Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 94


“Lin Tian?”

“Lin Tian?”

Uncle Teng found that name quite familiar. He seemed to have heard it many times but he just couldn’t put his finger on it so he murmured the name to himself repeatedly.

“Oh! That’s right!” Uncle Teng suddenly remembered, “You are the Lin Tian that the Marine had been promoted last year.” 

Lin Tian was not surprised that Uncle Teng had heard of his name. The whole world already knew his name.

“Lin Tian, are you famous? How come I haven’t heard of you at all?” Ai Siqi interrupted. 

“Of course, you’ve never heard of him. You never read the newspaper. It’d actually be stranger for Young Lady to know.” teased Uncle Teng. 

As Uncle Teng said, Ai Siqi became a bit sorry immediately. She really didn’t care about the newspaper. 

Uncle Teng said, “I was still wondering about how such a powerful young man suddenly appeared in Marine.”

To tell the truth, Uncle Teng always felt that Lin Tian was just bragging on purpose by the Marine. But when he saw Lin Tian today, he found that the Marine headquarters hadn’t really boasted without proof this time. 

“Uncle Teng, listening to you, it seems that you’re very familiar with the Marine. Where you in the Marine back then?” Lin Tian asked puzzledly, touching his head. 

If Uncle Teng had been in the Marine before, he should have had a high position in the Marine with his strength but Lin Tian had never heard of Uncle Teng. 

“No,” Uncle Teng shook his head, “It’s just our Master’s business. We have business with the Marine.”

Hearing Uncle Teng’s explanation, Lin Tian suddenly realized.

‘So, Ai Siqi’s father is doing business with the Marines… No wonder she is so rich.’

However, Lin Tian still didn’t know what business Ai Siqi’s father did with the Marine. 

Ai Siqi bit her finger and looked puzzled. “Father? Why does he have business with the Marine? How come I don’t know?”

“That- just leave it alone.” Uncle Teng said solemnly, “You should think about how to explain this to Master.” 

Ai Siqi’s face immediately turned white. This time she escaped secretly. Her father will definitely be furious and she would be locked up for a few days.

“Do you know how worried Master is when you escaped this time? Master sent everyone out, searched for you in a Korod City and secretly put out an extremely high bounty reward.”

Uncle Teng knocked Ai Siqi on the head and rebuked her, but his tone was still full of worry. 

Lin Tian asked, “Uncle Teng, how did you find us? I didn’t find anyone following us.”

“Throughout the entire Korod City, we have our staff on every street. So as soon as you enter Korod City, we have pretty much already found you. It’s really nothing. I didn’t understand the situation at the time, so I didn’t follow you but, in fact, you have been in our sights and we were just waiting for me to rush over.”

Lin Tian couldn’t help but suck a breath of cold air. Although Uncle Teng said it was easy, Lin Tian knew how difficult it was to do those things.

It is very difficult to mobilize so many people. Not to mention, Korod City is so big and there are so many people on every street. 

But Ai Siqi’s father managed to gather that many people in a short amount of time. One could imagine how much influence Ai Siqi’s father has. 

Seeing Lin Tian and Uncle Teng talking, Ai Siqi’s eyes rolled. She was ready to slip away slowly. However, Ai Siqi didn’t know that with the strength of Uncle Teng and Lin Tian, they had already discovered her movements when she was about to escape. 

Seeing the alley close at hand, Ai Siqi had a smile of joy on her face. 


“Stop the Young Lady.”

Uncle Teng just finished speaking, and immediately in the shadow of the corner of the alley, four black-clothed silhouettes came out and stopped at the alley. 

Seeing these four silhouettes suddenly appeared, Lin Tian’s eyes tightened and a look of shock appeared on his face. 

After talking with Uncle Teng for so long, he didn’t realize that these four people were there at all… He didn’t even notice when they came, whether they arrived at the same time as Uncle Teng, after Uncle Teng arrived or was here from the beginning. Lin Tian didn’t know at all. 

Despite Lin Tian’s strength, the enemies were right in front of his eyes but he didn’t notice anything unusual at all. What a superb concealing technique.

Seeing them, Lin Tian understood that these four people are extremely powerful assassins, as only assassins could have such superb concealment techniques.

He couldn’t help but think that he would not even know how to die if they came to assassinate him. But fortunately, they were not his enemies. 

Lin Tian became more curious about Ai Siqi’s father. Not only was there such a powerful expert like Uncle Teng but there were also four equally powerful assassins. 

‘Who is Ai Siqi’s father?’

‘Although now I know that Ai Siqi’s father has business with the Marine, there are too many businessmen doing business with the Marine, so I’m not sure if I’ve seen him before.’

Seeing these four people appearing, Ai Siqi knew that she could not run. They were Ai Siqi’s father’s personal guards.

Ai Siqi made a bitter face, turned back obediently, and kept muttering in her mouth. “Smelly father! Bad father! You even sent these four people out. Now I can’t escape…”

“Uncle Teng!” Ai Siqi shook Uncle Teng’s arm vigorously, “Will you let me go? I haven’t walked enough yet. Let me take a look around again.” 

Uncle Teng grabbed Ai Siqi’s hand and said, “Don’t shake me. If you shake my old bones, you’ll break it.”

Uncle Teng glanced at the four black-clothed persons who were standing there. “It’s not that I won’t let you go, but a few of them received an order from Master to take you back. You also know that with them can I let you go?” 

Ai Siqi let go of Uncle Teng’s hand. Her mouth was raised. She, of course, understood that Uncle Teng was right.

Suddenly, Ai Siqi saw Lin Tian, and a smile was shown on her face. 

“Lin Tian, come with us! I’ll show you my house. My house is very beautiful.” Ai Siqi said. 

Lin Tian immediately shook his head, “I’m not going.” 

Ai Siqi just wanted to play with him but he still had things to do. And seeing so many experts, Lin Tian felt that Ai Siqi’s house would be too terrifying. He might not be able to come out after entering.

Uncle Teng also opened his mouth and said, “Yes, Lin Tian, you can indeed go. I think our Master would want to know about you. He will definitely welcome you very much.” 

Ai Siqi shook Lin Tian’s hand and echoed, “Yes, Lin Tian! Let’s go.” 

Feeling the softness of the two big white rabbits that kept rubbing on his arm, Lin Tian almost agreed. But how firm was Lin Tian’s will? How could he be tempted by this trifling beauty?

“Uncle Teng, it’s not that I don’t want to go, but I have something to do today. I need to go to a place.” Lin Tian apologized. 

Seeing that Lin Tian didn’t seem to be telling lies, Uncle Teng nodded. “Oh! Since that’s the case, then I won’t force you. However, if you are not familiar with Korod City, I can take you where you want to go.”

Lin Tian looked happy, “Really? Thank you, Uncle Teng.”

‘I was thinking that just now… Since I’m not familiar with this place, I’m afraid I would have to ask around again to find that prosperous hotel. And now it’s getting dark. Finding it by myself will definitely waste a lot of time, and I’ll probably miss it. Now that Uncle Teng is willing to help, I feel more at ease.’

Ai Siqi looked upset. She finally met Lin Tian, a friend. But now, he was leaving before playing for a day.

“Where are you looking for?” Uncle Teng asked with a smile. 

“The Peak Hotel.”

“What?” Ai Siqi and Uncle Teng asked in surprise. 


Immediately after Ai Siqi yelled out of joy, Uncle Teng had a strange smile on his face.

Lin Tian asked, feeling puzzled, “Is there any problem?”

“Lin Tian, it seems that we are very destined. We’re going together. The place we’re about to go is also there.” 


Now, it is Lin Tian’s turn to exclaim, “This… that… isn’t that such a coincidence.” 

Uncle Teng was also very surprised. If he didn’t know Lin Tian, Uncle Teng would really think that Lin Tian said this on purpose and thought Lin Tian had an ulterior motive.

The happy Ai Siqi grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and ran towards the alley while pulling Lin Tian. “Let’s go, Lin Tian!”

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