Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 93


That voice sounded like thunder next to their ears! 

This voice came from Ai Siqi’s mouth. Before Ai Siqi could react to what happened, she saw Lin Tian fighting with a man.

When Ai Siqi saw the man’s face, she was shocked and wanted to escape secretly. But noticing that Lin Tian was not at the man’s level, she was afraid that Lin Tian might get hurt. She dared not go. She was caught in a dilemma. She could only stand by the side, feeling at a loss and not knowing what to do. 

When Lin Tian was about to be killed by a man, Ai Siqi hurriedly shouted.

If the man didn’t hear it and had not stopped, the long sword would have pierce Lin Tian… If he was stabbed this time, Lin Tian would have definitely died. Even Great Principle Celestial Immortal would find it difficult to save him and of course, there was no Great Principle Celestial Immortal near here.

Seeing that the man did not stop, Ai Siqi rushed over and shouted. 



The long sword touched the bluestone floor, making a crisp sound. 

Seeing this scene, Ai Siqi raised her throat and a tear came out of her eyes, sliding down her white and flawless face.

At this moment, Ai Siqi regretted very much in her heart.

If only she just followed Lin Tian, Lin Tian would not have been misunderstood by the man.

Lin Tian would not have been on the verge of dying. 


Lin Tian was lying on the ground, feeling the murderous intent above his head. He naturally closed his eyes as a trace of self-deprecation appeared on his face.

‘I didn’t expect that after being reborn in this world, I would be killed so soon. I would have listened to the old man if I knew this was gonna happen. I didn’t expect there to be such a powerful person in Korod.’

After waiting for a few breaths, Lin Tian found that he didn’t feel any pain in his body. Lin Tian felt very strange. He didn’t expect the feeling of death to be like this.

‘It’s not that I haven’t experienced it before, so how can there be no pain?’

He opened my eyes and saw that a long sword glowing with a cold glow appeared in his eyes. The sharp blade was close to his face and he could clearly feel the cold chill. 

Realizing that he was not dead, Lin Tian immediately felt grateful.

After all, no one in this world wanted to die.

‘Moreover, this world has many wonderful things and I haven’t experienced it all. How could I die now?’

At the same time, he felts something was amiss. He clearly felt that this man moved with killing intent so why didn’t he kill him?


On the side, Ai Siqi saw this scene. She felt a bit relaxed. With a joyful smile on her face, she wiped away the tears from her face and rushed towards the man.

Lin Tian saw Ai Siqi rushing over, thinking that she was trying to save him. He quickly said, “Ai Siqi, go. This man is very….”

Before he could finish speaking, Lin Tian was speechless by the scene before him. 

Ai Siqi directly hugged the man’s hand and said with joy, “Uncle Teng, I was almost scared to death just now. I thought you would really do it.” 

Seeing Ai Siqi, the killing intent and anger on the man disappeared thoroughly, and he touched Ai Siqi’s head with a doting face.

“Uncle Teng didn’t listen to what you say. When you get angry, then you have to punish Uncle Teng.”


Ai Siqi pursed her mouth and said with dissatisfaction, “Not everyone is as terrible as you think!”

‘Oh! I see!’

Lin Tian understood in an instant that he was worried for nothing. They knew each other, and it seemed like a very good relationship.

No wonder that this man named Uncle Teng punched him as soon as he met him and exploded with strong killing intent towards Lin Tian.

“What are you talking about? He’s a ‘Marine scum’. He did that kind of thing, and he still doesn’t want to admit it.”

It seemed that after seeing the scene where Lin Tian scared Ai Siqi, Uncle Teng misunderstood the situation so he came up to Lin Tian to kill him.

Lin Tian wanted to clarify what happened, but Uncle Teng didn’t want to listen.

“Okay, so let’s talk about what happened just now…” Uncle Teng pointed to Lin Tian and said, “This smelly brat- you want me to let him go?”

Hearing Uncle Teng’s inquiry, there was a trace of embarrassment on Lin Tian and Ai Siqi’s face. The two of them were just cracking a joke, but the joke was a little bit awkward. Especially Ai Siqi’s face was extremely red. Thinking of the previous scene and the scene where she kept yelling, Ai Siqi felt extremely ashamed. It was really shameful.


Ai Siqi lightly glanced at Lin Tian and then immediately retracted her gaze.

Seeing the change in Ai Siqi’s face, Uncle Teng thought he was too late. And suddenly, anger came from his chest. The thought that this Marine scum actually tainted the Young Lady broke Uncle Teng’s heart.

How should I explain this to Master?’

Uncle Teng angrily said, “Could it be that this little demon has already done that to you? I’ll kill him now.”

A powerful killing intent erupted from Uncle Teng’s body. He angrily lifted his right hand and was about to shoot Lin Tian on the head.

Qi grabbed Uncle Teng’s hand, “Uncle Teng, what are you talking about?!”

“Didn’t he..? The thing that this little demon did to you. What do you mean that you don’t know what it is?” Uncle Teng said in a puzzled way.

“In what way are you talking about, Uncle Teng?”

Now it’s Ai Siqi’s turn to get confused. Each sentence was becoming more and more unclear.

The only person who realized everything was Lin Tian. Hearing these two people’s conversation, he smiled bitterly. Seeing that the two people were getting more and more confused, Lin Tian realized he should come out to explain. Otherwise, things will get worse, and even he will not be able to explain clearly.

Moreover, this was also related to the innocence of two people! Lin Tian can’t stay silent anymore!

“Can you let me say something?” Lin Tian raised his hand and whispered.


Ai Siqi and Uncle Teng turned their heads at the same time and said to Lin Tian.

Uncle Teng wanted to know what happened, and Ai Siqi wanted Lin Tian to explain to Uncle Teng quickly.

Although they had different motives, they both had the same idea. That was to let Lin Tian explain.

Lin Tian said, “Uhh- all this is just a misunderstanding. In fact, nothing happened to the two of us.”

“Misunderstanding? What a bullshit!”

Uncle Teng obviously didn’t believe Lin Tian’s words. He heard those voices from before very clearly. He also saw the little demon with his own eyes, grabbing the Young Lady’s hand. How could it not happen?

Uncle Teng looked away, looked at Ai Siqi, and asked if what Lin Tian said was right.

Ai Siqi thought for a while and finally nodded lightly. Lin Tian really just scared her and didn’t do anything else.

Seeing Ai Siqi nodded, Uncle Teng still didn’t believe it.

“What the hell is going on?! What happened to you two earlier?”

Uncle Teng still didn’t understand. If nothing happened between these two, then why did the Young Lady shout like that? And why did this smelly little demon grab Young Lady’s hand?

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Lin Tian’s face. Lin Tian was embarrassed to say that kind of thing, which was very embarrassing. But in the current situation, it wouldn’t work.

So, Lin Tian explained how he met Ai Siqi, defeat those pirates and saved Ai Siqi… finding out that Ai Siqi lied to him he, in return, he deliberately did that to scare her.

After listening to Lin Tian’s explanation, the corners of Uncle Teng’s mouth were unnaturally twitched.

‘So… just now, it was just you two cracking jokes?’

‘You two young people really know how to screw around!’

But knowing that some pirates almost caught Young Lady, Uncle Teng became very nervous. If the Young Lady didn’t meet this little demon, it would bode really poorly rather than well this time.

At that time, even if you kill every pirate, nothing could have been changed.

“Those pirates are really… damn! I will send someone to catch them all when I go back.”

Lin Tian smiled slightly, “No need. I’ve dealt with all of it.” 

A hint of appreciation flashed in Uncle Teng’s eyes. Uncle Teng was also a decisive person. Lin Tian’s approach was indeed very… interesting for Uncle Teng.

Uncle Teng remembered that he still didn’t know the name of this little demon, so he asked. “By the way, little demon, what’s your name? Why haven’t I heard of you in the Marine?”

“Lin Tian, a Marine.”

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