Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 27 The Ruined City


He was holding Mashu’s hand full of determination.

Mashu will always be his driving force to move forward.

Rozen clenched his fist, where he wore a miracle.

If Rozen used the power of miracle, he could survive the situation. He could open the gate into another world, a different time and space from his current world.

But it was just…

That power was not something that could be used at will.

As they mentioned before, opening the gate to a different world will require something in exchange. Even though he successfully opened the gate, only Rozen could pass through the gate.

In other words, Mashu couldn’t pass through the gate. Let’s say Mashu could pass through the gate, but the fact she was in critical condition and her life in danger remained unchanged.

But he had no choice…

He hoped there was a chance Mashu could pass the gate with him.

Rozen has made up his mind. He wanted to gamble with destiny.

“Rayshift started.”

With Chaldea’s system sounded, Rozen felt his body turned into particles and entered a tunnel.

That was the tunnel to another world.


Rozen felt so dizzy, and he took a deep breath.

When he regained consciousness and opened his eyes, the dizziness disappeared, and he was shocked by the scenery.

In front of him was a ruined Chaldea’s command room.

“It worked out …?” Rozen tried to grasp the situation he was in right now.

At this time, Rozen suddenly felt a tingling sensation on the back of his right hand.

When Rozen saw the back of his right hand, he was surprised.

On the back of Rozen’s right hand, a striking red symbol was imprinted on it.

There are three strokes in the symbol, just like the three rings linked together, forming a pattern.

From this symbol, Rozen could feel a tremendous magical power surging out from it.

But Rozen knew what the symbol was.

“Command Seal …”

The symbol was proof that he was a master.

It connected to the magic circuit of the magus. The symbol could be used as the source of magical power, and it could force the servant to obey the master’s command.

Besides, the command seal can be used to strengthen the servant who has formed a contract with masters, it could also be used to heal the damage the servant took. If you are a talented magus, your magic will affect the command spell. The command seal forced the servant in a similar way to the curse.

The symbol naturally meant…

“A servant… Did I summon a servant …?”

That was the only explanation behind the emergence of the command seal.

“No …” Rozen was still confused.

That symbol was the effect and also a sign of the summoning system he used earlier.

“Now is not the time to think about this …!”

Rozen regained his sense, and he started looking for Mashu.

“Where is Mashu? Where is Mashu?”

That was the most important thing he should firstly remember.

Unfortunately,  his movement stopped instantly because of something.

Rozen’s body, who was about to rush out, suddenly stiffened.

In front of his eyes, on the edge of a ruined city, a meteor appeared out of nowhere.

“Vwooooom!” The sound of breaking the air like a storm in the sky.

That’s …

“…. Arrow!”

He couldn’t run away from it.

The speed of the meteor-like arrow coming has already exceeded the shadow servant’s speed that Rozen used during the mock battle.

The speed was on par with the superior servant.

The power, speed, they all surpassed the servants that Rozen used to summon.

Facing such a dangerous situation, the back of Rozen’s hand was shining.

The symbol or the command seal formed by three rings, one of the rings suddenly faded, turning into a massive magical power.

Using this power, Rozen gave an order.

“Heed my call! My servant!”

The command, with the support of a massive amount of magical power, became a reality.

“Summon!” Within a surging magical power, a dark shadow came out like lightning, blocking Rozen’s vision.

Looking at this figure, Rozen was surprised.

“Mashu …!?”

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