Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 23 The First Rayshift


Chaldea, Command Room.

By the time Rozen and Mashu arrived, the candidates and staffs had gathered.

The talented people sat in the center row of the command room, waiting silently for the meeting to start.

In front of them, Olga Marie was already standing there.

“You two are too late!”

As always, Olga Marie yelled at Rozen and Mashu.

“Hurry up! You slowpoke!” Her voice was more tense than usual.

Usually, Olga Marie would kick Rozen out if he was late, but this time was an exceptional condition.

That proved Olga Marie still had a priority about the current situation above her ego.

Looking at Olga Marie, who was furious, Rozen couldn’t help it but go with the flow.

“I really don’t know if menopause could cause a side effect like that …”

“… Senpai …”

Rozen murmured, so Mashu thought Rozen was afraid of being heard, and quickly pulled Rozen back to his seat on the first row.

Only nine seats were available in the first row.

That was for the most talented candidates, and those nine people attracted everyone’s attention.

“Welcome to the Secret Service Chaldea, and I am the director, Olga Marie Animushpere.”

Many people stared at Rozen with a disgusting eye, including Olga Marie.

“Although there are many things I want to say, frankly speaking, I feel very uneasy when I look at you, but it is undeniable that this battle requires the strength of a suitable person we recruit from all around the world. Let ’s talk about the main subject. ”

Olga Marie tried to suppress her anxiety and spoke in a calm voice.

“After you arrive in Chaldea, you should already have some info about the current situation, right?”

Of course, they already knew the issue, because it will affect the future of humanity. Well, the outsider didn’t know a thing about it, but when they arrived in Chaldea, they must have some info from people who came before them.

“I don’t care from where you hear it. But judging by how crucial our situation is, as long as you can clearly understand it, that’s enough.”

“And If you don’t know how serious the situation is, let me repeat it to you. “

Olga Marie shouted loudly.

“Your battle will determine whether humans can survive in the future!” When she was done talking, the whole audience was silent.

Olga Marie continued her speech.

“If your operations are successful, then human history can be saved, and our future can be guaranteed.”

“If you fail on the battle, the human race will be finished.”

“We have only two options, and there will never be a third.”

“Now, you understand how crucial your mission is, right?”

Everyone’s expression was so tense. Rozen felt Mashu was also nervous, her delicate face changed because of Olga Marie’s words, and Rozen could not help but cursed Olga Marie.

“It was hard for Mashu to relax a little. But that old hag is ruining my effort.” Rozen thought.

Rozen forgot that he was the number one candidate, so he was the most responsible person to shoulder humanity’s future.

“Now that you guys are aware of our current situation we’re in. Let’s start with the explanation of the battle.”

Olga Marie’s expression was so serious.

She began to explain the details.

“After thorough observation and investigation, Chaldea finally confirmed the location of the singularity point F.” As Olga Marie snapped her fingers, Chaldeas turned to the audience and showed the location of the singularity f.

Rozen stared at the Chaldeas, and it showed a location on the far east island.

“There is a city here called Fuyuki.” Olga Marie pointed out the location.

“Fuyuki City.”

When Olga Marie mentioned Fuyuki City, everyone’s expression was changed, including Rozen.

“Senpai… isn’t that Fuyuki…”

“… Well, let’s hear the explanation first.”

Olga Marie continued to explain the details.

“After the observation, we find the Singularity F was in Fuyuki City in 2004, and the history was changing because of some event in there.”

“There is no history about Fuyuki City from 2004 until 2018.”

“Because the Fuyuki City has been separated from our time and becomes a singularity.”

“Your task was to Rayshift to the Fuyuki City in 2004, and you must eliminate the cause of the human’s extinction in the future.”

Olga Marie raised her hand, pointing at the map and looked around at the candidates.

“This is the first battle, and also the first Rayshift since the founding of Chaldea.”

“For this reason, we do not have any clue what kind of difficulties you will encounter.”

“But as long as this problem remains, humanity has no future.”

“So, you have no choice but to succeed.” Olga Marie shouted.

“Now, as the director of Chaldea, I ordered that the first Rayshift experiment will officially launch in one hour.”

“We will select eight top-ranked personnel in the simulated battles so far, to form a team A, and they will take the lead to the singularity point.”

“The members of team A were already in Chaldea for training a month ago. They are capable of making a decision on their own.”

“They will set out first to secure the area of singularity f.”

“During the operation of team A, members below team B need to be prepared at any time to set off.”

“Then, we will now proceed to the capsule to start the Rayshift.”

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