Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 35 A Whole Another Level


“Raaaaaagh…” Someone was running toward Rozen’s party while roaring.

“Wh … What’s that …?”

Olga Marie’s face turned pale.

“What’s that …”

Mashu prepared her shield.

Everyone felt chill down their spine when they heard the voice.

“Here …!”

Mashu yelled.

In the building where everyone was hiding, they heard someone was coming closer.

“Kyaaa…!” Olga Marie screamed.

It was a giant more than two meters height, buffed muscles, looked so brutal, wearing a gladiator armor on his lower body, holding a jagged stone axe, covered with dark lines.

“Raaaaagh… Raaaaagh…!” The giant was roaring again.

“…!?” Mashu blocked the shockwave from the giant’s roar.

“We’ll be okay … right …?” Olga Marie stepped back.

“Are you kidding me …”

Unlike when he faced Archer, Rozen was too afraid to move this time.

Obviously, that giant was a servant, a berserker-class.

“In the past, I’m facing this berserker-class, and its strength was not a joke …”

The servant that turned into this class had a skill called berserk, and the skill provided a massive amount of strength in exchange for their consciousness.

That class was originally used to strengthen weak servants.

Even though the servant was miles away from them, but its roar still reached their ears.

“He is undoubtedly one of the top servants!”

Even among all the heroic spirit, the berserker class was rare to be found.

Rozen and his friend faced such a dangerous enemy, Rozen clearly understood what situation they were in right now.

“Compared to Archer, this servant is on a whole another level!”

Rozen only had one idea for a situation like this.

“Runaway!” Rozen shouted.

“That’s not the enemy we can handle now! Runaway while he’s going on a rampage! The farther, the better!”

Mashu, Olga Marie, and Fou didn’t complain about Rozen’s decision and followed him.


The Berserker suddenly chased after them.

The Berserker crushed every building when he chased Rozen’s party.


Berserker closed the distance at a terrifying speed.

Obviously, his body was very huge, but Berserker’s movements were like a cheetah. He swung his jagged axe while jumping towards Mashu.


When Berserker’s axe collided with Mashu’s shield, it created a shockwave.

“Go … now …!”

Mashu, blocked the blow, but it seemed like her tiny body couldn’t hold Berserker’s power for too long. The berserker was able to keep chasing Rozen’s party, and Mashu left behind.

“Mashu!” Rozen screamed while he was running away.

“Really … monster …!” Olga Marie also kept running, and her face was ashen.

“Raaaagh…” The Berserker looked at Olga Marie and Rozen while holding a jagged axe.



Rozen and Olga Marie stepped back.


Mashu charged toward the Berserker tried to bump him with her giant shield. But the Berserker stopped Mashu’s attack with the jagged axe. It showed the Berserker was lost its consciousness but didn’t lose its skill and ability to fight.

“Raaaaagh…!” The berserker continued roaring.


Mashu paired Berserker’s blow and shouted from behind the shield toward Rozen and Olga Marie, and those two understood Mashu’s sign.

“Come on!”

Rozen abandoned Mashu and chose to run with Olga Marie.

“Wait … wait! What about Mashu!?” Olga Marie was worried about Mashu.

“Mashu will be okay !” Rozen answered and ran forward desperately.


Fou landed on the ground and seemed to lead the way.

But a new problem appeared.

“Huft … huft … huft …” Rozen was out of breath.

“You … Even when we’re in this dire situation, you are still as pathetic as ever!” Because of that, Olga Marie dragged Rozen around.

However, Olga Marie was a girl, and her physical strength was not that good either.

“I better summon them.” Rozen didn’t hesitate to summon another servant.

“Wolf Summoning!” Rozen was summoning two big black wolves.

“Come on! Sit here!” Rozen pushed Olga Marie, to ride the wolf, and those guys kept pressing forward.


“Raaaaaaagh …”

Mashu and the Berserker kept fighting, and Rozen heard the sound of their fight. But Rozen didn’t hesitate to keep pressing forward, leaving Mashu behind because he could summon Mashu again with his command seal.

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