Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 96


Trot, trot…

Although Ai Siqi didn’t understand why Lin Tian said that, she still obeyed Lin Tian’s suggestion and dragged Lin Tian forwards step by step.


“These two are obviously children. How could the Peak greet them with such a grand ceremony?” 

A local resident explained, “You just don’t understand. That little girl is Eldest Miss of the Peak and the entire Peak belongs to her family.” 

Whooh! I didn’t expect that this girl is actually the prosperous Eldest Miss. It’s no wonder this is such a big show.”

“She is the Peak’s boss’s one and only daughter. In the future, all his property might belong to her.” 

A few tourists who heard what this man said looked at Ai Siqi with a different look.

‘If anyone married this girl, wouldn’t that person own all that wealth?’

Hm? That boy over there, is he the Young Master of the Peak?”

“No, I’ve never heard of a Young Master in the Peak.”


Lin Tian, who was very perceptive, naturally could hear the conversations of those people but Lin Tian didn’t take these conversations to heart. He was too busy to care about those conversations.

Right now, Lin Tian was on guard against those murderous auras.

As Ai Siqi got closer to the Peak, these murderous auras grew heavier. However, these people had good hiding skills. Lin Tian could only feel the murderous auras but not their specific location.

Even Ai Siqi was irritated. She felt something was wrong and asked in a low voice, “Lin Tian, did something happen?” 

Lin Tian gripped Ai Siqi’s small silky hand tightly and smiled, “It’s nothing. I just want to take a good look at this building.” 

As for someone wanting to kill her, Lin Tian thinks it’s better not to tell Ai Siqi.

Some things are better off not known.

“Well, since Lin Tian wants to see, we can go slower.” 

Feeling Lin Tian’s warm hands, Ai Siqi’s cheeks warmed as she blushed and she said it so quietly so that Lin Tian didn’t hear it at all.


However, above the Peak, a man dressed in casual clothes with some white hair but very energetic stared at everything below.

Seeing Ai Siqi below, a warm and understanding smile appeared on the man’s face.


Feeling that another murderous aura disappeared, a smile appeared on Lin Tian’s face.

‘This was the fourth disappearance of the murderous auras and Uncle Teng did all this.’

Lin Tian found that Uncle Teng had suddenly disappeared and then a murderous aura disappeared. Lin Tian knew that it was Uncle Teng who started to act. 

After walking a few steps, Lin Tian suddenly felt a very strong murderous aura to his right. 

It seemed that this assassin also found out that the other assassins were killed, knowing that there might not be a chance anymore if he didn’t make a move immediately.

Although he discovered the crisis, it was difficult to tell where the specific attack came from with his perception but this did not mean that Lin Tian was helpless.

“Observation Haki*! Activate!”

((*TL note: Observation Haki. Official English Name: Color of Observation Haki (Viz); Observation Haki (FUNimation). Kenbunshoku Haki is a form of Haki that grants the user a sixth sense that allows them to sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others, as well as gain limited precognitive abilities.))

As soon as Lin Tian activated his Observation Haki, Lin Tian’s perception was increased several times and he instantly discovered where the attack was coming from. 

Last year, ever since Lin Tian saw the battle between Rayleigh and Garp on Sexon Island and their usage of Haki, Lin Tian immediately became determined to learn Haki thoroughly.

After saying goodbye to Sexon, Lin Tian begged the smelly old man to teach him Haki. Originally, Garp had prepared a period of time to taught Lin Tian Haki, but since Lin Tian proposed it, Garp decided to teach Lin Tian the Haki earlier than planned. Over the past year, he was a teacher who knew Haki very well to a Lin Tian who worked hard and had extremely strong innate talent. 

Lin Tian had reached initial mastery Haki!

Lin Tian’s right hand stretched out calmly to the right side of Ai Siqi, like a Buddha. When Lin Tian retracted his right hand, Lin Tian’s hand was trembling slightly. There was an extremely thin needle glowing with a cold light in between Lin Tian’s fingers.

This kind of fine needle is quite unique. It is difficult to see it with the naked eye, even under the sun. Lin Tian would not be able to find it without Haki.

Since Observation Haki was still turned on, Lin Tian thought that it was worth discovering its user. There was also a hint of light green on the thin needle, which was obviously highly poisonous.

It seemed that these assassins acted with the idea of killing Ai Siqi.

The assassin who launched this thin needle must be an expert since Lin Tian’s hands were still shaking, showing its extremely powerful force. Lin Tian almost couldn’t hold it back. 

However, even though this assassin was strong, he was not Uncle Teng’s opponent. 

Among the crowd, Uncle Teng had knocked out the assassin and several members of the guards started taking the assassin away. 

Seeing Lin Tian looking his way, Uncle Teng gave Lin Tian a thumb up. 

The scene just now scared Uncle Teng half to death. Uncle Teng did not expect that the killer to shoot a poisoned silver needle at the last moment. At that time, Uncle Teng wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Fortunately, Lin Tian blocked it in time. 

With Lin Tian protecting her by the side, Uncle Teng and some guards could continue to clear the crowd.

Although there were several crises, they were all finally resolved. Of course, Ai Siqi didn’t know that there were several life and death crises within the period of time she spent had walked a couple of dozen of steps. 

Feeling the disappearance of the murderous intent, Lin Tian not only did not show a smile but the vigilance on his face became more serious. Because Lin Tian realized that the sense of crisis in his heart had not dissipated at all, instead it became stronger, indicating that assassins were still hiding in the crowd but they were hiding too deeply. 

Lin Tian relaxed a little when seeing the guards in front of him. As long as he entered this building, these assassins would voluntarily retreat.


But at that time, several silhouettes rushed out from the crowd and then gunfire rang out. 



Seeing these people come out, Lin Tian didn’t panic at all. Lin Tian had long expected this as it was their last chance to assassinate. 

If these assassins don’t want their mission to fail then they have to seize this final opportunity to take action. 

An invisible space shield appeared beside Lin Tian and Ai Siqi, blocking all of the bullets. 

“Not good! The kid isn’t simple! Withdraw!”

These final assassins were all people with extremely rich experiences and their eyes shone with a vicious light. They could all tell that Lin Tian was not an easy opponent. 

If a single blow fails, you must retreat immediately. This is the first law of an assassin’s. 

But how could Lin Tian do as they wished? Now that they have come out, how could Lin Tian not make use of the chance?


The assassins, in midair, who were just about to retreat, felt an unknown force imprisoning their bodies. These assassins were all-powerful people and they managed to break Lin Tian’s Space Imprisonment through sheer force.

Lin Tian wasn’t surprised because, to begin with, Lin Tian didn’t think he could keep these people in check. The reason for that was to delay them so Uncle Teng could wipe them out. 

Uncle Teng, who was in the crowd, appeared above these assassins in a flash. Lifting his right hand slightly and he suddenly pressed down. 

Feeling someone appearing above them, these assassins’ complexions changed drastically. They were just about to escape before a powerful force pressed from above, it was as if they were carrying billions of kilograms of heavy objects on their backs.


These assassins fell from the sky and slammed into the ground, making several loud noises. 

These loud noises also awakened the shocked crowd nearby.

Immediately, countless screams rang out and everyone in the audience fled in all directions.

When the manager at the door saw this scene, his heart shook. He quickly waved his hand and beckon everyone to follow him, led them to push away the crowd and ran towards the Young Lady.

He cursed secretly in his heart.

These killer bastards! How dare they make trouble here! Don’t let me catch you or else I will hang you bastards alive.’


At the same time, Uncle Teng, who solved these assassins in midair, looked at the chaotic crowd in front of him and his expression changed.

There were still some assassins that have not been dealt with. Now that the scene was so chaotic, the remaining assassins will certainly not let go of this opportunity.

But Lin Tian and Young Lady were laying low. Since there were so many people, they lost track of where they were. Find two teenagers among so many people was comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.

Lin Tian looked at the crowd. He quickly took the frightened Ai Siqi into his arms with one hand. He comforted, “Don’t worry. No one can hurt you with me here.” 

For some reason, after hearing Lin Tian’s comforting words, Ai Siqi’s heart also slowly calmed down as she tightly curled into Lin Tian’s arms. 

Suddenly, a long sharp sword appeared from the side! 

‘The first one is here!’

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