Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 44 Holy Grail’s Contamination


“You… You don’t know?” Rozen was confused.

Caster, who was the participant of the Holy Grail War, didn’t know anything.

“Are you hiding something from us?”

Olga Marie was also didn’t believe Caster’s words.

Because Rozen said there were no humans in Fuyuki City, only servants left. How could Caster not know anything about it?

“I really don’t know.” Caster repeated the same thing.

“It is true that not long ago, there was nothing wrong in Fuyuki City, and we were just running around and fighting like a normal Holy Grail War, and together with our master, challenged each other.” Caster said, revealing the information.

“But one day, the anomaly suddenly happened.”

“The fire engulfed the entire Fuyuki City, and all humans didn’t have time to run, they were all burned, including the masters. The survivors were only the servants.”

Caster looked at everyone when he talked about it.

“Obviously, when our master is defeated, we servants were supposed to disappear. But there was an anomaly, somehow we still remained in this world even though our master disappear.”

“Saber was coming when the rest of the servants haven’t figured out the situation, that bastard started the Holy Grail War again, and defeat the servants one after another.”

That was the information that Caster knew.

According to Caster, Saber, who re-started the Holy Grail, has already won against Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, and even Berserker.

In other words, only Caster was the remaining servant Saber hasn’t defeated yet.

“Wait a minute!” Olga Marie interrupted Caster’s explanation and said, “As you said, all servants except you were defeated in the Holy Grail War.”

“If you say so, then why are Archer and Berserker attacking us?”

“As far as I know, in this Holy Grail War, the seven servants only have one life. They will disappear after they were defeated and will not be summoned again.” Rozen asked Caster.

Servants were only a vessel of the real heroic spirit from the throne of heroes. So they could be summoned again from the throne of heroes after they died in the Holy Grail war.

There was a possibility all the servants could be summoned again during this war.

But be it Chaldea system or the orthodox magic, summoning the same servant twice was almost impossible. Except they had the servants’ relic from its previous life.

In other words, the servants who were already defeated by Saber were summoned again by using its relic.

That was just one of the other conditions.

There was another very important condition.

… Magic.

Summoning servants required quite enormous magical power and skillful magus.

Even Chaldea’s system couldn’t summon the servants easily, if there was an error in the process, it could cause the entire system to stop working.

The Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City required magical power from the land. It will take another 60 years before it could draw the magical power used to perform rituals and summon servants for the Holy Grail War.

In this case, the defeated servants cannot be summoned again. Be it using the Holy Grail War rules or the magical power from the land.

“No, they weren’t summoned again, they were resurrected.” Caster relieved everyone’s doubts.

“Saber got the Holy Grail in advance and resurrected them with the power of the Holy Grail, but it also caused their spirit cores to be contaminated. Except for Berserker, he was already wild from the very beginning. The spirit cores of the other four were also contaminated because Saber resurrected them.”

That was the story behind the black lines on Archer and Berserker.

The black lines showed their spirit cores were in chaos, and they had died once, but now they were being resurrected.

“That’s why you can defeat that Berserker.” Caster smiled.

“Berserker has the noble phantasm and combat power that even Saber will find it hard to handle. If it’s not because of the Holy Grail, I’m still not sure that Saber can defeat Berserker.”

And it seemed Berserker had lost the effect of his noble phantasm, he that was why Rozen could defeat it.

“That’s why he said that we only kill him once?” Rozen thought.

Rozen came into conclusion maybe Berserker’s noble phantasm was the ability to resurrect itself even though he was already killed.

Rozen got a headache thinking about this strange phenomenon.

“That monster was a nightmare.” Rozen thought.

Saber must have defeated that monster many times. That was why Berserker died in Rozen’s hand in one try.

“I’m so lucky …” Rozen felt so grateful.

“If Berserker could use his noble phantasm, then he would completely wipe us out.” Olga Marie seemed to understand Berserker’s real power and also felt so grateful.

“Noble Phantasm is the servant’s trump card. It is enough to turn the tide in battle. Without it, the servant’s value would be reduced greatly.” Caster said.

Rozen and Olga Marie agreed with that.

But no one realized Mashu felt so depressed when she heard Caster’s words.

“So, let’s get back to business.” Caster stood up and looked at Rozen.

“Boy, do you want to form a contract with me?”

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