Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 25 Redemption


He was seriously considering to build up his muscle in the future.

“This is the first and last time I pushed my body like this.” Rozen was very exhausted.

But even though he was exhausted, he insisted on heading toward the command room.

After 240 seconds, the gate in the central area will be completely closed.

If he didn’t rush to the central area before then, Rozen would never be able to get in there to save his lovely kouhai.

Rozen regretted his decision to search Lev.

“I should have stayed beside her!”

“I hate myself!”

Rozen tried to control his emotions and focused only to find Mashu at the command room.


The automatic door suddenly opened.

However, when he saw the situation in front of him, Rozen could not help but stop.



Everything was red.

The command room, which used to be neat and full of mechanical items, was covered by the red flames.

The stones kept rolling from every corner.

The molten iron fell from the roof.

The entire command room was turned into a ruin.

The alarm sounded again.

“The power supply has stopped, and the power generator is broken.”

“Switch to the backup power source. An abnormality has occurred. Please manually switch it.”

“There are still 90 seconds before the gate is completely closed. All the staff in the central area, please evacuate to the second gate as soon as possible. Please, as soon as possible ….” Rozen was panic when he heard that.


Rozen shouted at the surrounding through the fire regardless of the temperature.

“Mashu! Mashu! Where are you !? Mashu! Answer me if you hear me!”

Rozen shouted and kept rushing.

Along the way, Rozen saw the capsule was like being destroyed by the collapsed walls.

Rozen searched every capsule, and everyone was unconscious,

“Did she enter the capsule before the fire broke out?”

Thanks to Olga Marie’s discipline, she must have commanded everyone to enter the capsule, and everyone’s life was saved because they are in the capsule.

So Mashu probably was safe somewhere.

And when he thought about that, Rozen thanked Olga Marie for the first time.


When Rozen searched Mashu, a familiar voice was heard.

Rozen quickly turned around and saw the white creature standing in front of him.

“Fou? Why are you here?”

Rozen couldn’t help it.

Usually, Fou never showed up in front of people, so it will never appear in the command room that was full of staff and candidates.


Fou continued yelled at Rozen.

“Did you…”

Rozen rushed towards Fou’s direction.

And when he stood in front of Fou, his mind was going blank.


Fou cried under the huge stone block.

Rozen noticed who was trapped under the stone block.

“Senpai …?” A girl’s voice was faintly heard.

Rozen was shocked, and as if all his strength left his feet, he couldn’t even stand straight right now.

“Why didn’t you enter capsule?!” Rozen shouted at Mashu and rushed toward her.

“Because senpai said will come back soon … Am I wrong?” Mashu was smiling when she said that.

In order to wait for Rozen’s return, Mashu did not enter the capsule, and as a result, her life was in danger.

Rozen clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and he tried to control his emotions.

“We can talk later!”

Rozen activated the magic circuit in his body and magical power was surging out from his body.

“Summoning Magic, summon ant!”

This was one of his three magics that could summon a middle-class servant.

He summoned a giant ant.

“Ka-Ka …”

“K-Ka-Ka …”

The servant made a squeaking noise like a finger rubbing glass.

Rozen controlled the ant to move the stone block.


The servant was able to move the huge stone block with its incredible power.

“Senpai …?”

“Don’t speak anything! I’ll take you out!”

Rozen pushed his physical strength limit, even though he already reached his limit, and carried Mashu on his back.

He wanted to go out as soon as possible and met his brother because he believed his brother must have a solution to this situation.


“The gate is activated.”

“Central area, blockade.”

The alarm notified the gate was starting to close.

Rozen was speechless while he was staring at the closed gate.

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