Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 39 Summoning The Third Spirit



The sound of Mashu’s battle with Berserker sounded loud.

The jagged axe clashed with the shield like a thundering roar.

“Urgh …!”

Mashu held her shield to defend herself from Berserker’s ruthless attack.

“Raagh.. Raagh.. Raagh..”

Berserker kept roaring and rushed toward Rozen and Mashu.

He launched one attack after another nonstop, but Mashu’s shield was like an impregnable stronghold.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…!

Their battle was so fierce until the ground around them was shaking and cracked.

But Mashu was only able to defend.

Not only to defend, but Mashu was also able to launch a counter-attack, she collided her shield to Berserker’s chest.

Compared to previous battle, this time, Mashu had support from Rozen, allowing Mashu to turn around the table.

“Right now!”

Rozen, who was at the rear, observed the situation, and his eyes were sparkling suddenly.

Rozen’s magic circuit was exerted a lot of magical, providing Mashu with overflowing magical power.

Thanks to that overflowing magical power, the command seal effect was amplified.

Not only that, Rozen could utilize every Mashu’s strong point in the battle with his invincible strategy.

“I order you with a command seal, Mashu Kyrielight, defeat the enemy in front of you.” Rozen used the command seal on Mashu.

Under that command, Mashu’s magical power was multiplied by several times.

With Rozen’s support, Mashu was not just able to defend, but she was also able to counter-attack.


Berserker made a roar that sounded like anger.

Even though Mashu had support from Rozen, but her fighting skill and combat experience were far below Berserker.

But from the very beginning Berserker movement was kinda weird.

And Rozen realized the weak point after watching Berserker’s movement, so he directed Mashu to attack that weak point.

“After three seconds! Attack from the left!”

“Yes! Master!”

But Mashu was able to follow Rozen’s command precisely.

Mashu’s movement was so fast, and she was able to seize the opportunity and aimed for Berserker’s head.


They lost count how many times Mashu hit Berserker.


Olga Marie was shocked when she saw their battle.

Rozen was constantly giving Mashu command.

But to beat Berserker, they needed more than that.

As the battle went on, Olga Marie’s body was trembling, and she knew full well Rozen was her only hope.

“He … What did he do?” Olga Marie wondered.

“At … At this rate…”

Olga Marie couldn’t help but put all her hope in Rozen.

“Magic power …”

Rozen Felt his magic power supported his body.

In order to defeat Berserker, Rozen must use his trump card.

“Spirit Summoning!”

An owl that only Rozen could see, like a phantom, flapping his wings, flying forward, and sinking into Berserker’s body.

At this moment, the spirit core in Berserker crumbled.

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