ‘victim’ again.

But Lin Tian already has the experience now. Someone who has been tricked twice by the same person will have experience.

At a glance, I could tell that Ai Siqi was pretending not to understand what I was asking.

Lin tian didn’t want to do anything to Ai Siqi, but being cheated twice was too much, so she had to find a quiet place to talk about it to Ai Siqi.

Even though no one knew, Lin Tian didn’t want just to let Ai Siqi go because he was tricked twice by a woman he just met on the same day, so he had to intimidate her.

“What? You should know this better than me!” Lin Tian said with a dark face, pretending to have a deep voice.

In order to increase the momentum and scare him, Lin Tian leaked out a trace of the murderous aura.

Lin Tian himself didn’t even know the bad guy who died in his own hands. It could be imagined how strong Lin Tian was.

Even a slight trace was enough to cause a little shock to Ai Siqi.

Ai Siqi suddenly felt the temperature around her drop dramatically, and she felt a slight chill all over her body.

When she tried to look up, Ai Siqi’s whole body shook only to face Lin Tian’s sharp gaze, and she quickly avoided Lin Tian’s gaze.

At this moment, in Ai Siqi’s eyes, Lin Tian’s kind figure and emitted a warm and bright breath had disappeared. Now there is only that cold, dark breath.

While trying to see it, Ai Siqi immediately lowered her head back, not daring to look at Lin Tian.

Ai Siqi realized that Lin Tian was really angry this time. Otherwise, Lin Tian wouldn’t have looked creepy like that.

However, Ai Siqi didn’t expect that Lin Tian would be so angry and become so terrifying.

“What do you want me to say? You must ask nicely if you want to ask someone something.” Ai Siqi muttered with an unhappy expression

“Huh …” Lin Tian was silent for a while. It seemed that this was indeed a problem in itself.

After thinking about it, Lin Tian continued to scare Ai Siqi in a deep voice, “Then tell me, why do you lie about you living in Korod?”

“Huh …” Ai Siqi suddenly snorted, facing Lin Tian angrily, “I didn’t trick you. I used to live in Korod.”

At that moment, Lin Tian was stunned by Ai Siqi’s momentum, but it was only for a moment.

After recovering, Lin Tian looked at Ai Siqi with a confused expression, “If you live in Korod, then why aren’t you used to this place?”

“I do live in Korod, but I’m not that familiar with this place. I’ve lived in the house all my life and never had a chance to get out. So, of course, I don’t know Korod City. Otherwise, I wouldn’t run away from the house.”

After speaking, Ai Siqi rolled her eyes at Lin Tian ​​as if to say, “You fool, you can’t even understand such a simple truth.”

Seeing Ai Siqi hating himself, Lin Tian didn’t know what to do but make peace. Lin Tian suddenly felt that Ai Siqi was now killing him because his helmet and armour had been stripped off, and the dominating situation earlier had been destroyed instantly.

I have to do something. Otherwise, I, as a ‘victim’, will be pressed again.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Tian’s eyes lit up, and one powerful punch was sent out suddenly, “But before you said that, you were very familiar with Korod.”

Faced with Lin Tian’s ultimate move, Ai Siqi was confused about what to do, and she didn’t know how to refute it. He did say this line.

It was indeed worthy of being said to be the ultimate move, now the situation immediately changed to Lin Tian’s side, and Lin Tian’s momentum immediately rose.

As for Ai Siqi’s side, the momentum she supported was immediately shattered and at a loss.

“Really? I don’t remember saying that. Maybe you heard it wrong.”

Since she couldn’t argue, Ai Siqi responded with a murderous move. She refused to admit it. Because she was a woman, Lin Tian didn’t dare do anything to her.

As soon as this murderous move came out, Ai Siqi immediately fought back, and Lin Tian continued to attack.

Lin Tian pursed his lips, not knowing what to do. If Ai Siqi were his enemy, Lin Tian would start tormenting her so she would confess earlier, and he would finish her here.

But what I’m dealing with is a woman, and I’m just going to scare her.

“Scare you, scare you, scare…” Lin Tian’s eyes lit up, and he thought of a good idea.

“Hehehe…” Lin Tian looked at Ai Siqi with a mischievous smile on his face and slowly approached Ai Siqi one step at a time.

Seeing Lin Tian’s gesture, Ai Siqi felt a bad premonition and slowly retreated, but unfortunately, she only took a few steps back before reaching the side of the wall. There was a high wall behind her, and she couldn’t back off.

Seeing Lin Tian approaching step by step, Ai Siqi hugged her hands to her chest and asked very warily.

“Hey, Lin Tian, ​​what are you doing? Stop there.”

Lin Tian did not answer the question but instead asked: “Do you know why I brought you to this place where there are no people?”

Ai Siqi’s face changed, thinking about the worst that would happen. Her face was full of fear, and her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

Seeing Ai Siqi being so scared, Lin Tian pretended to be the guardian god of hell on the surface, but he was actually smiling in his heart.

“Don’t come here! Go away!”

With his eyes closed, Ai Siqi continued to wave and asked Lin Tian to leave.

Lin Tian accurately grasped Ai Siqi’s hand, pressed firmly against the wall, and then stuck out his tongue to her ear.

“Don’t come, don’t come. If you come again, I’ll scream.”

“Scream! Nothing will come to you, even if you break your throat, hahaha …” Lin Tian threatened with a smile in his heart.

“Ah …! Help! Help me!”

After shouting for a while, Lin Tian didn’t move at all. Ai Siqi felt very strange, stopped screaming, and slowly opened her eyes to have a look.

He found that Lin Tian was looking at him with a grin on his face.


Seeing Ai Siqi so frightened, Lin Tian finally couldn’t take it anymore. He let go of Ai Siqi’s hand and grabbed his stomach while laughing out loud.

Ai Siqi immediately realized that everything Lin Tian was doing was just to scare her. In fact, Lin Tian did not have ‘such thoughts’. Regarding what the thought was, everyone would understand.

Ai Siqi felt embarrassed after panicking and screaming.

Also, seeing Lin Tian laugh out loud, Ai Siqi was even angrier. She lifted her feet and stomped on Lin Tian’s feet very hard.

“Argh…” a shout suddenly rang out in the hallway.

Before Lin Tian could react, with a fist-like raindrop, Lin Tian hurriedly bent over and hugged his head to dodge.

“Smelly Lin Tian! Bad Lin Tian! Lin Tian just die! You dare to scare me. I’ll kill you.”

At first, I felt a little guilty for scaring Ai Siqi like that. It didn’t matter if she beat me to the point. After all, her blows didn’t have much strength and didn’t cause any injuries.

Ai Siqi continued to beat him without the feeling of stopping.

Lin Tian immediately grabbed Ai Siqi’s hand, “Hey! Never mind, stop hitting because you lied to me. I wanted to scare you, so now we are on a draw.”

“No, no, you are overdoing it. You still have to pay for it.” Ai Siqi continued to struggle with her hands.

At this time, Lin Tian suddenly heard a cracking sound coming from the alley, and it rushed towards him.

Lin Tian quickly pushed Ai Siqi away.

The sound of rushing through the sky very quickly, like a storm, Lin Tian was not yet fully prepared to block it.

In an instant, a fist appeared in front of him and hit him, and even the air shook under the fist, forming a fist patterned shock wave around the centre of the fist.


A loud explosion rang out from thin air, and a strong airwave disappeared around. This blow blew up the air, and this blow was terrifying.

Lin Tian, ​​who flew away, only this sentence was in his mind, “This person is strong, so strong.”


Another loud sound came. Lin Tian slammed against the wall, knocking down the entire wall and leaving a huge hole.


Lin Tian, ​​who was slumped against the wall, opened his mouth and vomited blood.

After wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Lin Tian looked forward. There was already another figure standing in front of him.

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