Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 28 Mashu Is A Servant


Meteor-like arrows cut through the sky, but a huge shield blocked it entirely.

“Clang!” The arrows hit the shield, followed by countless arrows after that, like a meteor shower.

“Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang!” The arrows bombarded the shield.

The impact when the arrows and the shield collided, created a shockwave and grey smoke.


Rozen couldn’t help but do nothing when Mashu repelled all the incoming attacks.

Rozen was shivering not only because of the current situation but because of Mashu’s appearance.

Mashu was wearing a purple armor and holding a huge shield single-handedly.

“Senpai! Are you okay !?” Mashu held her shield while looking at Rozen behind her.

Rozen was stunned because of the circumstances and the appearance of a new brand Mashu.

“Mashu … you … how can you …”

Rozen couldn’t even speak properly.

Chaldea’s white uniform that Mashu always wore was replaced by a set of purple armor with a tight material like latex.

The purple armor tightly wrapped around Mashu’s body, showing Mashu’s unexpectedly beautiful figure back and forth, while firmly protecting Mashu’s shoulders. The lower half and the upper half of the armor were boldly exposing, giving a sense of awe-inspiring texture.

After two years of being a friend with Mashu, Rozen has never seen Mashu wore such armor, and her body was sexier than expected, which not only made Rozen stunned but also blushed.

What made Rozen even more shaken was …

“You … Did you just block that …?”

Earlier, Mashu was able to defend both of them from the bombardment of the arrows.

If he could use that kind of skill in the last mock battle, Rozen was sure the lizardmen he fought would be eliminated in only 10 seconds.

Mashu’s magic circuit was not that great, and the same goes for her physical strength. But she able to do such a fantastic thing.

Rozen’s current strength was not comparable with Mashu, and he barely survived because he just supported from the back row.

The impregnable defense, the massive amount of magical power, the purple armor he has never seen before, and the fact that Mashu appeared when Rozen activated heroic summoning system.

Which meant…

“Mashu … is a servant …?”

How was that even possible?

Mashu was a real human being.

How could she become a servant?


It was not impossible.

“Don’t …”

Rozen remembered a crucial thing, and his face was shaken, tightened, and gritted his teeth.

Mashu lifted her huge shield and said,

“Senpai …! No! Master! Please tell me what I have to do next …!”


Mashu called Rozen with a new nickname.

That was right.

Rozen was a master right now.

He could have a long conversation with Mashu later once he survived in that situation.

Rozen cleared his mind and thought of a strategy to take down the enemy.

He gave Mashu his first command, “Find a place to hide first!” After he calmed down, he instructed Mashu to find a shelter, which was only the expert could think of.

However, that was the most appropriate instruction based on the situation they were in.

“When faced with long-range attacks, the first thing to do is to find shelter!”

Rozen held up his hand to prevent himself from breathing in the smoke and shouted to Mashu.

“We can’t fight the archers in an open field! We need to hide behind the surrounding buildings!”

“Yes!” Mashu answered.

Mashu dropped the shield without hesitation, ran with fast speed, carried Rozen, and he didn’t have time to react. While she was carrying Rozen, who was heavier than her, she could maintain her speed.

The arrow that Mashu blocked bounced off to the gas station and causing a huge explosion.

Suddenly, the smoke was blowing because of a blast from the explosion.

“Cough … cough …!”

Behind the collapsed building, Rozen laid down and could not help but cough on the spot.

Rozen seemed to breathe a lot of smoke caused by the impact.

“Are you all right? Senpai!” Mashu held the shield with just one hand and patted Rozen.

The worrying voice, gentle character, and the bright eyes staring at Rozen made him realize that no matter what happened, Mashu was still Mashu.

“I’m fine.”

Rozen shook his head and looked at Mashu.

“… Senpai…”

Mashu now seemed to realize that her appearance was so daring. Rozen was about to laugh when she saw Mashu tried to cover her exposed skin.

But the current situation interrupted them, a meteor shower like before launched again and destroyed the building near them. Because of the explosion, every part of the building was shattered to pieces.

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