Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 24 The Incident


Chaldea, Command Room.

The briefing already took longer than 10 minutes.

Every candidate, either from a well-known family or talented magus, was standing beside the capsule.

Rozen was also standing beside his capsule.

It’s just …

“It’s really unpleasant …”

Rozen and Mashu were dissatisfied with the condition.

“I didn’t expect senpai to be excluded in A-Team.”


Rozen was not on the A-team’s list.

Nine masters in total who were the top candidates in Chaldea were registered as A-Team, including the newly arrived master from last month.

But the staff, and maybe Olga Marie, didn’t register Rozen in A-Team.

Mashu explained maybe because he didn’t get serious all this time in the mock battle. Because Rozen often skipped the mock battle in the past. Because of that reason, Rozen ranked last.

Different from Rozen, Mashu entered A-team, and that made him worried about Mashu’s safety.

“I will be fine, senpai.” Mashu understood Rozen’s feelings.

“I will definitely return to your side.”

Even though she was afraid to fight, but she braced herself and didn’t hide behind Rozen’s power. Looking at Mashu being so strong Rozen couldn’t say anything.

“No way …” Rozen said, “Will you be able to take care of yourself?”

“Yes, I can.” Mashu nodded.

Rozen turned and looking at the command room.

Many technicians were working hard, including Olga Marie.

But he found something was off.

After searching the entire command room, Rozen couldn’t find Lev. He had a bad feeling about this.

So Rozen ended up very nervous.

“How could that man suddenly disappear at such an important moment?” The more he thought about it, the more he worried.

So …

“Senpai? Where are you going?”

Mashu’s voice was startled.

And everyone was looking at Rozen, who left the command room.

But he didn’t care about it and shouted at Mashu.

“I’ll be back soon!”

And of course, Olga Marie was angry about that.

“Rozenai Archaman …!”

He heard Olga Marie but kept leaving the command room.

“Huff … huff … huff …” It didn’t take too long before Rozen ran out of his energy.

He usually will curse anything or anyone because of it.

But this time was different, Rozen stayed focus. He even used the summoning magic to summon dozens of flying birds and spread them to every corner in Chaldea.

Rozen ran and searched Lev while summoning dozens of servants, he was showing his true potential at the moment.

But …

“He’s not here …?”

Rozen was afraid something terrible might happen.

“Why did he suddenly disappear?”

He searched every part in Chaldea but couldn’t find Lev.

“Is he hiding in secret facilities, or he already left Chaldea?”

In the former case, because it is an important place, there are generally defense systems and enchantments, so that the servant cannot enter.

Not to mention the latter, if Lev really left Chaldea, it would be impossible to find him.

And no, that’s not all.

“Why Lev is not in the command room in such an important moment, and furthermore, he disappears.” He was getting more anxious.

Rozen’s hunch was always correct, maybe that was his other ability.


An explosive sound was heard through the entire Chaldea, and it was from the command room.

“What … what happens!?”

Rozen couldn’t help but worry, and the alarm was ringing after the explosion.

“Emergency situation, emergency situation.”

“A fire broke out at the Central Power Station and the Central Command Room.”

“The gate in the central area will be closed after 240 seconds, and staff is requested to leave the second gate quickly.”

“I repeat. Central Power Station and the Central…”

Rozen’s mind was completely blank.

“Fire? Command room?”

These two words crossed through Rozen’s mind, and he rushed to the command room.

“Mashu …!”

Someone important to him was in danger.

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