Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 45 The Red Chivalry


“I said, boy, do you want to form a contract with me?”

Rozen couldn’t believe what he heard just now.


Mashu and Olga Marie were surprised.

“This Holy Grail War is abnormal. Not only all servants have become contaminated, but even the rules itself have become abnormal. The defeated servants have been resurrected, plus, the Holy Grail has fallen into Saber’s hands even though that servant doesn’t have any master.”

After all, whether the master or servant, their reason to participate in the Holy Grail War was only to realize their wish.

Now that Saber has the Holy Grail, there should be no need to restart the Holy Grail War.

The anomalies and singularities in Fuyuki City were most likely because Saber got the Holy Grail in advance.

Otherwise, the Holy Grail War will not turn out this way.

However, in Chaldea’s records, the winner of the Holy Grail War was indeed Saber. Chaldea did not have the previous record of the Holy Grail.

Rozen thought the singularity existed was because Saber got the Holy Grail but not through the proper way. The servant must defeat each other and summoned the Holy Grail through the ritual with the master.

In other words, the Holy Grail in Saber’s possession was not The Holy Grail obtained from that war.

So Rozen had a second question right now.

“I don’t know where you are from, but you are here for the Holy Grail, right?” Caster looked at Rozen and laughed.

“If that is the case, your purpose is the same as mine.” Caster said.

Rozen must get the Holy Grail in order to restore the anomaly back to normal.

“My purpose is to defeat Saber.” Caster said.

“It’s not a bad thing to join forces with me, right?”

“So, you want to join forces to defeat Saber?” Olga Marie said.

Saber could trounce Berserker, and it could give them the advantage to have Caster on their side.

“Aside from Archer and me, all other servants are corrupted.” Caster told everything on his mind.

“It’s already difficult to deal with Saber alone, not to mention that guy is with Saber. I can’t do it alone.”

When Caster thought about that, Rozen and Mashu came and gave him hope. It was possible to beat Archer and Saber if they were joining forces.

“Of course, it’s just a temporary contract.” Caster said this.

The so-called temporary contract, as the name implied, was a contract with a time limit. Once the purpose of the contract was fulfilled, the contract will be automatically nullified.

The contract between Rozen and Mashu was a formal contract, and even Mashu herself couldn’t nullify it, unless the spell that symbolized the contract was stripped from Rozen, or Rozen himself nullified the contract. Otherwise, this contract will remain in effect until Chaldea’s Heroic Summoning System stopped functioning or ran out of magic.

But Rozen was different from the other master. The servant will be automatically obedient to him. Plus, Rozen could summon the same servant again. That was the power of Miracle, Absolute Contract.

With that Absolute Contract, if Mashu died, Rozen could summon her again.

Of course, such a contract cannot be performed at any time, and it also had restrictions.

Caster only wanted to form a temporary contract and fight along with Rozen until Saber was defeated.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I won’t betray you, even if it is a temporary contract, You can command me with the seal. With that seal, I cannot betray you, right?” Caster offered Rozen to shake hands.

“My purpose is to end this abnormal Holy Grail War.”

“And your purpose is to restore the Holy Grail.”

“What about us to get our wish in this Holy Grail War? “

Rozen wanted to make sure of something.

“What’s your real name?” Rozen asked.

That was the most important secret of a servant.

But Caster told him.

“My name is Chulainn, a member of the Irish Red Knights.” Caster smiled.

“Command me, my master.” Hearing that, Rozen also smiled.

Rozen reached out and shook Caster’s hand.

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