Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 32 Some Acquaintances


In Chaldea, there were only three cases of heroic summoning successfully executed.

According to Mashu…

“The heroic spirit fusion with me was the No. 2 heroic spirit experiment.”

Mashu told Rozen.

“In the command room before being engulfed in flames, the heroic spirit offered me to form a contract. He wanted to request one thing.”

Because of that, Mashu became a demi-servant.

“It turned out since the subject agreed, the experiment naturally succeeded, right?”

The most difficult experiment in this world succeeded.

“Fortunately, before the rayshift started, Thank you for being able to use the spell to summon me,” Mashu said.

“If it weren’t because of the contract, senpai would not be able to summon me.”

If Rozen wasn’t able to use rayshift and made a contract with a servant, he might be dead when he faced Archer.

“Thanks to you for using the spell to summon me.”

Mashu admired Rozen.

Forcibly transfer the servant into another time and space, only Rozen was able to do that in all Chaldea.

The master’s ability will significantly affect the strength of the servant.

The higher the master’s ability, the more magical power the servant could exert.

The same goes for the command spell. The higher master’s ability was, the more powerful command spell will be.

For example, a specific command such as kill the enemy in front of you, heal the wounds on your body, protect me from the enemy attacks, will undoubtedly succeed.

But that would not be the case if the master gave an unspecific command.

For example, a command like obeyed everything I say forever was too unspecific. No one, until now, has ever succeeded in using an unspecific command like that.

But nothing in this world was absolute, as long as the master’s quality was high enough to execute an unreasonable command, the command will succeed.

Rozen had a hunch, “Even a ridiculous command can be successfully executed.”

Initially, due to the characteristics of Chaldea’s command seal, no one could give an unreasonable command.

But with Rozen’s amazing talent, even the ridiculous command such as be my servant and follow me forever could be realized.

“It seems I must use the remaining command seal with caution.”

Although Chaldea could restore one command seal a day, Chaldea’s current condition was still unknown.

The fire in the command room may cause the Chaldea’s system to be abnormal, unable to provide magical power and restored command spells.

Chaldea provided magical power for the servant.

If Mashu could receive the magic from Chaldea, that proved that Chaldea’s condition wasn’t that bad.

If something happened to Chaldea, that would be troublesome for them.


“It’s okay, senpai, I receive the magical power from Chaldea and can fight normally.”

Mashu reported to Rozen.

“Maybe Chaldea was not in critical condition, and maybe the fire has already been taken care of.” Rozen thought.

“Then what shall we do next? Senpai?”

Mashu asked.

“Firstly, you have to find a way to get in touch with Chaldea and learn the current situation.” Information was so crucial in Rozen’s situation.

They need to understand the situation before they could act.

But Rozen couldn’t do much about the condition. If Chaldea’s system was able to function normally, he would be able to detect the enemy in the surrounding area. But what could he do now?

Then, Rozen summoned bird servant and commanded it to fly around the Fuyuki City.

Mashu could only wait for information from Rozen’s bird servant.


Suddenly, Rozen opened his eyes and was a little surprised.

“She … no, she also is in here?” Rozen was shocked.

“Senpai?” Mashu was curious.

“No, I’m okay, don’t worry.” Rozen shook his head, then he said, “But we might have to meet some acquaintances.”

“Acquaintances?” Mashu had no clue about Rozen’s words.

And those two left the building.

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