Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 30 Should I Ask A Question



The shield and arrows clashed.

“Hmph …” The Archer ran around.

“Are you the attacker?” Suddenly, Mashu appeared in front of the Archer, and Rozen stood behind her.

“I knew it, the attacker is a servant, and his class is… Archer? As expected.” Only a few of servant that has such destructive shooting power.

However, if the attacker was a servant, then there was a problem.

“Where is your Master? Why did you attack us? Shouldn’t you answer it?”

Rozen used his trick, “I already know it, though.” The Archer was still silent.

“Why? Don’t you want to say anything?” Rozen asked, “You must be a normal servant, right? Not a shadow servant. Can’t you talk?

Rozen teased the Archer.

The Archer was a normal or a real servant, totally different from the one Rozen used in mock battle.

Rozen wanted to buy some time to think of the next plan, and at the same time, tried to dig information from the Archer.

And it seemed to work out, “You surprised me. I didn’t expect you were able to close the distance while I’m on this height.”

The Archer stared at Mashu and Rozen.

“How did you do that?” Archer asked.

“No matter where you hide, my eyes can see everything, no one can escape my clairvoyance.” Archer stared at Rozen, and he said, “Did you use stealth magic or a noble phantasm to jump through space?”

“Wrong.” Rozen shrugged and said, “I don’t need to use stealth magic or space noble phantasm, I simply to utilize beneath this town, have you figured it out?”

Something beneath this town?

Archer pondered and immediately realized.

“So, it is a sewer?”

Yeah, it was.

Inside his shelter, Rozen realized there was a stair to the sewer.

As long as they were in the sewer and found the right route, they could approach Archer undetected.

“You will need a place high enough to attack us from kilometers away. And I find this is the most suitable place for a long-range attack.”

Rozen laughed while answering Archer’s question.

“Now, it’s time for you to answer my question.” Rozen stared at Archer.

“Who is commanding you to attack us? Who is your Master?”

Rozen still wanted to ask so many questions, but among them, the most important thing was…

“What happened in this city? How did it end up like this?”

The entire city was burned down and became ruins.

Rozen should be transferred into 2004 in Fuyuki City. Chaldea succeeded in launching the Rayshift experiment before the system burned down.

Fuyuki City was nothing like the one in Chaldea’s record, that was the sign of anomaly, human history didn’t have a record about this event in Fuyuki City.

And this event was leading human history into extinction.

“You won’t answer?” Rozen said with a smile, “The current situation is not so bad.”

Rozen was confident Mashu will be able to beat him in close-quarter combat, unless…

“Do you think you can win by getting closer?” Archer asked.

The next second, Archer’s bow disappeared, and he seemed like he was about to use some magic.


The magical power surged and manifesting into a red lightning bolt, gathered in Archer’s hands. Afterward, swords were materialized out of thin air on the Archer’s hand.

“Why …!” Mashu was surprised.

“There is a sword …!” Rozen was also surprised.

Obviously, that servant was the archer class, why did he have swords on him?

Even if the Archer was skillful in handling a sword, his noble phantasm should be a bow.

As a magus, Rozen realized that servant was using magic, the name of that magic was…

“… Projection!”

Projection was a kind of magic that used magical power to materialize the objects that already existed in reality, but just imitations.

That’s why the Archer could possess the sword.

In other words, the opponent used magic instead of a noble phantasm.

“I thought the archer could only use the bow as his main weapon. I guess I miss calculated.”

The Archer coldly smiled and charged forward.


Mashu immediately stood up, blocked the attack for Rozen.


The Archer stopped, looking at a certain direction, and his expression turned angry.

“That annoying servant!” Archer turned his back on Rozen and Mashu, then he disappeared.

“This …” Mashu was stunned.

“Servant …?” Rozen frowned.

Only a young boy and girl left in the tower.

Cold winds were blowing with smoke.

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