Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 26 Senpai


The stones from the ceiling continued to fall.

Rozen and Mashu stared at the closed gate.

Rozen knew full well that they couldn’t leave that place.

The gate was made by using a high-quality material, resistant to magic, and physical attack.

Unless if Rozen could summon a superior-class servant to destroy the gate, those two couldn’t escape from the current situation.

Rozen was confused, and he didn’t know what to do.

“I’m sorry … Senpai … it’s all because of me …”

Mashu felt guilty, Rozen was trapped in fire because he tried to save her.

However, for some reason, Rozen’s mind was calm when he heard Mashu’s voice.

In most cases, humans never lied about their feelings when they are on the verge of death.

“Well… There is nothing we can do. Hehe…”

Rozen’s voice was like his usual and smiled with no regret.

Mashu’s expression changed, and she smiled at Rozen.

“Senpai … You are right, senpai …”

Those two sat in there while looking at the sea of fire surrounded them.

“Senpai …” Mashu talked, didn’t know hong long she will last.

“Remember what happened when we first met …?”

These words made Rozen’s memories traveled back to the past.

That was two years ago.

At that time, Rozen has been in Chaldea for a year.

As the most talented magus in Chaldea, Rozen’s name was well-known when he arrived at Chaldea. But because Rozen was not good enough when it came to the social relationship, he ended up as a lone wolf in Chaldea.

“Instead of wasting time with these guys who don’t realize the inhuman magic experiments have taken place in secret, I rather choose to play games.”

Rozen hated Chaldea, but at the same time, he was interested in magic. Every single day he trained in secret, and after that, he played games.

If Roman didn’t need him for something, Rozen never walked out of his room except for Chaldea’s program.

That was Rozen’s life in Chaldea two years ago.

A lonely life.

Until one day …

“Her name is Mashu Kyrielight, and she will live in Chaldea like you, so you have to get along.”

Roman suddenly introduced Rozen with someone at the same age as him. Rozen still remembered Mashu at that time, a short hair-cut that was no different from today, a refined face that was not different from today, a pleasant atmosphere that was not different from today, a smart-looking girl that was not different from today.

The only differences were the emptiness, and immature aura showed from her eyes.

Rozen was familiar with her eyes, the same eyes before he obtained the miracle.

Rozen realized the young girl in front of him had the same fate as him. The path was full of cruelty.

Rozen, who was never fond of others except for Roman, accepted that girl right after they met. The same goes for the girl. She also accepted Rozen on the first time they met, only because Rozen said something to the girl.

“That settles it. I’m your senpai.”

These words pierced Mashu’s heart.

That was the story when they met for the first time.

“Until this time … I haven’t forgotten senpai’s words …” In the sea of fire, Mashu’s warm and serene voice was heard clearly by him.

“For me, it was unforgettable … senpai …”

Their past was similar, but Rozen got a miracle on his side, she didn’t.

Mashu was fascinated by Rozen’s dazzling figure, Mashu was able to see anyone’s heart.

“I’m so blessed for being able to meet you, senpai …” The young girl’s sincerity made Rozen’s heartbeat faster.

“I’m the lucky one to get a chance to know you.” Rozen said.

That was true.

Rozen was just luckier than Mashu.

Miracle was a thing that Rozen fought for, but Mashu was like a gift for him, a gift specially sent from heaven.


“Thanks to Chaldea. I’m able to know you, Mashu.”

“It’s great to meet you, too.”

“Senpai …”

Mashu was exhausted. With her remaining strength, she held Rozen’s hand. Rozen responded and held Mashu’s hand tightly.

When the fire almost engulfed the entire command room, Rozen heard a sound.

“Anomaly detected in the system. The manual operation stopped. The recovery operation will start within three seconds.”

“… 3.”

“… 2.”

“… 1.”

“Fail to launch recovery operation, switching from manual to automatic operation.”

“Fail to fix anomaly, initiating a search for the Master. “

“System detected that the master in the capsule was in an abnormal state. The only master available was ranked 1. Choosing rank number 1 as the main subject of the experiment. “

“Reverse summon system, start.”

“Rayshift, start.”

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