Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 99


Ai Siqi looked at Lin Tian with a puzzled face. Her face clearly indicated that she wanted Lin Tian to explain. 

Lin was not surprised that Uncle Teng managed to find out. A master like Uncle Teng had a very strong perception.

To be honest, Lin Tian was also shocked by the scene earlier.

“Let me explain a little bit first…”

Seeing Ai Siqi’s puzzled face, Uncle Teng explained. “Actually, the timing of this assassin’s choice was incredible. At that time, even if I tried my best, I would still be a little too late.” Uncle Teng glanced at the assassin, who was tied up by guards. 

“But, if that’s the case, I’m….” Ai Siqi asked puzzledly, resting her chin. 

“What’s the hurry? I haven’t finished talking yet…” Uncle Teng continued: “I didn’t know what was stopping the dagger just before your neck. But because of it, I managed to catch the assassin in time.”

Ai Siqi nodded without understanding. Anyway, she understood that someone had made a move first and that person was Lin Tian. 

Ai Siqi looked at Lin Tian in surprise and said: “I didn’t expect Lin Tian to be so powerful and faster than Uncle Teng….”

Before Lin Tian could speak, Ai Siqi bit her finger and said suspiciously. “But, before, why did you get beaten so badly by Uncle Teng?”

Initially, Lin Tian was a bit embarrassed when he heard the first half of the sentence, but when the second half came out, Lin Tian’s face was covered full of black lines.

Only a few of us know about that. Don’t tell anyone else, okay?’

Uncle Teng had the same black lines on his face.

‘That isn’t the point though?’ 

Seeing that the expressions of Uncle Teng and Lin Tian were a bit wrong, Ai Siqi had a question mark on her face, “What? Am I wrong?”

“Cough cough……” Uncle Teng pretended to cough and changed the subject. “This isn’t what we’re talking about. We’re still talking about how Lin Tian did it.” 

Under the reminder of Uncle Teng, Ai Siqi, who understood that she was off-topic, asked quickly. “Lin Tian, how did you do it?”

Lin Tian, whose complexion improved a bit, began to explain. “It’s not that I’m faster than Uncle Teng, but that I had already taken action right before.” 

After Lin Tian said that, Ai Siqi and Uncle Teng felt even more confused.

‘Does Lin Tian have the ability to predict the future?’

Uncle Teng clearly saw Lin Tian’s expression at that moment. Lin Tian was also shocked, it was not as if he had known anything in advance.

Pursing his mouth, Lin Tian continued to explain. “This is related to my Devil Fruit ability. I can arrange invisible shields and change the shape at will. Therefore, when dealing with those assassins earlier, I arranged a layer of armor over Ai Siqi’s body and forget to revoke it. Actually, I didn’t expect that this little mistake to save Ai Siqi’s life.”

Lin Tian gave a deep sigh. No one ever expected that a shield he accidentally forgot to remove would actually save Ai Siqi’s life. It seemed that God wanted Ai Siqi to live. 

When Uncle Teng heard Lin Tian’s explanation, he also sighed and, at the same time, he was happy for the Young Lady’s good luck.


At this moment, Ai Siqi, who was clueless, tried touching her arm. It turns out that there was something like a transparent hard shell covering it. 

Ai Siqi, who was very playful, started to play around. The more she played, the happier she was. She had completely forgotten her fear of dying.


The sound of steel cracking attracted everyone’s eyes and what appeared before them was a shocking scene.

Ai Siqi held a broken iron sword in her bare hands. Thinking back to the sound just now, an unbelievable guess appeared up in everyone’s mind. 

‘Did the Young Lady break the sword just now?’

But after an instant, everyone kicked this unrealistic idea out of their minds. Everyone knew that the Young Lady was an ordinary person, too ordinary even compared to ordinary people. 

How could she have the power to break the iron sword?

Of course, Lin Tian knew what happened. This long sword belonged to that assassin and it was already cut into pieces by his Space Blade. 

It was barely connected… but Ai Siqi used the space armor to hold the long sword with one hand and break it, creating an illusion. 

What made Lin Tian speechless the most was that Ai Siqi actually started to play with it. The danger was not completely over but she still had the will to play around. 

Uncle Teng walked over with a dark face, grabbed Ai Siqi’s arm and signalled her not to play. 

Feeling the thin but hard shield, a faint color flashed on Uncle Teng’s face.

In the battle just now, Uncle Teng knew that Lin Tian could not only emit an extremely sharp black round blade but also control the movement of objects, create a small ball that can explode, imprison people and now produce some sort of shield.

‘What kind of Devil Fruit did Lin Tian eat?’

In fact, Uncle Teng knew that Lin Tian’s ability was not limited to that. There were still some moves that he had not used.

However, Uncle Teng obviously had no time to think about that now. He grabbed Ai Siqi and walked to the front gate of the Peak. They still didn’t know how many assassins were still hidden. It was not safe to stay on the street. It’s better to get inside the Peak to be genuinely safe.

Uncle Teng said to the manager, who had been scared to death. “If you can pry the assassin’s mouth open, I will intervene.” 

Uncle Teng knew this manager. He was kept in the dark. He didn’t know anything at all. Moreover, this manager managed the Peak well and was a very talented person. Uncle Teng was ready to give him a chance to make up for it. 

The manager, who thought that he was dead, heard Uncle Teng’s words. His face became ecstatic and he quickly thanked him. “Thank you, Uncle Teng! I will not let you down! I will definitely pry the assassin’s mouth open.” 

Uncle Teng didn’t reply. He waved his hand and took Ai Siqi to the Peak. The opportunity had been given to the manager and it was up to him to use it well. 

The manager turned around and looked towards the assassin with anger and killing intent.

The manager already hated assassins and now this assassin almost killed him, albeit indirectly. There was an unshakable hatred between them now. Whether it was hatred for endangering his life or just his own hatred, the manager would make this assassin feel pain beyond comprehension.


Ai Siqi turned around. “Lin Tian, hurry up! Hurry up!” 


Suddenly, there were two very quiet gunshots, not from the Peak’s gate but from a building that was a kilometer away. Two sharpshooters fired shots at Ai Siqi and the captured assassin. 

Although no gunshot was heard, in front of Uncle Teng and Lin Tian who both had Observation Haki, the two bullets were discovered as they approached the surroundings.

Uncle Teng slid Ai Siqi behind him and lightly waved the long sword in his hand. The bullet’s initially high-speed and straight path suddenly dipped flew towards the ground under Uncle Teng’s sword and shot into the soil.


Lin Tian suddenly appeared in front of the captured assassin. His right hand pushed forward. The bullet slowed, its speed was reduced to zero in an instant. It hung quietly on the front of Lin Tian’s palm. 

“What? Such thing-“

The shell of the bullet that was suspended in the air slowly showed a crack. One after another, cracks appeared. Light emitted from the crack, getting brighter and brighter! 

‘Not good!’

Lin Tian realized the bullet was explosive.

Then, the bullet seemed to turn into a ball of light, extremely dazzling.


After his voice rang out, these strong rays of light seemed trapped by something—trapped in an invisible ball. 


On the other side, at the feet of Uncle Teng, there was an earth-shaking sound and cracks quickly appeared on the ground. Countless pieces of earth mixed with stones flew from the ground as the explosion ripped out of the ground in a radius of 100 meters.


Uncle Teng coldly snorted. He stomped his right foot and the area instantly became stable.

With Uncle Teng as the center, a large circular hole appeared. The ground within a radius of 100 meters, below Uncle Teng’s foot sank more than a few centimeters.

Lin Tian, who was sweating profusely, slowly let go of his hand. His strength was not as immense as Uncle Teng’s. Lin Tian’s limit was to contain such an intense explosion and he almost couldn’t support it.

Seeing the destructive power of Uncle Teng’s stomp, Lin Tian was extremely shocked.

Lin Tian grabbed the captured assassin lying on the ground and came to Uncle Teng with a light leap. “Someone not only wants to kill Ai Siqi but also wants to kill this assassin.” 

En!” Uncle Teng nodded, “Protect Young Lady and enter the Peak.”

“On it!” Lin Tian grabbed Ai Siqi and ran inside the Peak.


The two assassins from a kilometer away saw that their mission had failed, so they hurriedly packed up, wiped out their traces and retreated. 

Four black shadows came out from the corners!

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