Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 34 The Mystery That Hasn’t Been Solved


“Demi Servant…”

Olga Marie learned Mashu has turned into demi-servant, and she gritted her teeth.

“Why does the experiment succeeded in such a situation like this …” Olga Marie was angry.

No one knew the experiment succeeded too early or too late. Still, they could clearly see that Olga Marie’s body was trembling because she knew the experiment finally succeeded.

“I’m so surprised when I know Mashu has become a servant. But you being here is more shocking to me.”

“Why are you here? It’s supposed to be impossible for you, am I wrong?” Rozen’s question hurt Olga Marie’s feelings.

“Although you are a first-class magus and have a high affinity in magic, you aren’t suited to be a master or to perform rayshift.”

That was indeed her main problem.

Rozen’s words were true, even though Chaldea’s system was running in automatic mode, but still, for Olga Marie to be here was just impossible. How could she be here?

Rozen pondered…

“I don’t know what’s going on!” Olga Marie said. “The command room suddenly exploded, and everything was engulfed in fire, and then when I woke up, I’m already here!” Olga Marie explained.

“Is it because an error occurred during the rayshift? Or it’s because of an unknown reason? Will you tell me what the hell is going on?”

Olga Marie groaned.

“Where did Lev go at a time like this?”

If Lev was there, he might have an explanation for the current situation.

“It’s a pity…”

“Maybe he is the one behind all of this accident, idiot.” Rozen thought.

“After all, what is the cause of his disappearance before the command room exploded? That mystery has not been solved yet.” Rozen thought.

Rozen couldn’t wait to meet Lev and asked him personally. Rozen thought there might be a big secret behind his disappearance.

Rozen already had a hunch regarding Lev’s whereabout.

Rozen stared at the broken window and stared at one direction.

In that direction, there was a mountain.

“If I’m not mistaken…” Rozen thought.

“By the way, idiots.”

“Wait … Idiots …!?”

Rozen accidentally called Olga Marie an idiot, but he ignored Olga Marie’s reaction.

“Since you are the director, then you should know how to do an emergency call, right?”

Rozen rushed into Olga Marie because she might know that.

“I can directly connect to Chaldea’s communication channel with the authority I have through the communicator.” After heard Olga Marie’s words, Rozen set his sight on her wrist.

But there wasn’t any communicator on her wrist.

“My communicator also disappeared after turning into a servant.”

Mashu said.

“It seems that only senpai who still has a communicator among us.”

Mashu’s words pulled everyone’s attention into Rozen’s wrist.

There was indeed a Chaldea’s communicator, but Rozen already tried to contact Chaldea, but he failed.

“Give me your communicator.” Olga Marie commanded him.

Rozen handed over the communicator to Olga Marie, and he said, “Be careful! This is the only one we have!”

Olga Marie tried to make contact with Chaldea, but after a while, she gave up.

“No, I can’t get in touch.” Olga Marie shook her head, “No one answers me even though I already entered the communication channel.”

Under such circumstances, that was normal. Fire already spread out in all directions of the command room. So anyone wouldn’t dare to go near it.

“Is my brother alright?” Rozen thought.


A bird servant flew toward Rozen, and it cried as if alarming Rozen.

“This is …!”

Rozen’s expression changed.


At the same time, Fou shouted on Mashu’s back.

“Wh … what …!”

Olga Marie panicked.

Mashu, however, already raised her shield and stood in front of everyone.


“Raaaaaagh!” A terrifying roar was heard by everyone.

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