Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 95


“By the way, I don’t know the way.” Ai Siqi reacted when she looked at the fork in the road. 



Lin Tian immediately fell down comedically.

“Hey, you two slow down.” Uncle Teng, who was chasing them, yelled from behind. 

The other four black-clothed persons were invisible but Lin Tian knew that they must be hiding in a dark corner, observing everything.

Ai Siqi complained. “Uncle Teng, why are you so slow? Hurry up!”

Uncle Teng showed a bitter smile on his face.

You looked unwilling before. Now you’re even more anxious and excited than me.’


His figure flashed and Uncle Teng appeared beside Ai Siqi.

Ai Siqi pushed Uncle Teng forward. “Quick! Quick! Lead the way. I don’t know where it is.”

“Okay! Okay! Stop pushing me.”

Uncle Teng turned his head and looked at Ai Siqi, who kept her head down and put her hands on her waist.

Uncle Teng chose the road on the left and led the way forward. 

Seeing the road that Uncle Teng had chosen, Ai Siqi grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and passed Uncle Teng who was leading the way in front. She pulled Lin Tian and walked forward. 

Uncle Teng shook his head and smiled. His pace quickened a little and he followed closely behind them. 


Not long after, Lin Tian, whom Ai Siqi kept pulling, came to a bustling commercial street.

“Finally! It’s here.”

Wiping the sweat on her forehead, Ai Siqi gasped slightly.

And Lin Tian, looking at the building in front of him felt horrified.

This building was different from the tall buildings in Lin Tian’s mind. This building looked like a huge squashed sphere. 

In his view, this building was similar to a UFO in his previous life.

Lin Tian was wondered whether the person who designed this building was also reincarnated like himself. 

However, the building is not actually so big. According to Lin Tian’s visual inspection, the building is hundreds of meters high and probably just as wide. Lin Tian couldn’t determine that as it is too big.

‘…And such a big building stands in the center of this busy commercial street, no! It’s more like this busy commercial street is built around this huge building.’

This circular building is surrounded by the large circle that is the busy commercial street.

‘How awesome is this Ai Siqi’s father? How much money would it cost to build such a building?’


“How is it, Lin Tian? Isn’t my house big?” Ai Siqi waved her hands and said happily. 

“Wait a minute,” Lin Tian seemed to have heard it wrong, “You said, this is your home?”

“Well, yes.” Ai Siqi nodded. 

“This is your home?!”


Hehe… such a big building is actually your home.”

Lin Tian was immediately scared to death. If it weren’t for holding on to a railing, Lin Tian would have fallen to the ground.

Who knows how many people lived here and who would know how much space is actually lived in by people, considering that this building is hundreds of meters high?

Even if you have money, you can’t show off like this. This really made everyone feel like a poor person.

“Hey!” Lin Tian pursed his lips and asked, “Ai Siqi, since your house is so big, does that mean that many people live here?”

Ai Siqi tilted her head and thought for a while.

“No, the ones on the top are my home. Below are some selling, eating, lodging stuff. There are too many things here anyway.”

When he heard Ai Siqi say this, he relaxed a little. It turns out that most of them are for selling things, which is acceptable.

At this moment, Lin Tian remembered his purpose for coming here. He scanned his surroundings but he couldn’t see the place he was looking for, so he asked aloud. 

“But, why haven’t I see the Peak? Where is the Peak?”

Uncle Teng came from behind and explained with a smile, “The Peak is right in front of you.” 

Lin Tian pointed to the building in front of him, turned around, and asked, “Uncle Teng, you mean, this is it?” 

Suddenly, Lin Tian smelled a bloody smell on Uncle Teng’s body and a closer look revealed that some of the clothes on Uncle Teng’s body were broken. 

Seeing this, Lin Tian understood that Uncle Teng experienced a big battle right after he left to find Ai Siqi. Although Lin Tian found out, he didn’t say anything.

Uncle Teng nodded and replied, “Yes, this is the Peak.”

“But, huh? Where’s the sign? Where’s the word Peak*?” Lin Tian touched his head and asked suspiciously.

((*TL note: 鼎盛 dǐng shèng=flourishing; at its Peak; a golden age.

 The name of the building(Peak) can also mean prosperity.))

“Can you not tell just from seeing the building*?” Ai Siqi interjected. “Aiya, stop talking. Let’s go in first.” 

Before Lin Tian could say anything, Ai Siqi grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and ran towards the building. 


The Peak is hundreds of meters high, so its gate is also extraordinarily high. It is ten meters wide and six meters wide. The shocking thing is that this door is actually golden yellow all over. This open door is actually made of gold. Just the golden-yellow rays of light are enough to blind your 34k titanium alloy dog eyes**.

((**TL note: This expression describes something that’s extremely mind-blowing, mind-boggling, or shocking. I will change it to mind-boggling or mind-blowing next time.))

No matter how many times you have come to the Peak, you will stop in front of this gate. All this gold is truly dazzling.

‘A gate that is ten meters high and six meters wide….’

‘Who knows how much gold needed to be used? Dozens of tons, hundreds of tons? No matter how much it is, this is a scene that will make anyone greedy.’


At this time, there were two rows of black suit bodyguards at the door as if some distinguished guests are coming.

There was a lot of staff in work clothes nearby, directing the crowd to enter other gates. A building of this size, no wonder it would have many entrances.

Unfortunately, right now, a crowd is gathered at the gate. They were expecting some sort of a great person coming here because the Peak cleared the door and the Peak’s manager had come out to greet the person. The nearby people were very curious, so over time, more and more people joined the crowd here. 

The Peak had to mobilize a large number of staff to maintain the discipline of the scene so that nothing terrible would happen.

“Manager, there are more and more people now. I’m afraid there will be some chaos.” A man in a suit whispered to the manager. 

Seeing so many people, the manager also frowned. With so many people, there would inevitably be some unruly people.

After weighing it up, the manager said firmly, “Call out the guards and pay attention to everything. If anyone does something bad, kill them on the spot.” 

“That- there is no need to dispatch guards, and…”

But the man in the suit knew that the guards were all elites hired from the army by the boss. Although there were a lot of them, each of them was very powerful. 

The manager waved and interrupted and said in a deep voice, “Stop talking. Hurry up and give orders.” 

“Yes!” The man in the suit replied in a low voice and hurriedly ran inside.

The man in the suit didn’t know who this Young Lady was, but the manager knew very well that the Young Lady is the Master’s heart and soul.

‘The disappearance of Young Lady this time made Master very angry and many people lost their lives.’

‘Moreover, the disappearance of the Young Lady this time has aggravated the stormy atmosphere of Korod. Who knows how many people are currently staring at Master, especially with Young Lady’s disappearance, which aroused the interest of many forces. All these forces want to seize Young Lady to threaten Master….’

‘It can be said that the entire Korod, whether in the light or the dark, is turbulent. Now that the Young Lady is returning, it is inevitable that those people will not give up and will take action at this last moment. I don’t need to worry with Uncle Teng there but you can never be too careful. If something bad happens next, Master will go mad. Even if I have nine lives, it wouldn’t be enough to calm him.’

“Manager, everything is done as you ordered.” The man in the suit who finished the matter also returned.

Seeing the guards hidden in the crowd, the manager nodded slightly. With these powerful guards around, he could feel more at ease. 


At this time, Lin Tian and Ai Siqi appeared in front of everyone. 

Seeing that the Young Lady was safe and sound, the manager immediately relaxed. But after seeing Lin Tian, who the Young Lady was pulling around, the manager felt shocked.

“Who’s that kid? And he’s held by the Young Lady- Someone tell me, what the hell is going on….”


Lin Tian, who was walking with Ai Siqi, looked at this massive crowd with a trace of alertness on his face because Lin Tian could feel numerous killing intents. Although it was very light, the keen Lin Tian discovered them.

These murderous auras were not directed at him but at Ai Siqi in front…

Lin Tian put a little force on his hand and pulled Ai Siqi, who was trotting. 

Held by Lin Tian, Ai Siqi turned around. She looked at Lin Tian with a puzzled expression. “Lin Tian, why did you suddenly hold me? Is something wrong?”

“Nothing… You’re just walking a bit too fast. Let’s go a little slower.”

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