Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 41 A Terrible Ending


“Raaaaaagh!” As Berserker felt a chill down his spine.

“This is it!” Rozen unleashed all his magical power.

“Ant Summoning!” The magic circle was formed under his feet, and there were almost hundreds of ants summoned.

“Raaaagh!” Berserker growled when the Ants were attacking him at once. They could see the Ants swarmed Berserker’s body and tried to bury him deep in the ground.

Berserker was struggling desperately. The jagged axe in his hand was like a meat saw. He crushed, slashed, and chopped the Ants who swarmed his body.

The Ants used their numbers to turn the tables around, and they were strong enough to take down even a servant like Berserker. Rozen won’t give him a chance to take control of the situation.

“Mashu!” Rozen shouted.

Rozen’s face was pale due to the exhaustion of his magical power.

“Bury that monster!”

Hearing that, Mashu moved without hesitation.

“Hyaaaaaaa…!” Mashu took the giant shield and jumped into the air, like a meteorite, the shield struck down and crushed the ground.


Mashu shattered the ground with a single blow, cracking the ground and eventually created a hole.

While Mashu was fighting, Rozen already commanded the Ants and dug out the ground.

Countless rubble and rocks rolled off.


The rocks buried Berserker and the Ants deeply in the ground.

The dust from the explosion was covering the sky.

“Won … have you won?” Olga Marie, who was hiding in some building, looked at the situation.

Rozen fell to the ground because he was exhausted.

“Senpai!” Mashu rushed over and caught Rozen right before his body hit the ground.

“Urgh…” Rozen leaned on Mashu’s body.

Looking at his pale face, they could clearly say, Rozen was extremely exhausted.

Besides providing magical power for Mashu all the time, and he also summoned his unique servants plus almost a hundred of Ants.

Now, Rozen felt that his body has become an empty shell, and the magic circuit has ceased to function, like a flameout electrical circuit, gradually fading.

At the same time, the power on Mashu’s body gradually disappeared, and the blessing magic spell reached its time limit.

“Senpai, are you okay?”

Even though her magical power in her body was continually decreasing, Mashu asked Rozen with a worried expression.

“I’m okay …” Rozen answered with a weak voice, then he shook his head.

“Please wait, you must take a rest immediately.” Mashu held Rozen to let him rest for a while.

In this regard, Rozen shook his head again.

“We have no time to rest.” Rozen said quickly, “There is a chance Berserker is still alive, we must quickly move from this place. “

They wouldn’t be called heroic spirit if simply burying them down solved the problem.

And Mashu understood what Rozen meant.

“I got it. We’re retreating now.” Mashu lifted Rozen and prepared to leave.

Mashu and Rozen were shocked when heard such a crackling sound came from the ground behind them.

Their pupils were getting bigger while they’re watching closely at the crackling sound direction.

“Fu!” Fou, who came up from the ground and rushed into Mashu’s arms and cried.

“Ah!” Olga Marie screamed when she was about to leave the building.

The next moment …


The ground was crackling and trembled, and Berserker tried to get out from the ground.

“Raaagh… Raaaagh… Raaaagh..!” Berserker continued to roar as he tried to make his way to the surface.

Rozen and Mashu took a stance, but honestly, they couldn’t escape, especially Mashu.

But there was one man who stood up and prepared to fight.

Rozen pushed away Mashu to the sideline.


And as a result, Rozen got hit by Berserker, a hit that was enough to crush a big boulder.

Watching that, Mashu’s mind went blank for a sec.

Until she…


While tears flowed from her eyes, she was rushing toward Berserker and launched a powerful attack, and she crashed her shield into Berserker’s body, cracking the ground again.

Mashu and Berserker fell into a big hole at the same time, along with countless rocks, into the bottomless pit.

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