Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 18 The Light Of Civilization is Faded


The moon showed up on the sky above Chaldea.

Rozen’s Room.

Rozen’s magical power almost fully recovered, he closed the game interface on his laptop, and he started to warm up.

“Almost.” Rozen muttered.

Whenever Rozen’s magical power was full, Rozen will begin to hone his magic skills.

He won’t skip the training no matter what happened.

Rozen was very excited when it came to magic and games, just like Roman said.

The one who really loved magic couldn’t get enough about it, maybe until he faded along with time.

“I want to summon a new servant today, and it would be nice if I can summon a high-level servant.”

At this moment …

The automatic door in Rozen’s room suddenly opened.


Rozen reflexively looked at the door, and a young girl was rushing in.

“Fu!” Fou, who was lying on Rozen’s bed, uttered a voice like greeting.

“Mashu?” Rozen was a bit surprised.


Mashu was usually calm, and because she was rushing in like that, so Rozen had a bad feeling.

Mashu’s beautiful eyes were like about to cry.

Mashu gasped and stared at Rozen.

After a while, Mashu spoke a word.

“Lens of Sheba detected anomalies.”

Mashu’s statement confirmed Rozen’s premonition.

Rozen and Mashu hurriedly headed to the command room.

“Senpai! Please hurry up!”

“I’m already … at … my limit!”

Mashu ran ahead while urging Rozen, who was running like a grandpa. Rozen was so ashamed because he lost to a girl in physical endurance.

“No, I’m a genius man. I’m able to summon hundreds of servants at the same time, and this is nothing to be ashamed of …”

Rozen consoled himself when he gasped and staggered while he was walking.

Those two finally arrived at the command room.

“The system malfunctions!”

“The power is unstable!”

“We must take control of the situation!”

“No! It’s beyond our capability!”

All the staff in the command room was in a panic, Olga Marie arrived and discussed the situation with Lev.

The Chaldea was experiencing anomalies.

“Can’t be…”

Looking at the situation in Chaldea, Rozen murmured in disbelief.

Chaldeas gradually changed its color from blue to red.

And everyone in the command room saw the change on Chaldeas.

“This …”

“Shouldn’t …”

“Did finally …”

All the staff was in a panic.

Of course, Roman came in there as well.

“… Unexpectedly, it can change in such a short time.”

“Doctor?” Mashu was at a loss.

Rozen turned and looked at Roman.

Roman already expected something like this would happen.

“Do you know anything? Brother!” Rozen asked politely.

“A few months ago, the observers of Chaldeas discovered that Chaldeas was changing color.” Roman explained it splendidly so Rozen could understand it.

“It started to change color months ago …?”

No wonder.

Maybe they overused the Chaldeas until it lost control of its power.

They couldn’t take this issue lightly, because Chaldeas was the image of the past, present, and the future world.

Once it was showing an abnormality, it meant the planet was out of order.

“Don’t…” Rozen couldn’t help thinking the worst condition.


Rozen looked at Chaldeas, and its color gradually faded.

” …… “

The whole command control room suddenly became silent.

Everyone stared at the darkened Chaldeas.

“Light … disappeared …?”

Mashu and Rozen were speechless.

Among the blue light in Chaldeas there was a red dot called the fire of civilization which represented the civilization of mankind in another 100 years.

And once it lost its light, it only meant one thing.

“Human history is about to disappear.”

That’s it.

Olga Marie stared at the Chaldeas in disbelief.

But Olga Marie did not lose her calm.

“Start calling the Master’s Candidates right away!”

Olga Marie gritted her teeth and issued an order concerning the future of humanity.

“I want every magus that can be a master gather in Chaldea!”

That meant…

“Is the battle going to start …?” Rozen whispered.

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