Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 29 Showdown In Long Range Attack


“Oh, you guys sure have a talent when it comes to running.” A calm voice was heard from the distance.

It was a man in a combat suit, holding a black bow in his hands, dark skin, gray hair, and a weird tattoo on his face.

“It seems you guys have a cool-headed commander.”

The dark-skinned man was fearless.

“Unfortunately, you are too hasty to make a decision.” Said the man.


His magical power surged on the air, and he stretched out his hand.

Suddenly, the sword was materialized from nothingness.

The man used the sword like an arrow, and he launched the sword with his black bow.

“Bzzzt …!” The sword was glowing and transformed into the shape of an arrow.

“If the shelter is destroyed, you have nowhere to hide.”

The man bombarded the building with his arrow. The building was destroyed by his rapid attack, the destructive power of each arrow was like a bomb.


Mashu ran toward Rozen while blocking all the incoming attacks.

The fallen rocks couldn’t scratch Mashu’s shield, and her speed kept increasing.

After Mashu reached where Rozen was, she protected Rozen with her shield.

Mashu’s strength was beyond a human’s limit, becoming a servant gave her unparallel power.

“I guess her strength is on par with a superior-rank servant.” Rozen thought.

But actually, in terms of defensive power, Mashu surpassed the superior-rank servant.

“The enemy is likely a servant because his firepower was superb.”

Mashu said the next words with a serious face, “At this rate, I’m afraid we will be in trouble. Find another place to hide and leave without the enemy knowing.”

This is the judgment made by Mashu.

However, Rozen had his own plan.

“The opponent is a servant with a super long-range attack and massive firepower. We must set a trap and wait for the right moment to ambush him.” Rozen explained.

If the enemy was a servant, it was not impossible jumping back and forth between high buildings was not such a hard task for him.

Under such circumstances, it was difficult to get out while hiding from the opponent’s crazy attacks.

As long as they hid behind the high buildings along the way, with the endless rapid attack destroying their shelter, sooner or later, Rozen and Mashu will have nowhere to hide.

At that time, those two could only rely on a shield to defend.

“Then what should we do?”

Mashu set her eyes on Rozen.

“To deal with archer, you must close the distance, knock down the opponent in one hit.”

Rozen observed the city, and it already turned into a ruin, everything was in a mess.

Ruin was a perfect place to hide from a sniper-like servant.

But there was an ability that allowed the user to see everything in front of him, literally everything.

“That servant vision is superb, and we will find it hard to escape from that servant.”

Rozen’s movement was like in the mock battle, and he saw something while he was moving around.

“What is that!”

Rozen’s eyes suddenly sparkled.

“Boom …”

The building couldn’t hold any longer to withstand the attack from the archer, and it collapsed.

“This way …”

The archer had a skill called clairvoyance, a skill that allowed the servant to see everything in front of his eyes.

If the archer was in a high place, he could see all the enemy precisely like an eagle.

When he activated the skill, his sniping ability raised to a whole new level, thanks to the skill, he could perform an ultra-long-range attack with accuracy beyond human’s capabilities.


Looking at the collapsed building a few kilometers away, the archer suddenly looked at the surrounding area and realized something.

“Did I miss …?”


Rozen and Mashu were gone.

At this moment…


A gust of wind came from behind Archer.


Mashu held the arrow she got from Archer’s attack and threw it toward him, but he parried it with his own arrow.

A huge shield suddenly smashed the ground caused a strong wind as the impact.

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