Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 43 Why Did It Become Like This


The sky became dark as if something corrupted affected nature.

Rozen’s party hurriedly went into a church in a remote place.

“Let’s get inside that church! There is an enemy who can snipe from far away. It will be dangerous if we stay in an open place.”

Caster walked into the church, followed by others.

“Ah… Finally, I can relax.” Caster leaned back on a chair.

“Senpai, please sit here.”

Mashu was holding Rozen’s weak body lied him down on the chair, and she sat beside him holding her big shield tightly.

Looking so helpless, Rozen was exhausted because of the earlier battle. Knowing that Mashu didn’t want to leave Rozen’s side even for a sec.

“This girl seems more dangerous from Berserker.” Rozen thought.

Rozen rested for a while to restore his magical power, and it seemed Olga Marie already regained her composure

“You are participating in this Holy Grail, aren’t you?” Olga Marie asked Caster.

But Caster answered Olga Marie so casually, “I am, but you can be at ease, I’m not your enemy.”

Olga Marie was dissatisfied with Caster’s answer, and she gave a glance to Rozen.

“Is this old hag in her period?” Rozen thought.

Rozen had no idea that Olga Marie thought he and Caster kind of had the same personality.

“Whether you are the enemy or not is not for you to decide.” Olga Marie answered Caster politely.

“Since we came here, we are constantly under attack by servants in Fuyuki City, and you are one of them.”

In order to win the Holy Grail, all servants must kill each other. Mashu was also a servant, so there was a chance Caster might launch a surprise attack.

However, just when Olga Marie thought so …

“I’m fine with him being around us…” Rozen said that while still recovering his magical power suddenly said that.

“You are fine with that?” Everyone was shocked.

“Oh?” Caster was interested in it and asked Rozen, “How can you be so sure that I’m not your enemy?” A simple question from Caster.

“As far as I remember, Archer and Berserker have a black line on their body, isn’t it?” Rozen said while he was still recovering his magical power.

“I thought the black line is a characteristic of servants who were summoned in Fuyuki City, but when I see you, you didn’t have it. So there must be an explanation for all of this.” Rozen explained.

“So I come into a conclusion that you are different from them, that doesn’t mean you are not an enemy, but at least you are not affiliated with them.”

Mashu and Olga Marie were stunned in silence after hearing Rozen’s explanation.

“You are right. So calm and yet so sharp, no wonder Archer gives a command to Berserker to corner you, and he will deal the finishing blow himself.”

When Caster gave a comment about the surprise attack plan from Archer, everybody was shocked.

When Archer and Berserker joined forces to corner him, Rozen couldn’t help but shivered.

“Wait a minute, Archer didn’t show up anymore, could it be…” Rozen thought of something.

“It’s you who beat Archer right?’ Rozen asked Caster.

“I just want to see you how you deal with Berserker.” Caster responded, “That will be a waste if Archer ruins your fun, isn’t it?”

Everyone thought Caster was a real hero compared to other servants.

But …

“Since you are being summoned in this Holy Grail War, please tell us what happened to this city?’

Everyone was also curious about what happened to the city that led humanity to perish.

But it was a pity…

“I don’t know…” When Caster answered, everyone was silenced for a moment.

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