Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 42 Good Preparation


Olga Marie’s face turned pale when she saw Mashu fell into a dark pit.

“Mashu!” Olga Marie rushed out of the building.

“Fu! Fu!” Fou also rushed to the edge of the hole on the ground.

“Mashu! Mashu!” Olga Marie kept screaming.

“Mashu …” At the moment, Olga Marie was in despair.

“What to do … What to do …”

Olga Marie murmured.

“Rozen … Mashu …”

Olga Marie was sure Rozen and Mashu were gone.


Fou hasn’t given up. It searched Mashu in another direction.

The direction where Rozen was lying down.

However, Olga Marie did not go to see Rozen like Fou.

Because, Olga Marie knew that Rozen’s physical strength was worse than a girl, and he couldn’t survive after being hit by Berserker.

“What to do … What to do …”

Facing this chaotic situation, Chaldea’s director completely lost her composure.

At this moment, Olga Marie was just like an ordinary girl.

But then …

“Are you looking for this little girl?”

Olga Marie jumped because she was shocked.

But the next second, Olga Marie cried again.


Olga Marie saw someone like a sage was holding Mashu on his hands, who was supposed to fall inside that dark pit with Berserker.

“Phew! If I didn’t make it in time, she wouldn’t be saved, little girl.” With that said, that man laughed.

“Who … who are you !?” Olga Marie asked.

“I’m Caster class servant, take it easy honey, I’m not your enemy, so you can let your guard down.” With that, Caster put Mashu down.

However, Mashu was in a bad state. Not only she was covered in mud, but she was also beaten up so badly.

When Caster put Mashu down, she immediately ignored others and ran forward.

“Senpai! Senpai!”

Mashu rushed in Rozen’s direction.

“Wait! Mashu!” Olga Marie called Mashu first and then glanced at Caster, she was cautious because there was a chance Caster might launch a surprise attack.

“Seems like you really can’t trust me.”

Caster laughed while walking toward Rozen who still lay down on the ground.

“Fu! Fu!” Fou shouted at the ruins.

That similar scene when Rozen found Mashu at the Chaldea’s control room when it exploded, except this time it was the other way around.

Fou was calling at Mashu who was covered in the mud, and now it was shouting at Rozen who was under the rubble.

But they hesitated to search for Rozen because they were afraid Rozen would be fine after being buried down among the rubbles.

“Ka-K-K-K-K-K …”

Everybody was shocked when they found a shell on the ground, and Rozen was inside of it.


Mashu was surprised and relieved at the same time.

“You … are you still alive?” Olga Marie was somewhat overjoyed.

“Well …”

Even Caster admired Rozen’s preparation and strategy.

“Did you already summon that servant beforehand?”


Just in case, before the battle started, Rozen has already summoned this servant to protect himself.

Shell summoning was Rozen’s other magic.

Rozen could summon a shell with a strong defense power. When the master was attacked, the shell put the master inside its body to keep the master safe.

Before the battle started, Rozen summoned it just in case something terrible happened, and he put it in the ground so no one will notice it.

This strategy saved Rozen’s life.

When Berserker was about to hit Rozen with a fatal blow, the huge shell who was on stand-by under his feet broke through the ground and put Rozen inside its body to protect him.

In other words, Berserker’s blow clashed with this hard shell, not Rozen’s body.

However, looking at the shattered shells, Rozen was also worried.

“He breaks the shell with just a single blow, he really is a monster …”

Rozen’s shell might have the same defense power as Mashu’s shield. But this technique also consumed a lot of magical power.

“Did we defeat that monster?” Rozen smiled bitterly.

“Rest assured, you did knock down Berserker, the little girl’s last blow has shattered his spirit core.” Caster answered.

Caster grinned, and he said, “Yes, you kill him, but you only killed him once. If it’s not for saber who already exhausted Berserker, you would have no chance of defeating him.” Everyone heard clearly what Caster said and shocked.

“Kill it once?” Olga Marie was a little confused.

“Saber knocked him down?”

Mashu, who helped Rozen out of the shell, was also stunned.

“Exhausting him?”

Rozen was even more shocked than everyone.

Seeing this, Caster stared seriously at the crowd.

“This is not the right place to discuss it, let’s change places.”

The crowd moved to a safer place with Caster.

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