Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 40 Find Out From Other Place


Evil Spirit Summoning.

One of the three magics Rozen has learned which could summon middle-rank servants.

As the name implied, this magic could summon an evil spirit.

That evil spirit was the owl.

In ancient times, owls that only appeared at night were often regarded as birds of misfortune, symbolizing the bad omen.

It was believed that the owl was an incarnation of death that could travel back and forth between the underworld and the human’s world, and was responsible for bringing the wandering spirits back to the underworld.

And the owl summoned by Evil Spirit Summoning was precisely that kind of evil spirits that symbolize the omen.

The power of evil spirits could bring the spiritual body in this world back to the underworld, as recorded in the legend.

In other words, it could return the spiritual body to the underworld.

Rozen spent a year and a half to learn that magic. After that, he was finally able to engrave the owl spirit in his throne of heroes.

With that evil spirit, Rozen had a chance to deal with a stronger servant.

After all, the servant was basically a spiritual body.

So, Rozen had a better chance to defeat a servant with his Owl servant.

Unfortunately, that idea was a bit hard to be executed.

Because, at best, the evil spirits summoned were only middle-level servants, while Rozen’s enemy was a high-rank servant. So, in other words, Rozen’s Devil Owl would find it hard to beat the servant.

Rozen’s mind naturally understood this, and he would not be so naive to think that a single middle-rank servant could defeat all servants.

Even so, Rozen still regards Soul Call as a killer move.

“Even though it cannot beat the servant, it will still inflict a fatal wound.”

“Plop!” The devil owl entered Berserker’s body.

Only Rozen could see the devil owl inside Berserker’s body, and the owl pecked Berserker’s spirit core, and there was a cracking sound heard.


Berserker roared and he seemed to hurt badly.

The Owl couldn’t kill Berserker in one attack but could inflict a decent amount of damage.

Whenever the owl pecked on the spirit core, Berserker’s soul would feel pain, which restricted Berserker’s movement for a moment.

But not everyone could utilize that chance in a short amount of time, including Mashu, but unexpectedly Rozen noticed that chance.

He could calculate the timing when Berserker would stop, and he instructed Mashu.


As Rozen instructed, Mashu shoved the huge shield and smashed it on to Berserker.


Berserker’s sturdy body trembled as Mashu’s shield rammed into his body.


Berserker was so angry.

Mashu was inferior compared to Berserker in all aspects.

But now, with Rozen’s servants supported her, Mashu had the upper hand.

Berserker was going on a rampage because the Owl was attacking his spirit core. It must hurt him so much that he was angrier than before.

The battle was getting fiercer, they were fighting at high speed, because of Berserker’s sudden burst of rage he suddenly became stronger, cornering Mashu in the process. Berserker’s jagged axe was so fierce smashing Mashu’s shield.

The sound was deafening when their weapon clashed, the giant who turned into a mad butcher and the girl who was struggling to hold her shield.

“As I expected, this won’t be that easy.” At the rear, Rozen’s body was trembling, as if it might fall at any moment now.

The Owl indeed gave him an advantage in battle, but the cost was tremendously huge.

That meant Rozen’s magical power was being absorbed in a tremendous amount to keep the Owl materialized in this world.

“The chance of winning against Berserker was less than 10%. With the help of the evil spirit, the chance increases by 10%, plus the blessing magic spell gives me another 10%, so my chance to win is about 30%.”

Rozen realized that even if he and Mashu could cooperate well, the chance of winning was still less than 50%.

“I can still increase my chance of winning.” Rozen said that optimistically.

“Berserker is indeed strong, but he has a weakness.”

In this case…

“Some small tricks may come in handy.”

Rozen tried his best to squeeze out the remaining magical power in his body.

The battle situation changed instantly.


Just when Berserker prepared to deal a powerful blow to Mashu on his other side, the gray wolf suddenly appeared and roaring, jumped from the ground, then he rushed toward Berserker.

That was the wolf servant that Rozen used as his ride, which has been ignored by everyone.

As a result, before Berserker’s jagged axe almost hit Mashu, the wolf launched a surprise attack and bit Berserker’s arm.

Of course, that was impossible for the wolf to tear apart Berserker’s flesh because the Wolf was just a middle-rank servant.

But that wolf was not the only servant he had.


The ground beneath Berserker’s feet suddenly collapsed.

Several ants were digging the ground where Berseker was standing until Berserker was buried deep on the ground.

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