Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 22 No One Can Absent


Today, the entire Chaldea was tense.

“Senpai …” Mashu seemed to feel the tension.

But Rozen didn’t care about what happened, and he was casually yawning and said, “Relax.” Rozen yawned again and said, “Take it easy. This is not our first time to join the mock battles, so there will be no problem.” Rozen took the mock battle lightly if Olga Marie saw his attitude right now, he will be in trouble, and Rozen’s laziness already infected Mashu.

Rozen acted so carelessly because he wanted Mashu to relax, and it seemed working. Well, as a friend, they would influence each other.

Using this principle, Rozen deliberately guided Mashu to relax because she was still inexperienced.

Even though they are at the same age, there was a big gap in experience between them.

Maybe because Rozen was a summoner, even though his physical body was weak but not his mind, he must able to control the servant, and he could devise a strategy on the battlefield in a short amount of time.

So his mind had to always be clear.

His task was to direct and support the servant from behind.

That way, he could draw out all the potential his servant had.

Rozen understood that matter, so he learned various knowledge and to enrich his mind, which was useful to devise tactics and commanded across multiple battle situations.

This battle was no different to mock battle he went through countless times.

“In terms of combat, a magus couldn’t keep up with the servant.”

“So, the master job is to command from the backline.”

“Otherwise, he will just be a burden for the servant.”

Rozen very understood that fundamental tactic, so his mind must be clear in any situation.

“I wonder what kind of servant I will summon through destiny?” While thinking of that, his heart pumped up.

He loved magic and miracles very much.

At this moment…

“Here you are.”

The voice stopped Rozen from walking to the command room.


Mashu also stopped but different from Rozen. She was saluting towards the professor.

“I’ve been looking for you. It’s great to see you.” Professor Lev came with his smile as usual.


Rozen did not bother to greet Lev.

Somehow, Rozen always felt…


So Rozen remained silent.

Lev, who did not know what Rozen thought, talked to Rozen and Mashu, “Are you ready to go to the command room?” Lev said enthusiastically.

“Marie is preparing to give a briefing for the master candidates gathered in Chaldea. Let’s hear what she is going to say.”

Rozen frowned.

“Did you come all the way here just for that reason?” Rozen asked.

Lev answered quickly.

“Because you are our precious candidates, you are the strongest candidate Chaldea has, so I can’t let you miss it.”

Every time Rozen saw Lev, it was there like something off about him.

“On an important day like today, you can’t absent.”

Lev just smiled frankly, but his smile gave Rozen a chill down his spine.

And before Rozen sniffed something, Lev whispered to Rozen, “By the way, do you know where Roman is? I am looking for him.”

Hearing Lev’s words, Rozen stepped back, Mashu was a bit surprised, “Is the doctor not in the command room?”

“He was, but he already left.” Lev shook his head and said, “He said something like, ‘I want to take a vacation! I want to watch the update of Magic ☆ Melly! Let me take a break!’ because of that, Olga Marie kicked him away.”

That was so him.

“Because today’s battle is crucial, to maintain the physical health of the masters, we need Roman.” Lev asked, “Do you know where your brother is? Rozen? “

Rozen knew his brother whereabout, not long ago, Roman rushed into Rozen’s room and shouted at him.

“I want my day off today! If anyone is looking for me, don’t tell them that I’m here!”

Roman was hiding in Rozen’s room, in the bathroom to be precise.

So …

“I don’t know.” Rozen said to Lev, “Maybe he is going somewhere to hide? “

… Really? Lev was in silent for a while, then said helplessly, “No way… the battle is about to begin. If you say so, let’s head to the command room, we can contact him later.”

So, those three headed to the command room together.

But Rozen still had a feeling there was something wrong with Lev.

“Senpai?” Mashu asked, “What’s wrong?”

” …… nothing.” Rozen shook his head, pretended to relax, “Nothing, let’s keep up the pace.”

“Yes.” Although Mashu was still a bit puzzled, she followed Rozen.

However, Rozen looked like a different person when he stared at Lev’s back.

“Smells fishy.” Rozen thought.

Unfortunately, he must follow the storyline for now.

And they already arrived in front of the command room.

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