Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 37 Inevitable Battle


Rozen’s chance to defeat Berserker was only below 10%.

“If I summon servants as an extra fighting power, the chance will go up but not high enough.” Rozen pondered.

Rozen calculated many cases and many chances in order to bring him victory.

“I’ve never experienced this kind of situation before.” He thought.

Rozen knew full well his role in the battle, and he knew his duty was to give supports from the rear not to endanger his life in the frontline.

So he came up with ideas to summon another servant to backup the main servant and to protect himself from an enemy ambush.

After all, unlike low-rank servants, which were comparable to ordinary beasts, middle-rank servants had a certain degree of unique ability.

For example, the ant servants summoned by summoning ants system had unique characteristics except that they were as big as dogs. Even it could lift an elephant. With the tremendous strength, even some superior-rank couldn’t keep up with the ant servant, which meant it could come in handy for many occasions.

Rozen learned that the ant servants’ advantage was their number. The reason why Rozen learned how to summon ant servants because he would easily make an army.

“Servant like ants, need a huge amount of magical power, combined with a good strategy they can even kill a superior-rank servant.”

The first one was an ant servant who had the fighting ability, but Rozen’s next servants were to cover another aspect.

“As a summoner, the first thing to consider is to protect yourself.”

After all, the weakness of the magus who specialized in summoning was themselves.

If the enemy ignored the servant and decided to attack the summoner instead, it could be dangerous.

Rozen’s other servants had no combat ability, it had supportability. It could even be more useful than Mashu in some cases.

As for the third servant, it was an enchanter that could direct another servant.

“As a master, I don’t want to be too busy. Let others handle my problem.”

In history, humanity was such a meaningless being before the divine spirits, titans, or other mythical creatures.

The essence of the Gaia’s spirit was the protection mechanism of the world, the weapon used to protect the world.

Therefore, the third servants that Rozen could summon had an ability to a certain degree to direct servants.

“If I use that servant, even if I’m facing a stronger enemy, I still have a 10% chance of winning.”

“The servant’s magic really is extraordinary.”

“Should I use that right now?”

On the wolf’s back, Rozen tried his best to stabilize his body while racking his brain.

Just at this moment …


With a loud noise coming from behind, the shock wave shattered the road, building, and everything on his way.

Berserker was like a cannonball rushing from behind.

“Cough … cough …”

Mashu, who was holding her shield, stood up from the ruin, and she looked like she suffered a lot of damage.


Olga Marie shouted.

Behind them, Berserker was approaching at an unbelievable speed.

Berserker leaped like a meteorite from mid-air, and instantly crossed a distance from kilometers away, and fell in front of Rozen and Olga Marie.

“Senpai …!” Mashu called out.

“Watch out!” Rozen shouted.

Pulled by Rozen’s magical energy, those two were able to dodge the attack.

The Berserker kept going on a rampage, and he smashed everything around him, scattering debris in the air.

The impact caused those two fell from the wolf’s back and rolled on the ground.

“Urgh …” Olga Marie seemed dizzy because of the impact and was unable to get up.

On the contrary, Rozen already anticipated this situation beforehand, and right before he was hit, he used the magic item under his body, to avoid direct impact.

The poor wolf was unsummoned by Rozen.

Rozen got up from the ground, panting, and looked at the Berserker.

“Raaaaagh!” The Berserker roared.

He stood exactly between Rozen and Mashu.

Rozen and Mashu looked at the Berserker and looked at each other across the fierce and giant figure.

Those two eyes met each other and had determination.

“No way …”

Rozen wiped the sweat from his forehead, and a fearless smile appeared on his face.

In this regard, Mashu also understood what Rozen meant.

Then …

“Get ready! Mashu!”

“Yes!” The magic surged on the two of them and reflected like a pillar straight into the sky.

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