Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 98


The man in the suit picked his moment really well.

With everyone was currently gathering around Ai Siqi, it can be said that Ai Siqi is absolutely safe now and no one would think that someone would dare to assassinate her at this point so everyone’s vigilance was lowered.

Even Uncle Teng, Lin Tian, the man in the building and Young Master beside him… All of these powerful experts never thought that there would be an assassin so close to Ai Siqi. 

When the man in the suit took action Ai Siqi, Lin Tian, and Uncle Teng were all taken aback by this scene.

The man was already close to Ai Siqi which is further compounded by Ai Siqi stepping forward to speak, the distance was negligible.

The man in the suit was also a powerful expert. He could shorten this distance instantaneously.

By the time everyone reacted, the dagger in the man in the suit’s hands was already a few centimeters away from Ai Siqi. Even with Uncle Teng, who was the nearest to Ai Siqi at this point had no time to make a move.

In an instant, everyone looked at this scene with their own thoughts.

Manager: “I’m dead. The angry Master will definitely not let me go because this person was supposed to be under my command.” 

Young Master: “Now, this is a good show. This girl is finally dead. Who knows what he’ll do when he’s furious? This world will be caught in a shit storm because of this girl’s death.”

The man in the building: “NO! Daughter, you must not die! If you die, how can I face your mother?! If my daughter dies, I want everyone behind this matter to be buried with me!”

Uncle Teng: “No! No! You bastard! Young Lady, you can’t die!”

Lin Tian: “Damn, I didn’t expect this person to actually be an assassin. Ai Siqi, you have to live!”

In the sky, a big white cloud also appeared suddenly, covering the sun, and the entire Korod was plunged into a shadow. 


Although Lin Tian and Uncle Teng tried their best to make a move, it was still too late, just a split second behind. Uncle Teng’s hand was only a few centimeters away from the man in the suit! 

‘A little… a little… just a little faster, just a little!’

Unfortunately, that tiny distance was like an uncrossable gulf and the dagger pierced into Ai Siqi’s neck.

At this moment, the world stopped turning for a brief moment. Everything stopped moving. This matter would determine the fate of the world! 


A strange sound rang out. Just as it was about to reach Ai Siqi’s neck, the poisonous dagger was blocked by something unknown.

Feeling the obstruction, the man in the suit’s expression of joy turned into horror in an instant. The strength in his hand quickly increased. He wanted to pierce the dagger into Ai Siqi’s neck. 

Uncle Teng grabbed the man in the suit’s hand. Uncle Teng’s anger turned into a powerful force, transmitted through the palm of his hand, and squeezed the man in the suit’s hand with all his strength. 

Uncle Teng instantly crushed the man in the suit’s hand. A drop of bright red blood flowed out of the gap between Uncle Teng’s palm and dripped to the ground.

However, this man in suit resisted the pain that was enough to make an ordinary person faint. He did not give up trying to assassinate Ai Siqi. He shifted his feet, rushing forward with all his strength, hoping to rely on his body’s forward momentum to pierce the poisoned dagger into Ai Siqi’s neck even if it was just nicking her skin.

But let the man in a suit was doom to be disappointed…

At this point, Lin Tian also rushed behind Ai Siqi. He hugged Ai Siqi from behind and pulled Ai Siqi away quickly, avoiding the man’s attack.

Seeing the target being rescued, the man in the suit knew that he had failed this mission. He had lost his chance again. 

As a powerful assassin, the man in the suit was also a decisive person. He understood that, based on his current situation, he couldn’t escape these experts. And if he were caught, these people would not let him die peacefully. He would be tortured until he dies.

So, the man in the suit immediately wanted to bite off his tongue and commit suicide.

Death ends all of one’s troubles!’

But Uncle Teng, who was next to him, had expected this situation a long time ago. He put his hand out again, grabbing the man in the suit by his chin so even if the man wants to bite his tongue, he can’t do it! 

Just in case, Uncle Teng punched the man in the suit on the mouth, smashing all his teeth because many assassins like to hide poisons in their teeth. Sometimes, once they were caught, they bite the poison capsules inside their teeth.

Unfortunately, Uncle Teng’s series of actions destroyed all possibility of suicide for the man in the suit.

The man in the suit’s eyes was dyed by despair. He understood that he was caught now, and he would die miserably. 

Hmph!” After Uncle Teng finished all this, he faced the man in the suit lying on the ground, coldly snorted. “You want to die by suicide huh? Like I’d let you. You’ll die after telling us who sent you.”

‘The Young Lady almost died.’

Uncle Teng trembled as that thought flashed by. 

Now that an assassin had been caught, how could Uncle Teng easily let him go?

He must die horribly.


After subduing the killer, Uncle Teng hurried over to check whether the Young Lady was injured. 

Hey! You okay?” Lin Tian stretched out his hand and waved it in front of Ai Siqi’s stunned eyes!

The sober Ai Siqi rushed into Lin Tian’s arms, hugged Lin Tian tightly and cried. The assassin really scared Ai Siqi this time. 

“Hic, hic… Lin Tian! I was scared to death! I thought I was going to die! I thought I wouldn’t be able to see dad, Uncle Teng and everyone again!” Actually, Ai Siqi still had one person’s name not mentioned yet and that was Lin Tian.

In the face of death, in addition to her father and Uncle Teng appearing in Ai Siqi’s mind, Lin Tian also appeared. 

Lin Tian gently patted Ai Siqi’s back. Lin Tian also understood how much of an impact this had on Ai Siqi’s heart just now.

“Don’t worry. Everything is fine now… The assassin has been caught. No one can hurt you now.” 

“That feeling…! The feeling of death… really terrifying! Terrifying!”

Recalling the scene just now, Ai Siqi was still very scared. She never thought that one day she would be so close to death. 

“I understand… I understand. I understand that feeling better than anyone…” Lin Tian said very quietly. Even the one who was right in front of Lin Tian, Ai Siqi, did not hear him clearly. But if you look towards Lin Tian’s eyes at this time, you can find that his eyes are extremely deep, as if he could through the truth of the world.

“Young Lady, are you okay?” Uncle Teng ran over and said quickly. 

Hearing the voice of Uncle Teng, Ai Siqi raised her head quickly, only to realize that she had been holding Lin Tian the whole time. A trace of crimson appeared on her white face. She quickly let go and walked out of Lin Tian’s embrace.

“It’s okay. That assassin didn’t hurt me at all.” Ai Siqi lowered her head and shook it, indicating that she was okay. 

The question just now was deliberately asked by Uncle Teng because Uncle Teng felt that the posture of Ai Siqi and Lin Tian was too close so Uncle Teng intentionally said something to make them separate. 

Seeing Young Lady’s expression, the old-fashioned Uncle Teng immediately realized something. Thinking of the scenes from before, Uncle Teng became even more sure of his guess! He looked at Lin Tian’s eyes, showing a trace of unkindness.

Lin Tian noticed that Uncle Teng’s eyes were not good. Lin Tian couldn’t figure out why. He didn’t do anything wrong, so why did Uncle Teng’s eyes change?


After a closer inspection, Uncle Teng found that Young Lady was indeed okay. Uncle Teng’s hanging heart finally dropped. 

“Uncle Teng, thank you. If you didn’t save me, I’d be really dead this time.” Ai Siqi looked at Uncle Teng and thanked him sincerely.

‘If Uncle Teng hadn’t acted in on time, I would’ve really died. Then father would be left alone without anyone to accompany him.’

Uncle Teng waved his hand and said sternly: “Young Lady, this is what I should do. There is nothing to thank me for.”

“I know, Uncle Teng. I won’t be naughty again.” Ai Siqi grabbed Uncle Teng’s hand and kept shaking. 

“However, I really want to thank Lin Tian this time. This time the greatest contribution goes to him.” Uncle Teng took a deep look at Lin Tian. 

Although others did not see clearly what happened, Uncle Teng, who was next to him at that time saw what happened clearly. 

Seeing how Uncle Teng suddenly changed the topic to himself, Lin Tian touched his head and smiled, embarrassed.

“Lin Tian?” Ai Siqi looked puzzled. 

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