Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 20 Gives Me a Chance to Know You


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The magic bullet he shot was greater than the previous one, maybe because he was not in the mood.

“Fyuh …”

He took a deep breath and released it because that magic bullet launched an enormous amount of magical power. He calmed down and put a halt on his practice, but still ignoring Mashu.

But later, he told Mashu what he was thinking right now.

“… To be honest, I don’t know.”

That was Rozen’s thought in his mind right now.

Then he remembered what Roman said to him.

“The Chaldea is not such cruel facilities as you think, so, at least here, I hope you can let your guard down.”

But Rozen still couldn’t trust Chaldea not because he despised the magus, but because of his past.

But …

“If this battle ended in failure, there will be no future for humanity.”

Mashu hugged Fou, looked at Rozen’s back, and whispered.

“Senpai, don’t you think that’s okay?”

This question is what makes Rozen confused.

Was it OK?

How could it be okay?

Rozen didn’t want to die, not because of fear but because of another reason.

Fourteen years ago, Rozen experienced life or death situation, and the fear of death no longer fazed him.

However, Rozen didn’t want to let this life ended so easily.

And if they didn’t fix the singularity f immediately, not only Mashu and Roman but Rozen himself will disappear.

Rozen didn’t want to cooperate with Chaldea, but on the other hand, he didn’t have another choice.

“What should I do?” Rozen thought.

At this time, Rozen couldn’t help but felt a bit distressed.

Right now, he didn’t want to focus on his own problem. Instead, he asked Mashu’s opinion.

“What about you, Mashu?” Rozen asked, “Would you like to participate in the battle?”

Mashu was stunned because Rozen suddenly asked her opinion.

After a while, Mashu answered.

“If I can, I don’t want to let go of the opportunity in this fight.”

That was Mashu’s answer.

In this regard, Rozen only had one thing to say.

“That’s more like it.”

Only Mashu that could give Rozen calmness and a push on his back.

Rozen looked at Mashu, and the short pink hair hung down very smoothly as if every strand of her hair was like a crystal.

The bangs covered her eye, and a pair of flat-frame glasses adorned her face.

She was wearing a white uniform, a short skirt underneath, a pair of tights, and boots underneath.

As for the figure, she was both sloppy and a gentle person. Aside from her age, she was a great person.

Such a girl could change the gloomy atmosphere of everyone around her.

Mashu was not good at expressing her feeling. The same goes for Rozen.

Mashu only talked when she thought that was the right moment or she had to speak.

Mashu was a curious girl, and she dreamed of going around the world, experiencing all the unknown in the world.

Just an ordinary girl on the inside who did not like to fight.

Mashu wanted to participate in this fight not because she liked to fight, but she was needed to fight.

Facing the difficulties in front of her, she had no choice but to fight it.

“Did you think this is okay?” Rozen asked.

The innocent and kind-hearted girl in front of him, Rozen couldn’t let that girl cried.

In fact, Mashu’s fate was even crueler than Rozen.

At least, Rozen has been saved, but Mashu was not yet be saved.

“Don’t you hate Chaldea?” Rozen asked.

Mashu opened her eyes slowly and then gave him a smile, a very bright yet beautiful smile.

“No. I don’t hate Chaldea.” Mashu answered with a smile.

“Because Chaldea gives me a chance to know you, senpai.”

Mashu’s words touched Rozen’s heart.

He remembered the first time he met with Mashu, and her smile was always so warm.

Seeing Mashu’s smile, Rozen knew the answer.

“I really can’t say no to you, can’t I?” Rozen also smiled.

The distress in Rozen’s heart has disappeared.

Yes, he hates Chaldea and every single magus inside of it, but he didn’t want to lose that smile on Mashu’s face.

That was Rozen’s objective right now.

The hatred on his heart was no longer important.

Because Rozen couldn’t let that innocent girl fight alone.

So …

“Let ’s work together! Mashu!”

“Yes! Senpai!”

In the underground training facility, the young boy and girl made a promise to each other.

“Fu!” Fou, who was lying in Mashu’s arms, could feel the bond and the warmth between those two.

Rozen has decided to fight in order to restore the future of humanity.

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